Aro did not approve when things did not run smoothly, when routines were disrupted through another's incompetence. And right now, Heidi had some serious questions too answer. There was a child running riot within his castle, how did he know this? because he had drained the mother at feeding time and seen through her mind the panic she felt at her child going missing. He was very certain that there had been no children amongst the tourists, so where in hell had the child vanished too

"I want this child found. Now!" he seethed

he watched as Felix and Demetri bolted from the throne room, clearly startled by the rage within their usually rather joyful leader. Turning back too his brothers, he could see that Caius was ready too erupt with his own temper, glaring daggers at the woman that had clearly cocked up in the matter. She cowered before their glares, even Marcus seemed too hold a slight amount of irritation towards her. Never a good sign if you managed too anger the most apathetic vampire in existence.

"Masters, forgive me... I did not realise that the woman's daughter had deviated from the group"

Clearly Heidi was too confident in her abilities too keep order amongst the tourists, children never stuck too guidelines in Aro's opinion. She should have kept a constant eye on the young one from the start!

"That is no excuse! If the child has found an exit from the castle then our existence could still be under threat!" snarled Caius

So true, the girl would raise a fuss over the disappearence of her mother. Drawing attention too the castle and ultimately revealing the prescence of the Volturi within Volterra. She could not be allowed too live. End of story.
All eyes snapped towards the throne room doors, Felix and Demetri re-appearing through the giant doors. The three kings eyes trailed too a small bundle that was held securely within Felix's arms, the gentle thumping of a human heart drifting too their ears. Long, platinum locks covering her face as she seemingly slept within the giants arms. It didn't go missed too the three brothers that both guards were looking at the little girl intently, eyes soft at the sight of her.

"where did you find her?"

Aro's voice snapped them both from their stares, seeming too realise they were now in the throne room

"we found her within the courtyard, masters... Little one, wake up"

Demetri's voice was soft as he stirred the girl from her sleep, smiling at the little mumbles of protest she made before turning her head slightly too face them all. Large blue eyes, like the clearest night sky with the light of the stars glistening within, met Aro's own ruby red orbs as he felt his hard gaze soften at the innocent curiosity that lay in her expression. He motioned for Felix to pass her too him, slightly annoyed by the man's reluctance too do so. Did he think he would harm her? A sharp nudge in the side courtesy of Demetri reminded the giant man of the situation as he finally placed the child in Aro's outstretched arms. She was so small, thin and fragile looking in her appearance, her skin pale like fresh snow. He positioned her on his hip, she hadn't taken her inquisitive gaze off him but a little smile was on her face as she placed a hand too his cheek

"your eyes are pretty"

her giggled words made him smile. What was he going to do?

"what is your name, my dear?"

"Felicity Jenkins"

The way she seemed so suddenly overcome with shyness as she covered her face with her arms had Aro questioning further whether he could really kill the girl, the sound of Felix and Demetri's fond laughter at the girls actions making him aware that there may be some protests if he did. A snarl from behind had both he and Felicity looking backwards, as Caius rose from his throne and sent a heated glare their way

"her name is not important Aro! let us kill her and be done with this!"

The anger Aro felt at his brothers cruel words were a surprise too say the least, but the feel of Felicity struggling in his arms halted his words as he placed her on the ground, startled that she barely reached his hip in height. How old was she? He didn't miss the panicked feeling he felt as she took uncertain steps towards the blonde king, not seeming frightened of the vicious glare he sent her as she stopped in-front of him, craning her head backwards completely too look up at him with eyes wide in wonder and mouth slightly agape as she took in his appearance before smiling widely at him, clapping her hands in childish joy.

"your hair is even whiter than mine!"

Caius seemed frozen as he looked at her, the sound of her bell like laughter sending a long forgotten feeling through his own mind. Happiness. He seemed too lose his anger at the way she continued too smile up at him, crouching down closer too her level so that he could pick her up and cradle the small human child within his arms, careful not too hurt her as Marcus came too his side, a confused look on his face. How was it possible? he could see the bonds forming around the child, entwining her fate with that of the coven. It was unusual for such strong bonds too exist after such a short amount of time. But as he looked into her eyes, he felt the grief drain from his mind, the feel of a new energy blooming within his existence as she looked at him with her head tilted too the side slightly, a worried gleam in her eyes

"why are you so sad?"

He was startled by her question, the way her innocent eyes seemed too water with her genuine concern for him. perhaps she was a gifted being, an empath. unknowingly projecting positive emotions onto them and detecting the negative emotions that had reigned over them all for so many centuries. Some how, he didn't believe it.

"do not worry for me, sweet child"

Aro watched as the three conversed, amazed at the change the child seemed too cause in his ill-tempered brother, how she seemed too bring a light back too the eyes of his stoic brother. It was clear too him what he had too do. He turned towards his guard

"Have a room prepared for the child... she shall stay"

he looked back, feeling the ice in his soul begin too melt away as he watched her count on her fingers. trying too answer the question of her own age.

"I'm five! wait... no! I'm four!"

the way she held her hand up, looking at the extended digits in confusion before lowering one and smiling in triumph made him chuckle. Aro didn't like it when things didn't go according too plan and unexpected changes occurred. but perhaps, he could make an exception with young Felicity.

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