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Chapter 9

I turned over the next page eagerly, only to find there wasn't another entry. 'That must have been his last one.' I thought disappointed. I ruffled back through the book touching the pages lightly 'He must have quite a few of these' I pondered 'unless he's only just started writing. It seems more like a habit though then something he's just started doing. All the things they must have seen over time and learned, you would have to write it down or you'd forget. I stopped at a passage smiling gently as I scanned the page. He'd managed to sneak out and by the sound of it he'd stumbled across a music festival that was going on. 'Maybe that's the reasoning behind his hair' I thought dryly continuing to skim through the pages. I noticed that he always seemed to miss out the year. He'd put the time and date but not the year, I wonder why... 'Maybe he didn't know it, with them moving around all the time and trying to stay out of sight it was probably difficult to keep track of the years. But saying that he puts the days date down. Maybe he doesn't want to know how many years have gone by with them living there life the way they do.

Despite what I've read in the later chapters his family didn't always hide away. In fact in the beginning they seemed to relish being vampires; they spent years moving around from place to place exploring around the world, moving from one grand house to an even grander one. The things they must have seen and learnt I don't think they would ever run out of things to see. After all as they say, the world is ever changing, new, and sometimes old, things are discovered every day. But I suppose living forever isn't all it's cracked up to be, always have to be wary of staying in one place too long, not being able to get close to anyone due to the fact that after a few years they would have to move again. And even if they did find out and accepted you what would you do? Change them into vampires? Or watch them grow old and die? It can't have been easy for Gregory, Rudolph and Anna either, always staying the same age, I know not mentally, well, in Rudolph's and Anna's case anyway... but it can't have been easy.

I paused as I came to a certain entry

"This must be when they first met Rookery." I muttered shifting so I was sat cross legged on the basket.

Saturday 25th July

We have a problem. There is a vampire slayer here. One that bears a striking resemblance to the moron (I happened to hear a few humans say It. By the context of their sentence I'm assuming it means fool or i.d.i.o.t, another saying I've heard) that mucked up the ceremony in the first place. Of course he wouldn't be a problem if Father just let me deal with him. But as he's now prone to do, he told us to avoid him at any cost, and to be extra careful at night. I hope he doesn't stay in this mind set for long or life... well existences, is going to get really boring. But now that Father knows about the slayer I have a feeling things are going to get worse. We don't know much about the slayers, from what we've seen over the years the practise is past down from father to son. This explains how he immediately knew what we were.

The last few years have been busy. We plan to return to Scotland, rumours have been circulating that maybe uncle Von did survive the fall from the cliff. Which means the ceremony might still happen! I don't hold out much hope myself but Father seems to think there's something in it. He's only told me and mother, he probably only told me because I'm the oldest son and it's my right to know. He doesn't want to tell Rudolph and Anna in case the rumours are wrong. Father seems to think that the slayer is some sort of sign I just think it's a sign of our rotten luck.

We wouldn't have found out about him if it hadn't been for Anna. We'd been dining in a nearby barn, Father and Mother were still eating and Anna had wondered off. From what Anna had explained she'd walked a while down the road and happened across a cemetery, as it turns out the slayer happened to be in there too. That seems to be the first place humans look, Anna should of been more careful. Thankfully me in my wisdom

'AKA Him and his urge for someone to torment'

I had followed her. Good job I did to, he'd his crossbow pointed at her back, and he'd managed to get close enough to make sure the shot could not be easily avoided. Even so the human was obviously inexperienced after realising he was facing two vampires instead of backing away and trying to get both of us in his sights he tried to shoot Anna. I could have dealt with him but Father sensing the commotion had come to find us and wouldn't hear of it. He had us turn and flee. We'd been flying for miles before he finally let us returned to ground.

Are we not vampires? Why should we run and hide? I have a feeling this is going to become a recurring argument for a long time...

"Liz!" Mum called from upstairs. I flinched slightly not expecting the sudden yell.

"Yeah?" I yelled

"Come on, it's time to go!"

"Yeah, I'm coming" I muttered sliding off the basket. Since we'd come back from the cliffs my punishment of being grounded had gone out the window, mainly because both me and Tony where too depressed to do anything anyway. Gathering up the diary and note I wavered debating wherever to leave it or take it upstairs with me 'well' I reasoned 'there was no point me leaving it down here.' rolling my eye at my dumbness and clutching the book tightly in my hands I headed back upstairs.

"Are you ready to go sweet heart?" Mum asked just as I was closing the cellar door.

