It had all started with a curious demon and a talkative miko.

Chapter 1: A Rather Long Explanation

Kagome hadn't even noticed it was not Inuyasha's hand that grabbed hers and pulled her over the wells wooden structure until she stood face to face with none other than Sesshomaru. She gaped dumbly at the unexpected taiyoukai before clearing her throat nervously.

"Oh, um, hi." She managed out, "What are you doing here?"

"This one was passing through when your scent seemed to appear out of nowhere," he said in his usual cold tone. "Explain how a simple human girl has the ability to do so."

Kagome would have rolled her eyes if anyone other than the ruthless killer standing before her had asked this question. She thought carefully on how to respond. "Oh, you see… that is kind of a long story, Sesshomaru." She replied hoping he wouldn't push her for a better answer. He did.

"I have time." He said casually before taking a seat upon the well and staring at her expectantly.

The priestess let out a sigh of defeat before taking a seat in the grass and began to speak. "The well is a time portal." She tried to shorten the explanation as much as possible, not liking the idea of Inuyasha coming to find her while she was sitting down and having a chat with his hated half-brother. The thought sent chills down her spine. "You see, I am from the future and this well here connects me to this world."

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed. He obviously wasn't satisfied with that answer and she decided to just explain the whole thing as quickly as she could. She told him about the future and how she was pulled through the well by the Lady Centipede and how the sacred jewel was torn from her body. Then she told him about her first meeting with Inuyasha and how he had tried to attack her. It wasn't long before she was rambling on about accidentally shattering the Shikon No Tama and her endeavors to make it whole again.

When Kagome finally finished talking, she realized she had told Sesshomaru far more than he had asked of her. She cursed herself for being such a chatterbox and got to her feet. "Oh wow, I really got carried away there." Kagome said blushing prettily and turning away. "I am sorry to hold you up, Sesshomaru. I think I should probably get going now though."

Sesshomaru watched her hoist her heavy bag over her shoulder wordlessly and turn to him with a polite smile. "This was actually kind of nice." She said before turning to leave. "You are actually a great listener. Anyways, goodbye!"

The demon watched the miko walk away from him with much to contemplate. She turned out to be far more informative than he had expected. He had merely asked her one question and received many answers regarding subjects he had been rather curious about in the past. Who would have known that the clumsy girl who accompanied his half-brother would know so much on these matters? He almost scoffed when Kagome nearly tripped over a small rock and angrily kicked it away, hurting her toe.

Had the Shikon jewel really been expelled from this silly human's body? He saw no reason for her to lie about such things. "Miko." Sesshomaru's voice seemed to startle Kagome. She jumped and turned around to face him questioningly. "You will return here tomorrow at this time."

Kagome opened her mouth to decline his rather demanding invitation but before she could do so, he was gone. She stood there with her mouth hanging open for a few moments before frowning and turning around to walk towards Kaede's village once more.

'What a strange day.' She thought to herself.