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(Did you know that the actor that plays Rudolph also plays Scipio the Thief lord?)

Cats and oranges!

"Liz, Liz!"

I opened my eyes groggily squinting into the darkness.

"Eh Tony what is it?" I groaned once I recognised the short figure.

"I had another nightmare" sniffed my little brother. I silently lifted my covers up and he jumped gratefully into bed next to me.

"Was it about vampires again?" I asked

"Yeah", he said nodding his blond head.

"Hmm." Ever since we've moved to Scotland Tony had been having nightmares about vampires, a bit weird really… Tony interrupted my brooding,

"Liz… Are you happy we moved to Scotland?"

"Sometimes, what about you" I can't say I had been that thrilled when we'd first moved to Scotland, It was colder than America and everybody talked funny, but the countryside was nice and the house ( Or more like castle) we were living in was amazing, It was just that both me and Tony missed are friends.

Tony was silent for few minutes then sighed

"I'd like it more if it wasn't overrun with the un- dead"

I snorted

"We'll be the un-dead if we over sleep in the morning" I sighed, "Go to sleep we've got school."

"I'd rather be the un-dead" Tony grumbled then he turned over, a few minutes later I heard him snore quietly, A smiled slightly and pulled the cover's tighter around myself and Tony and went back to a dreamless sleep.

The next morning I woke up to find Tony fast asleep drooling slightly on my pillow, 'Typical' I thought smiling as I looked over at the alarm clock on my desk. 6.40 I groaned and got up, stumbling over to my wardrobe and grabbing a pair of h light blue faded jeans and a plain purple t shirt. I then sneaked into the bathroom for a shower. After I'd dried my long blond hair and brushed my teeth I put my hair up into a messy bun, then got dressed and walked back into my room to find Tony still fast asleep.

The only thing that had changed was that he had somehow managed to rap the covers round himself like a cocoon and was stretched out over the bed I laughed and took out a blue and purple chequered shirt from my wardrobe and put it on over my t shirt buttoning it half way up. It was 7.20, unfortunately for my little bro, it was breakfast time.

"Come on, I said loudly, "Get up!" then I proceeded to mercilessly open the curtains, Tony hissed slightly as the light hit his half-awake eyes.

"Come on you little vampire time to get up." Tony frowned and pulled the covers up over his head.

"Vampire's don't go out in the day light" Came his muffled voice from under the covers, I laughed.

"Ah but even vampire's need to go to school" I pulled the covers away from over his head, Tony huffed and started to get out of my bed.

Mum came into the room smiling when she saw Tony.

"I wondered where you were," she said ruffling his already massy hair as he walked past, "another bad dream?" she asked turning to me see me nod. She frowned slightly "The teachers at his school rang the other day they were telling me that he's talking in class, saying that Scotland's overrun with vampires."

I shrugged

"Maybe he's just going through a phase he'll get out of it." I said smiling reassuringly.

"Hmm" Mum said still not looking convinced

"Mum, what we having for breakfast," I heard Tony shout from next door, Mum laughed and walked out of my room, walking over to my bedside table I unplugged my phone from its charger then clicked the off button on the wall, while rummaging around in my sock draw until I found a pair of black socks, after I'd put them on and put my phone into my black shoulder bag, and made my way down stairs.

When I walked into the kitchen Tony was already there, he was digging into a big plate of pancakes,

"Do you want some pancakes love" Mum asked

"No thanks Mum, I fancy toast" I said smiling and getting the bread out of the bread bin "Where's Dad?" I asked putting the bread in the toaster.

"He had to go to work early" Mum said sitting down next to Tony with a cup of coffee.

"Oh" I said getting my toast out of the toaster before it started burning and buttering it in chocolate spread.

"Dads always at work" Sighed Tony

""No he's not," Protested Mum, "He's just working hard to finish the golf course for Lord McAshton"

By this time I was sat down eating my toast, Mum looked at me as if she wanted me to say something, so I nodded my head in agreement one because to be honest I did kinda agree with Tony, I understand that the job brings more money in, but even so, Dad was spending a lot of time at that golf course. And second was the fact that my mouth was full of toast. Mum looked at the clock and jumped up surprised.