"Just be a minute, I need to put some things upstairs." Mum nodded to show that she'd heard me and continued pottering round the kitchen, probably looking for her keys.

'She'll be lucky, I spotted dad with them earlier. I bet he's put them in the shoe cupboard again.'

Racing up the steps missing two at a time, I quickly put the diary in my room and grabbed my phone and bag; I pondered whether to bring my camera but promptly decided against it. Shutting my door behind me, I met Tony on the landing.

"Hey Tone."

"Hey Liz" Tony said gloomily.

I sighed at my little brother as we walked down the stairs.

"Do I have to go into town?" Whined Tony as soon as he saw Mum coming out of the kitchen.

"Yes!" All of us declared. Dad had to briefly go into work, something to do with the building plans. He must have gotten back a few minutes ago he'd obviously been trying to help Mum find the keys and had heard Tony's whining. In viewing the fact that he was holding said item and he'd come from the direction of the front door I'm going to presume my assumption was right.


"Because it'll do you good"

"Because, it's funny hearing you whine" I smirked

Tony scowled which just made me laugh

The drive into town was silent; I gazed blankly outside for most of it. It's weird, thinking that just two months ago instead of just Tony and me in the backseat, two, probably hundred year old, vampires had been in here sat with me instead.

"Mum, is it ok if I go off on my own for a while, I need some new batteries for my camera, and there's a book store I haven't been in yet."

"Oh, right ok have you got your phone?" Mum asked as Dad stopped and parked the car.

"Yep" I replied as I got out the car.

"Ok, we'll be in the market." Mum said softly, smiling at me. I think she knew that I missed Gregory, I try not to mope around too much for Tony's sake, he has doubts that they'll come back as it is. I'm worried that he'll give up completely if he thought I doubted they'll come back as well. But I think Mum can see through it. I mean don't get me wrong, I defiantly don't go and cry myself to sleep at night I mean come on, what'll that do? But I... I just don't feel like doing anything. All the things I used to do seem boring. But I suppose once you've helped a family of vampires turn back into humans normal stuff would feel boring. I waited till the rest of the family had left the car before saying my goodbyes and starting to walk down the street.

I visited the book shop first. It was a fairly small shop, had only just opened. Tall book shelves where lined up against the walls crammed full of books and slightly smaller bookshelves were scattered in any available space around the room, you couldn't even see what colour the walls were. I big maroon rug laid in front of a small wood fire in the back of the shop. (At first I thought it was just for decoration until I took a closer look and realised it was real, I assumed it was for when winter came) Worn comfy looking red leather chairs surrounded the fire. The smell of books and wood polish hit me as soon as I walked in. I loved it immediately. I smiled at the tall old looking man behind the desk before rushing past him to go explore, darting between aisles to work out which section of books they held, grinning when I found all my favourite books. I wasn't even sure how long I was in there for, quite a while I think. I grunted looking at my phone. 'I'll go to the photo shop then come back here later if I've got time' nodding at my new plan I turned and strolled to the door, the man behind the counter glanced up from the book he was reading as I walked past.

"Love that book" I smiled nodding at the book in his hand. "I read the whole series in four weeks.

"Four weeks" He grinned "Took me two"

My smiled widened into a grin. I waved cheerfully as I walked out, my mood seriously lifted.

The Photo shop was vastly different from the book store. The whole shop was painted a plain white and where as the book shops has wooden flooring, plain grey carpet covered the photo shop floors. On the back wall behind the counter was a mineral of a light pink and white Rhododendron (A.N The name Rhododendron comes from the Greek words "Rodon" which means "Rose" and "Dendron" which means "Tree" so the plants called Rose Tree.)

Silver shelves took up the rest of the walls. I'd heard a while ago that the shop had caused quite a stir when it had first arrived. The town was used to having quite old style shops; I'm not saying that the people here are stuck in their ways; it was just different to them. The shop was bustling now; nearly everyone who had a camera went in here.

I looked around for the battery's I needed, giving a small 'ha' when I found them. I browsed the shop for a while before walking up to the counter and waiting to pay.

"Did you hear about the new family that are moving into that yellow house near the market?" Amanda asked me.

She owns the shop, and is the towns match maker; she always says it brings more money in, because people pay for her to take pictures at weddings, I just think it's because she likes eating the cake AT the weddings. She came here down from London because she wanted to open her own shop, her younger sister and her family live quite nearby and the people who owned this building before were selling it off cheap because they were retiring, so she thought the fates must of been on her side, and soon after that she'd bought the shop and moved in. This was a quite few years before me and my family moved here. I smiled at her warmly.

