Murder Mysteries

Told you it'd be up today! OK, so this one is gonna be a bit more complicated and not quite as action-packed, but it is going to round up the "trilogy" and set us up for my upcoming series set after this story. So I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: New Girl

Dawn Summers; her husband, Connor; and her older sister, Buffy Summers, were all sitting on the couch in the lobby of the building they were in. Fred and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce were nearby with their baby girl, Irene. It was almost midnight, so they were simply waiting for the rest of their group to come in.

Finally, in came all their friends.

Xander Harris was holding his little daughter, Autumn. "That was fun."

"What's so fun about investigating a murder at a toy store?" asked Anya, Autumn's mother.

Xander held up a plush horse in his free hand. "We got a free toy for Autumn!" He squeezed it…and it started singing:

" I'm a happy, happy horse; happy, happy, happy horse. I'm a happy, happy horse; happy, happy, happy horse. NEIGH! "

That could get old really quick, Angela whispered to her twin brother, Angel.

I think it just did, Angel responded.

Dawn got up. "Well, on the less hoofed side, we've got a new Slayer coming in and she should be here in about…15 seconds."

"Just enough time to listen to Happy Horse again!" Xander said.

"NO!" everyone else except Anya said.

Just then, a girl of about 14 came rushing in. She was strawberry blonde with sparkling blue eyes. "I'm here!"

Buffy went over to her. "You must be Lola Moor. I'm Buffy Summers."

"I know, I heard about you." Lola went over to the others. "I can see a long introduction is in order."

"Oh, me first!" said a redhead, "I'm Willow Rosenberg. I'm a Witch."

"Will, we don't have time to go through everyone," her ex-girlfriend, Tara Maclay, intercepted, "It's almost midnight!"

"I'll just show Lola here to her room," Angela said. She started walking down the hall and Lola followed. Finally, the two came to the empty room they'd set up for her. "You can just put all your stuff in here."

Lola dropped her bag on the bed. "Done."

Angela smiled and unzipped the bag she was carrying. "If you need anything…"

"I'll call." Lola then noticed something. The long-sleeved top Angela was wearing had no shoulders, thus exposing the lightning-shaped mark on her right shoulder.

Angela pulled her cell phone out of her bag.

"Good luck. See you in the morning." She walked off.

Lola stared after her, anger in her eyes.

[Flash to February 1757]

A brunette woman who looked about 21 was sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace in her cottage, knitting. She was crying. "Oh, Henry, why'd you have to go?" She laid down her needles for a second and picked up the picture frame lying on a table next to her. It had a picture of a younger her and a young man with dark hair. There was a silver plaque at the bottom of the frame reading:

Elizabeth Martha Warner
Henry James Warner
Together Forever

The young woman named Elizabeth started to cry and laid her hand on her womb. Her husband, Henry, may have died from cholera a week ago, but she'd been pregnant with twins for months.

[Flash back to August 2007]

The next night, Angela was walking through the street looking for anything suspicious. "Another night, another nothing." Suddenly, she was jumped from behind. She kicked herself up, backwards to see who it was (she's very athletic). It was Lola! "I hate it when the Slayers are evil." Her blue eyes turned green as she spoke and then she jumped at Lola in return. Lola knocked her back, kicked her in the face, revealing Angela as a Vampire, and then pulled out a stake. Angela grabbed her wrist before the stake could go anywhere near her heart and pushed her back.

Before Lola could make another move, Angel appeared behind her, himself a Vampire, and held her back. "Do you mind backing off my sister?"

Lola whirled around, sensing that Angel was a Vampire, too, and kicked him in the face.

"Guess not."

"WHOA! TIME OUT!" All three turned to see Xander with Buffy and Willow and the others. Angel and Angela went out of Vamp form and Lola dropped her stake. "What's going on here?"

Angela raised her hand as she got up and her eyes turned back to blue.

"Angela?" Buffy said.

Angela put her hand down. "I was doing the nightly patrol for Vamps when Lola here came out of nowhere and attacked me. I used the link to call Angel for help. I didn't think you guys would be hearing it, too."

"We didn't," Willow explained, "We chased after him after he left."

"You mean you guys know these two are Vampires?!" Lola exclaimed.

"Yeah, I am, too!" Spike pointed out.

Lola kicked him in the gut. "Sorry, reflex. I can't believe you guys are working with three Vampires!"

"They have permanent souls, Lola!" Buffy yelled.

Lola realized what that meant. "Oops."

"You mind explaining what's going on here?" Fred asked.

Lola crossed her arms. "My mother was a Slayer."

"What?!" Buffy was shocked. "I didn't think Slayer blood passed on. Then again, the only Slayer I ever knew had a child had had a boy."

"Yeah, it's kind of a long story."

"We've got plenty of time," Cordelia Doyle said, her arms crossed. She led the group back to the STP (Slayer Training Program) building.

[Flash to October 1916]

A Vampire in the graveyard knocked the girl down. The girl jumped back up, picking up a stake in the process, and revealed her looks: strawberry blonde with sparkling blue eyes. "Now you've done it," she spoke with a British accent.

A young man was leaning against a nearby gravestone. "Come on, Stacey, you can do this." He, too, was British.

"Appreciate the help, Thomas," said the girl named Stacey as she knocked over the Vampire, "But I'm doing just fine already, thank you very much." She bent down and staked the Vampire, turning him to dust.

Neither seemed to notice the brunette girl hiding in the forest next to the cemetery. The girl named Angela.