The Guardians, including their newest member, were in the globe room, celebrating after another successful Christmas.

Bunnymund was yelling at the elves and trying to get them to stop bringing vodka to North, whose face was bright red and was laughing uncontrollably. Jack sat on a stool, leaning against a wall with a mischievous smile, watching them. Sandy sat next to him, silently laughing, and Toothiana flitted about the room, talking to her little fairies.

She seemed to remember something, and she flew over to Jack.

"What's up?" He addressed her.

"The fairies and I thought you should have this, Jack," Tooth said, handing him a gold cylinder that Jack recognized as the case that held his teeth, and along with them, his memories.

"Since you don't have memories from before," Tooth said.

Jack smiled up at her. "Thanks, Tooth," He said, flashing his perfect teeth, and putting the case in his sweater pocket.

Within the next hour, Bunnymund was drunk too; starring at the floor with immense concentration, and North was sleeping on the floor, mumbling as Sandy repeatedly poked him.

Tooth looked at Jack. "I think we should get them to their rooms." Sandy looked up and nodded, as did Jack.

Everyone had a room at the North Pole, ever since they became closer and more family like for Jack's sake. Sandy and Jack lifted North, with help from his dream sand of course, and Tooth guided Bunny down the halls of Santoff Claussen, to their own rooms.

Sandy waved goodnight to jack and Tooth and went to his own room.

Tooth looked at Jack. "Are you going to bed?"

Jack shrugged, "Yeah, probably."

"Goodnight then," Tooth said, smiling at Jack and heading to her own room.

"G'night, Tooth," Jack said and entered his snow covered room.

It was constantly snowing in Jack Frost's room, but it was always only a thin layer of ice and snow that coated the walls and floor. Opposite of the door was a floor to ceiling window, so Jack could leave easily; there wasn't much in his room, since he didn't own much. He had a dark brown dresser, with practically nothing in it, a lamp made of ice, and a bed with thin with sheets.

Jack actually wasn't tired at all, he just wanted to be alone; he was going to watch his memories again.

Jack sat in front of his window, and pulled the gold cylinder out of his pocket. Repeating what he did the first time, he placed his fingers on top of the case and a white light flashed in his vision and he was transported to the past.

The four oldest guardians stood in the dining room of the Pole, North completely recovered, not even going through a hangover, and Bunny recalling nothing of last night.

Tooth laughed as she told Bunny about some of the ridiculous thing he did the night before, and he looked flustered as he denied it all.

"Where is Jack?" North asked. "Isn't he an early riser?"

Sandy showed a picture of Jack and the number 17 in golden dream sand.

North shrugged. "True, he is a teenager."

"Want me to wake 'im?" Bunny asked, punching his fist into his palm.

"Uh, I'll go get him," Tooth flashed them a grin and sped out of the dining hall.

Tooth made her way to Jack's room and knocked on the door a few times. After hearing no answer, she cautiously opened the door, noting how the door handle was frosted over.

She saw Jack sitting in front of the floor to ceiling window, in a daze.

"Jack, I knocked, are you okay-" She gasped seeing his eyes glazed over and mouth slightly open. His tooth box was in his hand.

She zipped over to the door and yelled down the hall. The other three guardians were there in record time.

"What's wrong with 'im?" Bunny asked, examining their youngest companion.

"He is stuck in his memories." Tooth whispered.

"How to do you know?" North asked.

"I can feel it." Tooth said. "He is stuck in one part of his past, and refusing to go on."

"Well," Bunny said, looking up from Jack. "How do we get 'im out?"

Tooth's eyes widened, realizing what they had to do. "We have to go in after him."

Bunny's looked at her in disbelief. "Is-is that even aloud? Or possible?"

"Yes, it's possible," Tooth said. "And I make the rules for the memories, so yes, it can be aloud."

Sandy flashed some images, translating into, 'How do we do it?'

"We all have to put our hands on the box at the same time," Tooth said.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" North said.

The four hovered their hands over the box that contained Jack's memories.

"1…" Tooth started. "2… 3!"

They all touch the box and everything went dark.