"No, I haven't" I confessed, "any wedding contenders?"

"No", the parents are already married" Amanda said sadly "Saying that the oldest is a handsome one, I saw them come past earlier in a furniture van."

"Hmm, did they look nice?"

"I think so; their three children were very cute. Defiantly going cause some heart breaks in the future" She joked.

I laughed thanking her for the batteries. Deciding it was time for me to meet Mum, Dad ad Tone.

I turned away from the counter and shuffled in the general direction I knew the door was in I was putting my new battery's and purse in my bag so I wasn't watching were I was going, this came to bite me in the arse when the shop door swung open and slammed me in the face.

"Ow" I muttered as I looked up from the floor, rubbing my head tenderly. I sighed in exasperation when I saw who it was.

"Why is it whenever we meet, I'm always the one that ends up on the floor?" I asked looking up at the boy above me, he had short black hair and was wearing a black sleeveless t shirt with plain jeans he had a black collar around his neck.

"Maybe the worlds hinting at something" He said grinning.

"Oh yeah," I said raising my eyebrows.

"Hmm," he said "I think I'm in the wrong place" he pondered then got onto the floor next to me. Wrapping me in his arms and pulling me against his chest.

"We can't sit here all day you know, we'll be in the way." I giggled my voice coming out slightly muffled seen as my face was pressed against his chest.

"So?" Gregory huffed

"So, move! Where in the way "I laughed, hitting his arm gently "Get up"

Gregory huffed again getting up from the floor then turned back round to help me up.

"Are you ok? Sorry about your head." Sniggered Gregory trying to mask his snigger as a cough.

"Shut up." I scowled picking my bag up off the floor

"What? I said I was sorry!"

"Oh yeah, of course you are. Your face says it all" I said walking past him out the door. Ignoring Amanda's giggling in the background.

I didn't get far before Gregory caught up to me, grabbing my hand as soon as he was close enough as we walked side by side down the street.

"Hey" he smiled tapping his head gently against mine

"Hey" I blushed; realising that this was the first proper greeting we've probably ever given each other; the silence afterwards was slightly awkward. Not out of lack of things to say I don't think, just lack of knowing where to begin.

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye he was fiddling with the bottom of his shirt, which I realised was out of nerves.

"How have you been?"

"Yeah ok, a bit concerned with how long you guys had been gone."

"Only a bit?" He pouted

"Well ok maybe more than a bit" I admitted trying to hide the red that had crept onto my face.

"So you missed us then?" He said it teasingly but I had a feeling that there was slightly more to that question then he was letting on.

"Of course!" I nodded 'Ah crap, I have no idea what to do? Do I ask him about the, oh when I'm human lets date thing, or wait for him to mention it? What if he doesn't, what if he's changed his mind? I mean we hardly know each other it all happened so fast. I mean... yes, I want to get to know him better and I would like to date him, I know we kissed and stuff before but it was different then. I think in a way this break has been good, I don't know how long he's been ...awake? So maybe he's had time to think on it like me.' The silence stretched on

"So eh... I found your diary"

"Oh yeah, explains why you aren't bombarding me with questions" he grinned

I nodded and silence reigned again.

"So are we dating now or whatever you call it now a days? "

I stopped blinking at the rather rushed question; he stopped as well shuffling his feet awkwardly

"Oh thank god" I laughed "I've been wanting to ask you the same thing but I didn't know how to word it."

He relaxed slightly, and moved back to standing next to me.


"Well... Yeah I would eh like to if you still want to, you do still want to right?"

"Well 'duh" he smirked ignoring my eye roll as he emphasized the duh "I'm not going to make you promise to wait then reject you am I?"

"Well I don't know, you've had time to think about it now, you might have changed your mind" I defended.

Gregory rolled his eyes and darted forward grabbing the front of my top pulling me roughly against his chest capturing my lips in a bruising kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him further down so I could kiss him easier.

"Eww" two high pitched voices yelled from behind us; I pulled away from Gregory to see Rudolph and Tony looking at us Rudolph was pretending to puck, while Tony stood there sniggering. Anna was just behind them, going on about true love and first kisses or something while staring none too discreetly at Tony 'Probably hoping he'd take the hint.' I thought laughing inwardly at the sweet yet romance orientated girl. I pulled myself fully away from Gregory and tried and probably failed miserably to stop the blush spreading across my face. I felt Gregory wrap his arms around me and began to gently rub the side of his head against mine.

"What are you midgets looking at?" He barked raising his eyebrows at the still giggling boys.

