Chapter 8: Birth

Angel came out of a hotel room and met the others in a waiting room.

"What happened?" asked Dawn, concerned.

"Doctors said it was pre-eclempsia."

Willow realized what that meant. "Oh. Right. We were trying to tell you but it was one thing after another lately. Buffy's been pregnant with your kid ever since you got your permanent soul."

Angel stared at her. "Four and a half months and she didn't notice?"

Willow shrugged.

Angel sighed and sat down next to Angela. "So what's wrong with her?"

"You don't think it is pre-eclempsia?" asked Faith.

"There's a possibility, but they did say it was a little off-track."

Willow sighed. "I see what's going on: the Slayer in her is fighting against the Vampire in that child…and if she keeps wearing out her system keeping herself from having that kid—"

"They'll both die," Angel finished for her.

Willow sighed.

"Isn't there something we can do?" asked Xander.

Giles thought about it and shook his head. "If Buffy's Slayer half is what's causing their deaths, then it's hardly possible that we can do anything about it—"

"Yes, we can," Willow corrected, "All this is going on because she's the Slayer. If we can counter that, then she and the child will both survive."

"What do you mean 'counter it'?" asked Andrew.

Willow sighed. "If we take the Slayer out of her."

They all looked at her.

Evelyn looked at her. "Do you really think you can do that?"

"Have you seen some of the stuff I can do?"

"Willow," Giles debated, "the earth's well-being depends on people like the Slayer and if Buffy is taken from the running—"

"We have plenty of Slayers to spare, Giles. We're talking about Buffy's life here. Don't you care about that?"

"Yes, I do, but—"

"But nothing. I gave Angel his soul back twice, I brought Buffy back from the dead…maybe twice, I believe I can stop her from dying again." She looked at the twins. "Angel's kid, his wife, his decision."

Angel sighed. "If you think you can do it…"

"Trust me, I can."

"And you're sure that's the only way either of them will survive?"


Angel considered. "Then I guess we have no choice."

Willow smiled. "Appreciate your enthusiasm."

Angela half-smiled. "Get in there."

Willow nodded and went to do the spell. She started rummaging through her spell bag as she walked down the hall.

A doctor walked up to her. "Hey, you can't go in there—"

She punched him to knock him out. Once she was sure no one had seen, she raced into the room. She looked at her best friend, basically unconscious on the hospital bed. She sighed. "Hey, Buffy." She walked over there, taking her hand. "I hate seeing someone like you all weak like this. And I know how much you hate hospitals." She sighed again and starting pulling stuff out of her bag. Finally, she had what she needed.

The others finally came in.

They found the spell running around the room in a glowing mist, taking all the energy from the lights. The spell seeped into Buffy and began to run through her. It seemed to be battling inside her, caging another magic within. And that's exactly what it was doing. It finally clustered around her abdomen. The shape of the baby inside could be seen clearly, traced by the glow encircling it and protecting it from the rest of the magic. It seemed to go on for hours before finally the mist faded and came out, rushing back to its conjurer.

Willow held up a black light in the bottle. "Essence of Slayer." She tossed it at Spike, who caught it perfectly. "Better save that somewhere secure, we may need it one day."

Suddenly, the heart monitor Buffy was linked to slowed down to a normal pace and her temperature appeared to drop about three degrees.

Willow smiled. "It's working!"

Buffy opened her eyes and looked at her. "Will?"

"I'm right here, Buff."

Angel walked up.

Buffy smiled. Suddenly, she grabbed her stomach and screamed. And the heart monitor shot up.

Willow registered immediately what was happening. She raced out of the hall. "Somebody get a doctor!"

The doctor she'd knocked out got up. "You hit me!"

"We'll deal with that later! It wasn't pre-eclempsia, she's getting seriously premature contractions!"

"OK, OK, just calm down—"


"ALRIGHT!" He pushed her aside, heading into the room and calling the nurses.

"What do we do?!" Willow panicked, grabbing her hair as Giles came up to her and the others followed.

"I'm not sure there's anything we can do," Giles said, "We aren't exactly gynecologists."

Angel just waited for them to carry Buffy out of the room and off towards the delivery room. As soon as she was headed that way, he quickly followed.

The others were force to pace around the waiting room again, with nothing but Angel's occasional telepathic messages to let them know how things were going. But they all knew the odds weren't in their favor. Buffy was without her Slayer strength for the first times in ten years. She'd been beaten and battered near every night so she wasn't exactly in the best shape. She'd been weakened, strained, probably already losing blood for hours.

And then there was the fact that the child coming out was only halfway through a full pregnancy. Chances were bad enough for a preemie born four weeks too early, let alone four months.

They waited in panicking fright for hours and hours, essentially beginning to worry that they were waiting to hear how Buffy had died.

Twelve hours later…

"Willow, wake up."

Willow shook herself off, forcing herself to sit up again. "What?"

Angel was there. Smiling. "There's someone you guys need to meet."

Willow only needed a moment to figure out what had happened. She quickly jumped to her feet and followed him off. "What happened? The kid's too little—"

"Which is why the doctors are calling it a miracle. But I think we know better." He smirked. "Kid's as resilient as a Slayer."

Willow instantly brightened exponentially. The kid has the strength of both its parents. They hadn't even been factoring that into their worries. This child really was a bigger deal than Connor.

They finally came to the room.

Buffy lay in the bed, holding a bundle in a blanket. She smiled. "Will."

Willow obeyed, coming in first. She knelt down by the bed, gently moving the blanket to look at the sleeping child's face. "Already as beautiful as mom and dad."

Buffy smirked.

"Boy or girl?"

Buffy smiled again as Angel took her side. "Girl. Giselle Renee Summers."

Summer leaned against the door frame, looking in at the baby. "My aunt and my cousin." She smiled. Then she looked at Willow as she came over and let the others start to load in. "I wanna grow up with her."

Willow looked at her. "I can't exactly rewind time—"

"Can you at least make me look like a kid?"

Willow thought that over. "Well, you are a kid so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch." She sighed. "A glamour mixed with your willingness should be as close to the real thing as I can come. I'll work something out. For you. I promise."

Summer smiled.

Buffy then looked at Giles as he took the seat by her bed. "Mind explaining how this 'miracle' went down?"

Giles sighed, exchanging looks with Angel. When he received a nod, he gently explained to Buffy all that had happened since her collapse on the roof of Buckingham.

Buffy sighed. "So I'm not the Slayer anymore?"

Angel sighed sadly, shaking his head.

But Buffy simply turned her gaze back to the newborn child asleep in her arms. She smiled, tears in her eyes, and held the baby girl named Giselle closer. "It was worth it."


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