"Oh, I didn't see the time, come on you too, or where going to be late, I shoved my last piece of toast into my mouth and got up quickly, picking up my bag on the way to the door.

Tony got up more slowly. Mum already had Tony's bag so she rushed to the car, me and Tony following more slowly behind.

'Well wasn't that just a fabulous day' I thought sarcastically as I got into my mum's car, I mean usually if someone was going out of their way to annoy me I'd either tell them where to go or punch them across the face, but to my annoyance, the one person who had to try and make my life hell was the son of my dad's boss. I looked over at my mum, who was looking dejectedly out the window I frowned

"What's up?" I asked

"Tony got into a fight."

Surprised, I looked at my brother.

"Since when did you get into fights?" I asked, "I thought that was my job?"

Tony smiled slightly

"It's not a joking matter!" Mum snapped "As if fighting wasn't bad enough it had to be with your Dads bosses grandchildren!"

"Huh," I mumbled 'Obviously being spoilt brats must run in their bloodline' I thought moodily

"They started it!", Tony exclaimed seeing Mum was about to go into the, but you didn't have to fight back lecher mode he quickly continued (not that Tony needed to hear the lecture, I'd never actually really hurt anybody, but I had been known to get into fights at school mainly because someone had been mean to one of my friends or about Tony) "I didn't fight, they pushed me over and throw my books all over the floor"

'What! Definitely spoilt brats, dead spoilt brats if I ever got hold of them,'

Mum obviously seeing the furious expression on my face quickly changed (For the moment, or until me and Tony where out the room, then she'd talk about it to dad) the subject.

"I and your Dad are going out tonight, so I've organized a baby sitter." Me and Tony groaned.

"Oh Mum why can't I baby sit?" I asked

"Yeah, that would be well cool and you wouldn't have to pay" exclaimed Tony

"Well I don't know about that." I said grinning.

"No, I just don't feel comfortable leaving you two on your own."

"What! Oh come on mum, I'd be careful and make sure Tony went to bed on time."

Mum scoffed

"I know you'd behave sweet heart but I and your Dad have talked about this and we'd both feel much more comfortable if there was a baby sitter there. And Liz there's more chance of cows flying then you putting Tony to bed on time." We'd pulled into our drive way at this point.

I scowled and turned to Tony shrugging.

"Sorry little bro I tried."

Tony huffed sadly

"Oh well maybe next time" he said.

"Not likely," I scoffed getting out of the car.

Chapter 2

"Liz the baby sitters here!" called mum from down stairs, I groaned

"Ok, coming!" I called and got up from my bed where I'd been reading, and made my way down stairs.

"You look nice" I said to Mum as I walked past, She was wearing a long close fitting sequined black dress.

"Thanks sweet heart" Mum said "Remember I want you in bed at 10.00pm" Dad hurried down the stairs.

"Come on Dottie or else we'll be late"

Mum smiled and walked over to the door "See you later sweetheart!" Mum said as she walked through the front door.

"See you later" I called

"Be good!" Joked dad before he shut the door behind him a though minutes later I heard the car pull away from the drive, I turned and smiled at the baby sitter, she was a tall women I wouldn't say she was thin but I wouldn't call her fat either she had on a plain jumper and a long skirt we talked for a while but I ended up going back upstairs, I wouldn't say she was boring, she just talked about things I wasn't interested in, I also began to find it difficult to understand what she was saying through her Scottish accent.

I looked in on Tony as I walked past his door, smiling when I saw him drawing at his desk.

"What you drawing?" I asked walking farther into the room; Tony tuned and held up his drawing.

"Vampires, nice" I said nodding admiringly at his picture "Didn't know you where such a good drawer" I smiled slightly "I wish I could draw, how much do you charge for lessons?"

"At least £50"

"Hm, how much would you charge me?" I asked giving him my most charming smile as I jumped onto his bed.