"Nothing" said Tony sniggering turning his head away to face the other side of the road.

"It's just are you supposed to try and eat Liz's face like that?" asked Rudolph with false innocence.

"Ehh" I give out a squawk of embarrassment and resisted burying my head in my hands in horror at what he'd just said.

"Get here you littleā€¦" Gregory shouted lunging forward to try and grab him; Rudolph laughed and ran away followed closely by a slightly red faced Gregory. Sighing in exasperation I followed them at a slower pace. Trying and failing contain my laugh when I saw Tony 'accidently' trip Gregory up.

Anna skipped forward taking Gregory's place next to me.

"How long have you been human?" I asked

"Not long, I don't think any of us really remembered, I felt like I was forgetting something but at the time I'd assumed it was because we were moving. As far as I remembered we were moving away from our home town to live somewhere else, couldn't remember why though just that we were moving. We had enough money stored around for us to be able to afford a small castle, but for some reason we'd wanted to move here."

"For some reason?" I asked frowning

"Yes, when I asked mother and Father about it they had the same feeling as me that this area was perfect.

"And Gregory?"

"I don't know... I think he might have remembered something about it" She turned to look at me smirking slightly "He was the one that first suggested coming here and he was quite adamant about it. And thinking back on it now, it seemed that he was looking for someone when we were driving in."

"Ah" I turned to watch him as he grabbed Rudolph and held him upside down. Not letting go despite Tony's attempts to free his friend.

"So where are you living now?"

"Thankfully not in a crypt, we live at that big house in the square"

I nodded jumping out of someone's way when they nearly walked into me, probably staring at Gregory and Rudolph, who was still hung upside down by the way, Gregory had now started swinging him around a little, which I took as my cue to go intervene. As much as I was happy to see them I didn't want to spend the rest of my day an AnE because Rudolph was given a concussion.

After breaking up the children (Yes that includes Gregory as well) we headed back to the Sackville Bagg's house. After much begging from Rudolph and Tony it was decided that Tony would stay the night. I volunteered to come back into town later to bring Tony clothes and other things but was quickly shot down by Mum and Dad, and unsurprisingly Gregory as well. Apparently it was too dangerous to go out late on my own now. I suppose learning there was even more dangerous things lurking in the dark then they first thought was bond to make them even more paranoid about letting us out after dark (There was a reason why I was sneaking out the first time, excluding the fact it had been so late) Mum and Dad agreed to go back to the house and grab some things for Tony and they would pick me up afterwards. I didn't want to stay the night, the Sackville Bagg's were just moving in and I didn't want to get underfoot.

I had about another hour to spend with Gregory, which I decided would be spent helping him and the others move their stuff in.

"This was not what I imaged us doing when I saw you again" Gregory grumbled as he picked up another box to move in.

"Neither did I, but I don't mind" I grinned bending down to grab another box Gregory mumbled something under his breath but continued carrying the boxes in.

'What the hell are in these boxes?' I thought as I struggled to find a secure hold managing to do that I got to the doorway before having the box swiftly pulled from my arms.

"You're going to injure yourself if you aren't careful"

"I had hold of it"

"Yeah sure you did" Gregory smirked

"Your one to talk do you want me to take the other side?" I frowned watching as he again adjusted his grip on the box.

"Its fine, I've got it" he insisted only, he hadn't. And everyone else soon know he hadn't got it either when it was dropped, with a rather impressive bang onto the floor.

Luckily I didn't think there was anything fragile in there. Which was confirmed when Miss Sackville Bagg's had come down to see if everything was ok.

"Oh I know what's in here, it's some of mine and Frederick's books, oh and look it's the portrait we got done of Gregory when he was little."

"Really?" I exclaimed hurrying forward to have a look "Aww" I grinned looking at the painting.

"Later we got a bigger one of all of us together; it was something we did with all the children." She smiled fondly

"Do you still have them?" I asked

"No, they got lost when we first became vampires; the villagers had begun to get suspicious about us. Rumours of vampires were running rampant back then. In the end they came to our house with torches and burnt our home down. Thankfully though, we weren't in it." Miss Sackville bagg's smiled up at me any trace of a long remembered pain disappearing from her face. "Leave this box, I'll get Frederick to bring it" she instructed getting up from the floor to head back into the house "Have a break for a while, it want be long before your parents will be back" She advised before heading back into the house.

Silence followed in her wake, I wanted to apologize, and I can't imagine how it would feel to have your home, the things you'd grown up with destroyed. But maybe it might be best to say nothing, it's in the past now and dragging up old memories and old pains probably wouldn't help any.

