Hello guys! This is my first serious story. Please review kindly.

Everyday I hear them whispering about me. Everyday I pretend not to hear them. I try so hard not to let there smirks and sneers get to me. I try so hard to hide that I'm hurting inside. I won't run away again not like last time. But sometimes it seems like it would be better if I just gave up. I wonder why. Why do they pick on me, why do they seem to get so much happiness out of my pain. I don't know. But I'm not going to run away. I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they hurt me.

I go to school every morning s trying to act happy. Tohru and the others think its getting better. And it is, I suppose. In someways. At first it was the same. I'd try to say something and they'd all laugh. But once I started speaking more pretending I didn't care, they stopped. I still hurt though. I hurt when they speak about me. They whisper about me, how I look. They whisper about my family. I hate it but I'm to scared to tell anyone. It didn't help before and if I did it would just be giving up. I can't hide behind others anymore. I have to stand by myself.

But thats hard when you feel so small, so weak.

Just a short one I'm afraid. Please review!