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Felicity could no longer distinguish between the different types of codes flashing across the screens. She was trying to retrieve most of the Merlin database to try and see just how he was connected to all the players of the undertaking and if perhaps there was more to the story. Oliver still wasn't sure the entire plan was Malcolm's to begin with and wanted to be absolutely sure the undertaking was finished. It was a moot point for her right then, she just wanted to sleep. She'd had a long day at QI and came to the lair right after. That was almost 5 hours ago. Oliver really should be paying her more!

She heard the steel door leading to Verdant slam open and without looking up she knew it was Oliver. She didn't bother looking up, knowing she'd only get even more distracted. It seemed that whenever he was around Felicity's brain seemed to notice and stop functioning except for on a basic hormonal level.

When he had come to her that night two weeks ago she had been so focussed on making sure he was going to be alright, she had almost forgot her little crush on the resident hero. But in the last few days those feelings reappeared in tenfold. The fact that Oliver somehow couldn't stop touching her and was now officially single made her situation just a tad more frustrating.


'No Oliver, whatever it is, I can't. I've been up for the last…, you know I can't actually remember the last time I slept, and I have to be at work in another 6. I can't remember the last time I ate and I'm so tired I may actually be able to answer the question whether it is possible to sleep with your eyes open. So whatever it is, it can wait.'

'Oh I like her already.'

The new voice she hadn't been expecting threw her off guard. She spun on her chair so fast the chair wobbled and fell over, leaving Felicity sprawled on the floor in a tangle of limbs.

There was a silence that descended on the scene after the big bang of the chair falling to the floor. But Felicity didn't have to look at Oliver to see the stupid smirk he'd be wearing.

'Oliver, if you're not here to help me up in the next three seconds I swear I will hack your email and send porn sites and Viagra commercials to all your very important business contacts.'

'All right, no need to get crazy.'

By the time she had finished her tirade he'd already made it to her and started helping her up. Thea hung back watching the scene unfold with an amused smirk on her face.

Oliver helped Felicity up and couldn't help but lean in a little too close, smirking as he saw the blush rise on her face. Both getting lost in the nearness of the other, Thea felt as if the room was a little too small for her, those two and the sexual tension between them. She cleared her throat and nearly laughed at her brother's guilty, cat ate the canary smile he sent her way.

Thea made her way to Felicity as Oliver stepped away and swept her up in a hug.

'I believe I have you to thank for our reformed caveman?'

Felicity was thrown off guard by the hug Thea gave her but appreciated the gesture regardless.

'I'm not sure he is reformed, but we're working on it. At least he no longer grunts like Tarzan when replying to a question.'

Oliver glared at the two women, but there was a twinkle in his eyes and his lip twitched with amusement. They moved to the couch in the corner of the lair and sat down together, Oliver choosing to sit on the floor looking up at his two favourite women. Felicity and Thea immediately started talking in loud and high pitched voices about everything and nothing and Oliver didn't even pretend to be following, he just loved watching them interact. They almost seemed like sisters. It was funny how Thea had never been this way when Laurel had been around and it made him feel even better about his course of action of introducing his sister to both his secret identity and Felicity.

Felicity could feel his eyes on her and automatically her body temperature seemed to rise a couple of degrees. He cheeks flushed and her attention on Thea wavered a little bit.

'Oliver stop staring at her like you're starving! We have lots to talk about and she's distracted!'

Felicity guiltily looked at Thea and opened her mouth to apologize.

'No, don't apologize it's his fault anyway. Go train or whatever it is you do around here.'

'Yeah like that's really going to help me concentrate.' Felicity thought.

Suddenly a loud laugh interrupted her thoughts.

'Please tell me I didn't say that out loud.'

'No can do!'

As Thea burst into a new volley of giggles Oliver couldn't help but grin.

'Wipe that smug look off your face, if you would just wear a t-shirt like normal people do when they work out, I would have all my work done in at least half the time it takes now.'

As Felicity continued glaring at Oliver and the smirk widened even further she groaned and covered her face with her hands.

'Oh god, just kill me now.'

As Thea calmed down she walked over to Oliver and not so quietly asked:

'Can we keep her please?!'

Felicity glared at both siblings, not really expecting Oliver to answer, considering she could bankrupt him and get away with it but he did.

'I was planning on it.'

This set Felicity on another round of blushes, thing were definitely changing between them.

'Awwww… she's so adorable!'

'I am not a puppy!'