"Can't believe I dropped that box, I've not dropped anything in years, longer then years, centurions" Gregory muttered.

"Well your human now bat boy, it's natural that you wouldn't be able to carry as much as you used to."

"Yeah, I suppose" He frowned

"So..." I announced turning to look back at the picture Miss Sackville Bagg's had handed to me "Can I borrow this?"


"No, why not?"

"Why do you want it?"

"So I can Photo copy it."


"Oh, I'm sure your Mum wouldn't mind, in fact I'd think she'd really appreciate it"

"Give it to me."

"Hmm no, I don't think I will."


"Gregory." I parroted back, not being able to hide the mischievous grin spreading across my face.

"Don't be so childish, give it back" I mirrored the two steps he took forward by taking them back. His eyes narrowed and he tipped his head back to look at me arrogantly. "Are you sure you want to play this game, you won't win it."

"Are we playing a game? I thought we'd be too old for that kind of thing now Gregory." I replied tilting my head to look at him innocently

Gregory chuckled and slowly moved forward again, which I responded to by taking a few steps back.

"Give it back or I will take it back."

"You very welcome to try" I answered sweetly. He was still for a second before he suddenly lunged forward. Anticipating this I managed to move out of the way just in time shrinking with laughter I spun and raced out the door, a grinning Gregory hot on my heels.

Mum and Dad arrived back with Tony's things just as Gregory had managed to corner me in one of the upstairs rooms, taking advantage of his distraction I ducked under his arms that had before been about to grab me and raced down the stairs, narrowly avoiding a stack of boxes that had been piled at the bottom. Unfortunately going by the crash I heard behind me it seems like Gregory didn't. Putting the picture, which I'd been holding the whole time (A.N I'm thinking it'll be in like a wooden frame or something, I'm really not sure is something like that actually existed back then, but I'm putting it in anyway) gently on the side I hurried back into the room to see if the moron was ok.

"Gregory, hey... are you ok? Gregory?" having heard no replay I rushed to the heap of boxes and laying right on top in an even bigger heap was Gregory

"Hey, hey are you ok!"

The next second I'm laying on the floor a grinning Gregory on top of me

"You arse hat I thought you were really injured, are you ok?"

"Mentally or physically?"

"Well I know you're not right mentally" I scowled

"Aw, I'm sorry" He smirked not looking sorry at all.

"Idiot" I sighed rolling my eyes

"Hey where's that picture."

"Picture? Ohh you mean that picture of you when you're all young dressed like a girl?" I teased

"I wasn't dressed like a girl and you know it, where is it?"

"Oh, I give it to Rudolph and Tony."

"What!" I swear even as a vampire I'd never seen him move so fast, he was off me and out the door in seconds. I could immediately hear shouting coming from the end of the corridor. Sniggering I got up and after quickly righting the boxes hurried out of the room, picking the picture up from exactly where I'd left it.

The voices got loader

"Give it back right now you little twerp!"

"Give what back? What are you talking about?" Shouted back Rudolph

"He means this" I smirked holding up the picture.

"You said you give it to them!"

"Did I? Aw I'm sorry"

"Liz, it's time to go." Mum called before saying goodbye to Mr and Misses Sackville Bagg's who had come to the front door to say goodbye.

"Remember to be polite and to do as you're told." Mum remained Tony as she hugged him goodbye

"Yeah yeah I know" Tony grumbled

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Gregory asked as I hugged him goodbye swiftly kissing him on the cheek trying to curb the blush on my face.


"Good" He grinned tapping me gently on the head with the picture he'd managed to take out of my hand while I was distracted

"You know I let you take that right" I sighed rolling my eyes and his smug expression.

"Yeah yeah whatever you say"

After saying goodbye to the others and ruffling Tony's hair Mum, Dad and I got in the car and started to head back home

"Well it's a good job we decided to go to the market today isn't it." Dad said cheerfully. I hummed in agreement

"What were Gregory and Rudolph arguing about?"

"Oh, nothing really."

"Are you visiting tomorrow" Mum asked with a knowing look on her face. Rolling my eyes I nodded.

"If that's ok?"

"Yep, so long as your back at 8pm and you make sure not to get into any trouble."

"I shall try my best" I joked.

I zoned out as Mum started talking to Dad about school silently agreeing with her when she said that Tony should have a better time at school now that he's got Rudolph to go there with him.

'Things are defiantly different now. Oh men these next few months are going to be interesting.'

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