When the sun bid its adieu, Sookie Stackhouse jolted awake. Hunger struck her with a force she had never known; a blood thirst that needed to be quenched immediately. With her eyes closed she listened to the steady thumping of Warlow's heart. They were now a closed circle. Half vampire-faery beings, needing only eachother to survive for eternity.

As they stood face to face still covered slightly in dirt, Warlow took Sookie's hand. "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, my love."

He pulled her face to his as they became entwined in a most passionate kiss. Slowly Warlow tilted his head, knowing all too well the blood lust Sookie was feeling. He placed his hand behind her head as he guided her to his neck. "Feed." he whispered. Sookie greedily locked onto his neck, finally understanding the desire and undeniable attraction that her faery blood warranted from vampires. It was blood that tasted sweeter and more rich than what Sookie imagined the most expensive wine on earth would, while simultaneously warming her body as if she were drinking in the sun's rays. She released herself from Warlow's neck as she reveled in the unbelievable high. Sookie stood in place with her eyes closed, head tilted towards the moon as a smile broke across her face; blood dripped from the corners of her mouth.

"You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on." He held her head in his hands as he gently kissed her forehead. Sookie slowly lifted her head to meet his gaze. Her smile disappeared as she studied him closely. "Chase me!" She challenged, smirking in her sexy way before taking off towards the woods, using her vampire speed for the first time.

They chased eachother through the entirity of Bon Temps several times over before Sookie had finally expended most of her energy. When they arrived back at Sookie's house Warlow made for the kitchen. He stopped in the foyer when he realized she was no longer following him. He turned to find her standing timidly in the doorway, a confused look upon her face. "So... do I like hafta... invite myself in?" She asked increduously, he southern drawl making her sound more like a nervous school girl than an enormously powerful faery-vampire halfling.

Warlow let out a deep laugh as he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. "My sweet Sookie, you are no normal vampire, you need not an invitation to any home. You go where you please." He led her into the kitchen and ushered her into a chair.

Within a matter of seconds Warlow was standing before her, donning her Gran's old apron while holding a spatula in one hand and a frying pan in the other. "Breakfast, my dear?" He asked, in a most sultry tone.

Sookie merely laughed, mentally undressing him as she did.

"Okay, how about her?" Sookie nodded towards a lone woman, smoking outside one of Bon Temps few party stores.

"Yes, she'll do." Warlow replied; his eyes focused ahead on the target. "Remember to keep full eye contact, do not waiver."

Sookie nodded before calmly striding over to the woman. "Um, excuse me? Ma'am?" The moment the woman looked, Sookie sped to her side, only inches from her face.

"Now there's no reason to be afraid, I ain't gonna hurt you. I'm here to help you. What is your name?"

The woman's eyes remained glazed over and out of focus, "Marcia."

"Well Marcia, as of today you no longer enjoy smoking cigarettes. In fact, you despise them. You are now concerned greatly with your personal health. Do you understand?" Sookie spoke quietly.

Marcia's head bobbed up and down. "Yes."

"Good." Sookie cooed gently. "In ten seconds you will come to, and you will forget I was ever here."

"Okay." Marcia nodded again.

Sookie turned towards the tree where Warlow was waiting to flash him a big smile and thumbs up. He chuckled to himself waving her over. Within moments she was back at his side. "Did you see that?! Glamouring ain't all bad, I just helped that woman - probably added ten years to her life!" She said brightly.

"You did very well, Sookie." Warlow's English accent sounding more prominent each day as he shed his Ben Flynn identity.

His smile faded as he continued. "Friday night we head to the Governor's camp. We must help Bill before I can destroy Lillith." Warlow spat venomously. "He says he has seen nearly all of Bon Temps vampires being held there, and he believes they will meet the sun very soon."

"All...?" Sookie thought out loud. "No! Tara? Pam? Jessica? Eric?"

"Yes I believe so." Warlow replied, gauging her reaction.

"Do not worry, Sookie. We will help your friends. It is only Bill Compton we must worry over." He said confidently as he wiped a single blood red tear from her cheek.

"This will all be over very soon, Sookie Stackhouse. Very soon indeed."

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