"£60 pound"

"What!" I gasped "but I'm your sister!"

Tony shrugged.


I laughed.

"Nice to know I'm appreciated Tone." I joked

"I try my best" Tony said, turning back to his drawing.

"Yeah, whatever" I laughed getting up from his bed and heading towards the door "The babysitter said that food was going to be at 7.00pm"


Sighing I rolled over on my bed to look out the window 'God I'm so bored' I thought, apart from me changing my bed I've been reading for the last few hours the baby sitter had checked in on me and Tony ages ago, it was a nice night a full moon, so it was pretty light outside. I narrowed my eyes thoughtfully, Mum and Dad wouldn't have to know I'd snuck out, I mean it's not as if I'm going to be doing anything bad or anything. I got off my bed and walked over to my window grabbing my camera as I walked past, when we'd first come here I made sure to pick a room with a balcony, one because it would be nice if I wanted to sit outside and two because, I smiled as I opened the doors and walked out, it makes sneaking out much more easier. I put the camera around my neck and walked other to the edge of the balcony it wasn't that high off the ground, I sat on the cool surface and pulled my legs over so they were hanging over the side. The third great thing I noticed about the balcony was that the wall next to the balcony had ridges in the rocks, so it looked like a bigger and a less safe version of a rock climbing wall, I grabbed hold of a stone and swung off the balcony and carefully made my way down. I smiled when I reached the bottom. 'Oh if only my parents could see me now' I thought sarcastically as I quietly made my way through the gate and started the short walk to the village.

I spent only a short time in the village. I was conscious of the time and the fact that someone could see me and tell my parents. I took a few more pictures then started to make my way back, I was about half way down the road when a cloud went in front of the moon, and so what was once a fairly light path was now pitch black. I could dimly see the lining of the bushes and most of the road; I sighed and kept on walking. I'd travelled quite a bit up the road, before I heard a rustling coming from some bushes near where I was walking, I stepped back slightly. I wasn't unaware of the fact that it was in the middle off the night, and I was alone on a deserted contrary road, there was even more rustling from the bush and something black shot out I jumped back with a screech.

The cloud that had been hiding the moon pulled away. I hesitantly walked closer to the black beast only to find to my surprise that what I'd thought or imaged was a big black snarling monster, was instead a very small black and white kitten, It meowed at me softly, 'Well that's strange' I thought looking around at the country road, the only house around here is my house, and it's way too far away for it to have wondered off from the village. 'Some dick heads abandoned it' I thought sadly as I slowly knelt down.

"Hello there, come on here little kitty," I talked to the cat in an effort to try and encourage it to come over. My thoughts were, if the cat come to me then it wasn't wild because if it was it wouldn't be used to human contact so it obviously wouldn't come up to me, But if it did come up to me then it must be used to human contact. The cat looked at me for a second then walked over, I picked it up gently.

"Hello, there." I murmured softly stroking its head gently, I looked around, well I defiantly couldn't leave it out here or it'd die, and it's unlikely anyone else will find it. I stood debating I could go back into the village, but what good would that do? It's the middle of the night; I concluded that I'd just have to take it home. I unzipped my fleece and wrapped the cat up close to my chest to keep it warm and quickly continued walking down the lane.

As I was walking down the lane I could see light shining from behind me. I tensed for a moment wondering if it was my parents, then relaxed it couldn't be them it was too early for them to have left the party yet. I looked behind me at the bright light. 'What the hell?' I thought. On a whim I hurried off the road through a gap in a fence into a dark field. I looked back onto the road, a few minutes later a big truck drove by, it had head lights on the top of the truck and around the sides, though the lights I could see a chubby greasy haired man, he seemed to be muttering to himself angrily.

'Weirdo' I thought, adjusting my arms so the cat was more secure under my fleece. I waited a few more minutes till I was sure he was defiantly gone, and then went to back walk onto the road. I wasn't that far from home now I smiled to myself mentally planning what I had to do when I got in when I suddenly I heard a snap of twigs from behind me. I swung around wildly and come face to face with a snarling pale boy.