A/N: Its been a long time since I last updated this so I guess I should probably get on with it. However some slight changes I would like to note: with X&Y fully out for a while now I will be including certain things from the sixth generation (Zygarde, Volcanion, Diancie, Hoopa and sixth gen moves/items to be more specific), also I have noticed the first chapter seems to have left out the things meant to surround translated Pokémon speech, it is these .

'Well shit,' thought Jack 'I can't see anything but undergrowth for a long way out.' A fwooshing sound sounded of to his left. Wha' 'append man. One minu'e I's enjoy'n a nice kip in me ball known' we's goh these thing in da bag an' da nex' ting I knows we in a field. It was Blue, his Swampert. "I don't know where we are or how we got here. The machine was working normally then green lightning burst out and I woke up here. The only other thing I remember is some kind kind of insane laughing before I blacked out." I be't'was tha' Stone fellah, rav'n around all dose cav's search'n for tha' rock left 'is job a' da League fer it. Seems li'e da kind o' ting he'do. "No, it wasn't him, the laugh sounded more feminine and less human than that." Well our bes' bets ta 'ave Melv' scou' da area an' see if dere's anyting aroun'. "Your probably right, but I'm not sure where the other's balls are." Well dat's an easy one, dere all unda da machine. "Well fuck..."

Several hours of pushing later...

"Well now that's out of the way..." Jack said "Go Melvin!" Yes? said Melvin What you need? "I need you to scout around and see if there's any thing around here." Jack said. Very well. Melvin said flying off. Around half an hour later Melvin returned "Did you find anything?" asked Jack There's a house and a couple of other buildings Melvin replied "Where?" Jack asked, slightly frustrated as Melvin did this sort of thing a lot, Up north a little, they look abandoned Melvin said nonchalantly, "Anything else, you know, perhaps something a little more useful to us." Jack said starting to become a little exasperated by this point. Saw a town bit further north. Melvin said, clearly starting to enjoy Jack's clearly mounting frustration, How far north? Jack asked, trying to calm down About five minutes for me, maybe about an hour for you on foot. Though you probably wouldn't want to go there, Said Melvin, with a slight tone of concern in his voice, I didn't see any Pokémon around the town and the people seemed a little odd too, I landed to take a drink from the fountain in the square and they reacted as if I'd just dug up and ate their grandmothers. "Well I guess we'll head to the house then." Said Jack Wonderful. Let me know if you need me again. Melvin said returning to his Ultra Ball. "Wait! Damn it I guess I'm going on foot." he said as Melvin would not come out of his ball.

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