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Hours later and some serious (but futile) attempts to dry the living room later, we sat on a couple of wooden stools in his kitchen, playing scrabble. He was surprisingly not horrible at it, and we were nearly done with our second game. I had four letters left: X, R, Q, and M. I had a feeling that his letters weren't any better than mine. He laid down the letters D, W, and N much to my dismay and played the word 'down' on an open O. "Noooo!" I exclaimed, and he smirked at me with his hands behind his head.

"Take that Holly," Wally told me and stood up from the chair, making it screech across the linoleum. He stretched, letting his vertebrae crack. "I have to go out on patrol. For some reason villains tend to destroy things late at night."

"Would you want to rob something early in the day? It's only eight at night anyways," I pointed out and grabbed some cereal off the top of his old refrigerator. It was a crappy corn flake style cereal, and I put it back. Bleck.

"I need to go anyways," he told me and sped to his room, getting changed before I could even ask a question, "I'll be back at about three, okay? Don't get into too much trouble." I just nodded at him and he left the apartment by the emergency fire escape.

"Because I'm actually going to stay in your apartment while you go out," I said to no one in particular. I walked into his room and rooted through the bag of things I had bought, taking out a pair of running shorts and a plain black shirt. I wished that I still had my outfit, but I was pretty sure that all of my stuff had been lost in the collapse. I threw my hair into a ponytail, put socks and my new tennis shoes on, and swung out the window to the fire escape. The hot sun was beginning to dip below the horizon and cast shadows across everything. It made me realize how crappy this neighborhood really was, old apartment complexes and all.

Quickly I ascended the fire escape to the roof and took off running, jumping from building to building. An explosion sounded roughly two blocks away and I changed direction, jumping onto an overhanging street light and them to the one facing opposite on the other side of the street before doing a bit of parkour to get to the top of the new building. I stopped at the edge of the rooftop to study the situation below me. It was my teammates. Well, ex-teammates now. They looked a bit the worse for wear, and seemed more desperate. They were robbing, of all things, a semi busy grocery store.

"Give me all of the money!" I heard Gizmo yelled, and watched as the nervous cashier gave it to him. I looked around for Kid Flash, but I couldn't see him anywhere. *You can't afford to interfere Jinx...* I restrained myself, frustrated beyond belief as my old crew ran from the store and pushed a young woman out of their way. She fell into the street, getting hit by an oncoming car in a blast of horns and screeching tires. Her limp body tumbled behind the slowing car, leaving a trail of smeared red. I gasped in horror, and none of the Hive Five turned around to see what the commotion was. I turned from the scene, sinking to the floor. "How could I have done things like that," I said to myself. How many people had I hurt and killed? How many families had I ruined? Tears threatened to tumble down my face, but I withheld it. I was a monster like them, but I... I could change. I could do things differently.

For the first time I felt myself taking this entire situation seriously. Realizing the treachery of what I was doing. Changing. "From this point on, for the people who we have harmed, I live my life anew. I renounce my darkness and villainy," I voiced aloud and looked down at my arms, watching my tattoos reshape themselves. What were once thorny vines and staring eyes became the leafy branches of a great tree, extending from my arms to my back to morph into the trunk. From the bottom of the trunk extended roots, crisscrossing on my legs. I lifted the small bit of clothing on my shoulders to watch as a moon was formed on my right shoulder and a sun on my left. "You know, for once I'm glad to not be wearing long sleeves. That was pretty cool to watch." Small cherry blossoms bloomed upon the newly formed branches, a bright pink in color.

Heart feeling open but heavy, I walked away from the scene of the crime. I knew the woman hadn't lived. Nobody could have survived that, not unless they had superpowers. That woman clearly had not had any. I began running, heading to the edge of town and stopping when I was atop a small business, staring at the winding road that led out of town. The sun dipped below the trees on the horizon, casting the world into darkness.

Meanwhile, at the Hive Five's temporary hideout...


"Got us some money," I said, slamming fifty seven dollars onto the table. It wasn't a lot, but I was more than any of them were getting. Kid Wykkyd was nursing a rolled ankle of all things, and the rest of them had the brains of a sack of potatoes.

"So is it enough for us to get a new base?" Billy Numerous said, dumbly. I just glared at him and looked at See-More. He looked depressed. He'd been the only one who was really fazed when the building fell and Jinx died.

