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July 24th, 1711

"Ja-ack!" Emma yelled with a sing-song voice.

The sixteen year old jumped and spun around, looking away from the window he was looking out. "Yeah, Emma?"

"Come play with us!" The eleven year old giggled.

Jack smiled. "Where are the other two?"

"Outside!" Emma ran out the front door and after a moment Jack followed. He walked around back of the house, his bare feet pressing into the bright green grass. The forest started right behind the house, and you could see a pond from the back door.

As soon as Richie and Anna saw Jack, they both laughed and ran away. "Come catch us!"

"We're it!" Emma said, and pulled Jack by the arm. Jack smiled at his sister before they ran to catch Richie and Anna.

The Guardians smiled as they watched the siblings chase each other.

"They're so happy," Tooth said.

"It's a good change," North said. "They deserve it."

Sandy and Bunny nodded in agreement.

The four Guardians jumped at a voice coming from behind them. "This is one of my last happy memories."

They all spun around to see Jack.

Their Jack.

The happy, mischievous, white hair, blue eyed pale winter spirit they all loved.

"Jack!" North exclaimed.

Jack gave a sad smile. He stood there, in his blue hoodie and deerskin pants, his pale hands in his hoodie pocket, his staff nowhere in sight. "Hey guys," He greeted. They noticed how tired he looked.

Tooth zipped over to Jack and hugged him tightly before holding him out at arms length with wide eyes. "Jack…" She started. "We know-"

Jack held up a hand and smiled a bit. "Please. Don't."

Tooth nodded in understanding. Bunny moved closer to Jack saying, "What do you mean 'this is one of your last happy memories'?"

Jack looked over at his past self and siblings. "You'll find out soon."

Sandy used images above his head to ask why Jack was stuck on this memory.

Jack watched his siblings fondly. "Because this day seemed perfect, and I never wanted it to end."

They all looked back at the memory.

Anna, Emma, and Richie seemed to be having a face off against Jack who was grinning mischieviously.

"Okay, now we are it!" Anna said. "We have to get you, Jack!"

Emma grinned. "You better run!"

Jack turned and ran into the woods, leading the other laughing kids after him. He ran over to the pond in the woods, and ran to the opposite side of it. Once the three younger kids caught up, he stuck his tongue out and laughed.

"Jack!" Anna laughed as Richie jumped up and down waving his arms around.

Emma put her fists on her hips in attempt to look irritated, but she was smiling regardless. "Jackson, come over here!"

"Nope!" Jack said, before pulling his white shirt off.

"Jack what are you doing!" Anna laughed.

Jack tossed his shirt onto the ground and then backed up, still grinning. He then ran forwards and jumped into the pond.

Richie clapped, before taking off his own shirt and running into the water.

Emma and Anna looked shocked. Emma yelled, "Richard! Jackson! Get out of the water, I'm going to tell Mary!"

Jack laughed and folded his arms behind his head then floated on his back. Richie copied him.

"You two should get in," Jack said. "It's really nice!"

Anna looked around before grinning and pulling off her dress so she was just in a tank top and knee-length undergarments. She then playfully pushed Emma and then ran towards the water, jumping in. Anna swam over to Jack and splashed him.

Jack splashed her back before yelling over to Emma. "Come on, Emma, you won't get in trouble."

Emma bit her lip and looked around, fiddling with her dress, then she grinned and took off her dress. She ran over to the water and jumped in, purposely splashing her siblings. Jack dunked under then came up laughed, and started an all-out water war.

~The Same Day~

The four siblings opened the door to their house, all laughing and soaking wet.

Mary walked over from the living room and gasped. "You're all soaked!" She exclaimed. "Go get changed!" She said, slightly irritated.

The four laughed before racing up the stairs. Mary called after them, "Jack, you should be more responsible!"

Jack paused and looked at the three youngest. "Pfff, no way!" He grinned.

~The Same Day~

"Jack, tell us that story!" Emma begged, jumping up and down. The four of them sat out back of the house at night, a fire blazing in front of them.

"Which one?" Jack asked.

Emma was clinging onto Jack shirt with excitement. "The one you and Jakoby used to always tell!"

Jack's smile slipped for a moment but was quickly replaced. "Okay, I'll be right back." Jack ran into the house, and was back out a moment later, holding two moose antlers.

Richie climbed up onto a barrel on the right and Anna sat on a few planks of wood next to him. On the other side of Jack, Emma stood waiting for Jack to start telling the story.

"What are the antlers for, Jack?" Anna asked.

"They're for…" He smirked. "You!" He put them on Anna's head and she giggled.

"You're funny, Jack!" Emma laughed and Richie clapped.

Jack stood in front of the fire. "Are you ready?"

"Yes!" The girls yelled while Richie cheered silently.

"Okay," Jack said. "Once upon a time…"

The memory faded with the sounds of laughter and a crackling fire.

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