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"It is only the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us"

-Arthur Schopenhauer

We lived different lives, hung around different people and had nothing in common. Two completely different people who were never supposed to know about the others existence… so how did we manage to find a way into each other's hearts? Well, it's a long story full of pain, love and learning to accept people for who they are. So grab some snacks, get comfortable and listen attentively as I tell you how my love started.

The moonlight shines down on a young woman as she walks the empty streets to her home. Her blonde hair is kept in two pigtails and her big brown eyes sparkle warmly. In her right hand she carries a grocery bag containing fresh assorted vegetables, frozen steak and various seasonings while her black leather purse rests on her left shoulder. A white thigh-high nurse outfit adorns her curvaceous body, and to be honest, she didn't like her uniform one bit. It looked too tight on her and attracted unwanted attention from guys who just wanted to get between her legs (if you know what I mean). If she could find at least one guy who'd get to know her first before asking to get in her bed, that would be a miracle.

Oh, I'm ranting on.

This young lady's name is Lucy Heartfilia, a dedicated nurse at Tokyo's Hospital. Today was a busy day for her since she had to treat a group of car crash survivors in the ER. She, along with other nurses and doctors, spent nearly the whole day tending to their injuries… making sure their wounds were cleaned and stitched, bodies bandaged and their hearts beating normally. It wasn't easy looking at people who were severally hurt but she had to endure it. After all, as a nurse you're expected to see people in pain every day.

Her shift ended and she left the hospital in relief, knowing the survivors would live to see another day. Lucy decided to stop by a convenient store to buy some stuff to cook for dinner. (The discussion about men earlier was brought up for a reason).

Well everything was fine until she went to the front desk to pay for her things. That inconsiderate cashier… instead of checking the prices on the items, he was checking her chest. Seriously?! I know my uniform shows off too much of my breasts, but that doesn't justify the right for him to stare at them AND in my face too! It took great self-control for her not to slap some sense into him. "Perverted bastard" she mumbles to herself.

Sighing deeply she looks up to the night sky, captivated by the beautiful stars. She smiles sadly. The stars reminded her of her deceased mother. When she was little, her mother would bring her out almost every night to look at the stars. She even told Lucy a few things she knew about them. But ever since she passed away Lucy isolated herself from the world; friends, strangers, even family… but those days are over.

The sound of footsteps on the pavement pulls her out of her thoughts. She turns towards the source of the noise to meet nothing but the empty sidewalk and a gust of wind brushing past her face. Was she just hearing things? This was a big city where crime is frequent. Recently on the news there have been reports about a serial rapist around the neighborhood. Lucy wasn't going to take the risk of being his next victim… with that in mind, she walked faster.


Either she's been working too much or she was going crazy, but she swore the footsteps were getting louder and moving faster each time she turned the corner. She wouldn't dare look back. She's seen what happens in scary movies. Nothing good ever happens when you look back. She was just a few blocks away from her home now. Focus on getting home, that's the main priority right now. Oh home sweet home.


Okay, maybe running is the main and then home. She quickened her pace.


Damn it. Why wasn't there anyone out who could help me, or a car passing by?!


There it is!

She smiled joyfully at the sight of her house. Without wasting time, she rushes to the front door and search through her purse for her keys. She quickly finds them and begins to unlock the door when…


"Kyaa!" she screams, dropping her keys on the floor. She turns to her left to see a stray cat sitting beside a trash tin. Holding the spot where her heart is, she sighs in relief and smiles at the feline. "Don't scare me like that little guy" She takes a closer look at the furry creature. It was a small kitten with… blue shaggy fur? What a strange color for a cat, but it actually suited him. "Were you abandoned? Poor little kitty. Come here, I think there's some milk for you in the fridge"

A small 'meow' escapes its mouth and it slowly moves towards her. Spotting her keys on the ground she bends down and grabs them.

Little did she know that the footsteps were right in front of her…?

She stands back up and without warning, a large hand latch on to her face and bashes her head against the hard wall. Lucy falls with a thud, the contents of her bag sprawled among the ground with her. The cat hisses at her attacker as he looks down at the injured nurse. She suddenly feels warm liquid trickling down her forehead. Is this blood? This can't be good… I need to get my phone to call for help before..!

Due to the blow on her head her vision is blurry, so she can't distinguish exactly which item is her phone. She shivers from the icy touch of a blade gliding from her collarbone to her chest. He pushes the blade in the gap between her breasts and tears through her clothes. The uncomfortable feeling of helplessness engulfs her as the man pried the top of her dress open, exposing her big creamy chest covered by a black lacy bra. He smirks at the sight before him and takes one of her breasts in his hand, giving it rough squeezes. She begins to thrash about in pain, struggling to get away from his disgusting touch. But her efforts are proved useless as he held both her wrists above her head with one hand and continued his assault on her breasts.

This can't be happening. Lucy cried in her mind. I… I refuse to let him have his way with me. I'm not giving up so easily.

In a last attempt, with all her might she screamed out, "SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME, I'M GETIING RAPED! SOMEO-mph!" The man threw his hand over her mouth and stared menacingly at her.

"Do that again and the only sound anyone's gonna hear from you is you gasping for air as I cut your throat open, understand?"

She freezes and stares at him in absolute fear. What's wrong with this guy? Why is he doing such awful things to me? Streams of tears escape her eyes, her voice muffled as she cries into the man's hand. "Don't worry… "He brushes some strands of gold hair off her face. "I'll be gentle, I promise" His hand moved down to her thigh where he pushes her dress up to her waist. She squirms beneath him and closes her eyes tightly, praying and hoping that this wasn't real. That this was just a bad dream… she'd wake up in her bed and everything would be fine, right? Right?

Her eyes shot open when a hot, wet tongue trails along her neck to collar bone. With her hands pinned and her legs crushed beneath his knee, she could do nothing to stop the man from violating her.

Oh God, stop. She felt his fingers creep under the band of her panties. No… No! NO, NO, NO!

Just when she had lost all hope of being saves she felt his body being yanked off her. She slightly turns her head to see another man fighting off her attacker. Lucy couldn't see his face because of the darkness, but she did catch a glimpse of his odd pink hair. Well whoever he was, he could really fight. He practically had the guy coughing up blood, and he used his bare fists while the guy had a weapon for Christ sake. For what seemed like hours but were actually a few minutes, the fight ended. Lucy didn't know who, but someone ran over to her, shouting something she was too tired to understand. As she struggled to keep her eyes open, her conscious was slowly slipping away.

"Oi. Yo…okay? Pu…self…. ther", is all she hears before everything went black.


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