"Guys, we really suck without Jinx. You know that, right?" See-More told us, looking bored.

"We're just fine without her! Even better! She was just a screw-up, and we can do so much more with her not bossing us around!" I argued animatedly. The lone television we'd been able to steal and rewire lit up, and I turned to it. "Uh-uh yes sir?" I asked, suddenly flustered by the appearance of the Brain.

"The plan will soon begin. Prepare to travel to the Arctic, Gizmo and Billy Numerous. You shall be capturing Kole and her companion Gnarrk. Mammoth, you shall destroy Cyborg. See-More, you are to attack The Herald. Kid Wykkyd, you will team up with Psimon to battle Raven. Am I clear?" He said, and we nodded our heads in fear. The guy creeped us out. "I expect only success out of you." The brain disappeared from the screen.

"Don't fuck this up guys. I want to live," I said and packed what little amount of belongings he still had. One of the vehicles from the Brotherhood landed and I stood up, walking towards it. "Let's destroy some Titans."


I made my way back to the apartment in the early morning hours, feeling both determined and trampled upon. I had to change. Needed to. I couldn't let people get hurt by others anymore, at any cost. I clenched my fists and looked at the lowering moon, wishing I could take my actions back. "Just shake it off, now's the chance to change Holly. You can make a difference," I reassured myself before hopping down the fire escape and into Wally's open window. It was a good thing I had a decent memory. It'd be embarrassing to throw myself into someone else's living space. The apartment was dark and quiet, save for the sound of the shower running.

I felt a blush rise to my cheeks as I thought about Wally naked, water dripping down his chest, running my hands over him... "No! Get out of there weird thoughts!" I said, banging my hand against my forehead. I walked into our now shared room and quickly changed, now wearing thin polka dot pajama pants and a white tank top. Man did it always feel good to be without a bra. Right as I exited the room he walked out, and I felt my eyes wander from his face to take in his strong arms and chest... They weren't a muscle builder's per say, but they definitely didn't look bad. At all. I felt his gaze roam my body hungrily as well, and he didn't seem to mind what he saw.

"Where did you go?" Wally asked, gripping his towel tightly about his waist.

"Just out wandering. I was bored here." I tried to look cool and calm while he stepped closer to me, but my heart was beating a mile a minute. He could probably hear it, for crying out loud.

"Well maybe you should wander here," he told me, bringing my face up to his. It started off slowly, my lips mashed tightly against his. He wrapped his arms around my waist and dragged me closer to him, our bodies now touching. I went up in flames, my tongue pushing its way into his mouth and playing with his. My hands roamed his tight back, drawing patterns on his shoulders and trailing downwards. I felt his hands play with the edges of my shirt, lightly tracing my flat stomach. My powers fired off again as I became excited, and his towel fell to the floor. "Ah I'm sorry!" He yelled, quickly picking the towel up and running into the bedroom as I about died of laughter.

"You know, for being so skinny, you aren't half bad." I shouted at him, though in truth I hadn't actually gotten that good of a look at him. What I had looked at definitely looked nice though. Mostly his posterior.

"Shut up!" He yelled back from the room, reappearing with a pair of shorts on. He picked me up and placed me on the couch, along with a comforter and a pillow. Wally leaned over me, arms on either side of my rather petite figure, and kissed me with all his might to continue where we left off. I moaned into his mouth and he fell back, smiling at me. "G'night Lucky," he said before skipping off to my room and leaving me in shock.

"Where did that come from?" I voiced aloud before throwing the comforter over myself and falling asleep.


I awoke to the sound of sobs and shot out of bed, running into the living room to find Holly completely asleep but with a face soaked with tears. "Yeesh, you weren't this bad last night," I said quietly to myself. It had to be five in the morning, and she decided to have a nightmare now? I didn't want to wake her up, but she wasn't exactly consolable in her sleep. "I know!" I whispered fervently, snapping my fingers.

I picked her up gently and brought her into my room, making my steps as steady as possibly. She burrowed into my chest again -a habit I was beginning to like- and immediately calmed down as I walked. I set her down beneath my covers and walked to the other side of the bed, climbing in and wrapping my long arms around her. She backed closer to me and sighed, seemingly at peace now. I brought the sheet and comforter up around both of us and fell asleep, comfortable and happy to have solved a problem.


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