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As the sun began to rise, Warlow felt the bond between himself and this "Bill Compton" begin to ebb. While he understood that this Bill must have indeed drunken some of his makers blood, he knew it would never be enough to tie him to any command during the daylight. Warlow was much older and much stronger, and could withstand the achingly dull pain that accompanied the disregarding of a command, albeit something of which he had not experienced in millennia. Though he could not see the sun, his perfectly tuned internal clock told him it was approximately 11:32 a.m. The sun had risen hours ago and Bill Compton would be dead to the world for the remainder of the sun's visitation.

Warlow knew he had to see Sookie again as soon as he possibly could. Once again their encounter had ended on less than favorable terms. His perfectly calculated plans to ingratiate himself into Sookie's life and heart came crashing down around him when she had discovered his true identity, cursed at him and slashed him with her light. His half dead heart ached in a way that was shockingly new to him. He hadn't meant to tell her the truth about her parents so quickly, but he couldn't allow himself to tell her another lie after seeing the hurt in her eyes. He had to make it right and he had to show her the truth. His concern with Bill Compton and his ego-maniacal quest to save the vampire race was only a fraction of what he felt for his ever fragile relationship with Sookie. While Warlow was caught deeply in thought, a shock reverberated through his being. Sookie was near death. The implausibility of it rattled him.

They had no blood bond, he had never felt her from afar before. But every fiber of his being vibrated with intensity. Before Warlow had time to formulate a plan, his vampiric instinct took hold and the bars of the cell in Bill Compton's basement lay strewn about the blood lab. He burst out onto the front lawn, took a moment to gather himself, and closed his eyes. His senses quickly honed in on Sookie's sheer panic. Warlow covered several miles within a matter of seconds. He found himself at the edge of a swamp violently scanning his surroundings, when his eyes locked upon a scene that he had always feared. A man held Sookie's head under water as she flailed and struggled to escape, strangely muttering that he loved her and that it was for the best; fire encompassed Warlow's vision. The very act he had stopped by murdering Sookie's parents was in fact unfolding before his eyes so many years later.

Warlow slipped through realms and had his hand on the man's neck within a matter of seconds. While his instincts screamed to rip his throat, he knew he'd want questions answered. He blasted him across the swamp and watched as his body crashed into a weeping willow and then crumpled to the ground into a motionless pile. Warlow quickly hoisted Sookie from the water and into his arms before slipping through realms again back to an open field. He slowly and cautiously layed her down as she choked and sputtered for breath, her heartbeat a slow flutter struggling to pulse. Her eyes remained tightly squeezed as her body convulsed in pain. He rocked her slightly as he silently begged her to hold on. Stay with me, Sookie. I cannot lose you, you are my life, my heart and my forever. Breathe, please. He sensed her heartbeat begin to regulate as her body relaxed. She slowly opened her eyes - he watched as they swam into place and she registered his face. Surprise, anger, relief all washed over her features in rapid succession. She opened her mouth to speak but Warlow lightly put his finger to her lips, silently urging, no words, only thoughts, you are weak my love.

They wanted to kill me, my own parents. An overwhelming sadness filled her eyes. Warlow's gaze shifted to the ground, unable to meet her eyes any longer. I could never let any harm come to you, I promised to protect you, I'm sorry Sookie, I'm so sorry... Warlow slowly lifted his head to meet her now steady gaze. He immediately sensed her uneasiness and hoisted her back into his arms as he stood. "We need to get you home and into dry clothes." Sookie simply nodded her head before slowly resting it upon his chest. The rhythmic pumping of his heart put her at ease and she quickly allowed sleep to take her exhausted body over.

Warlow channelled all of his focus into keeping his heart rate steady as he sensed its soothing affect on Sookie. But anger coursed through his veins like fire. He forced himself to think of Sookie, and Sookie alone. He knew if he let his anger take control, the destruction he could cause would be devastating...

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