Soooo I made a thing. Popped in my head before I went to sleep last night. This is the result of all my ideas jumbled into one big...thing (no pun intended you pervs xD)

Sonic blinked.

"So let me get this straight…"

"UGH!" Eggman threw his hands up and huffed. "Fine!"

Sonic smiled and continued, "You think by kidnapping me, your problems will be solved and you can build your EggPire or whatever?"


Sonic shrugged, completely at ease, although he was tied to a chair. "And you don't think my friends will come and save me?"

"Ah, but that is where you are wrong, Sonic! Because we are in an uncharted location, meaning that not even your smart fox can figure out where you are!"

"You do realize that we're also in your EggFleet. Which means that we're in the air."

"That doesn't matter!"

Sonic smirked. "I think it does."

"Oh yeah? Then how so, Mr. Smart-aleck? Tell me, is your little girlfriend gonna switch things around and come save the day?"

"In case you haven't noticed, my 'little girlfriend' is pretty crazy," Sonic said while nodding.

"AHA! So you do admit that Amy Rose is your girlfriend!"

Sonic rolled his eyes, although his heart did jump in the slightest. "Amy is not my girlfriend."

"But you just said it!"

"I know, but you coulda heard the air quotations in my voice. If my hands weren't tied behind this chair, hint hint, then I coulda put 'air quotes'." He wagged his eyebrows. "How 'bout it, Big Guy?"

"Nice try, Hedgehog." Eggman frowned at his nemesis.

Sonic shrugged again. "Worth a shot."

"If Little Miss Rose isn't your girlfriend, then what's that you're wearing?" Eggman jabbed a fat gloved finger at Sonic's wrist, where a shell bracelet hung downwards from his wrist, half of it gone; the rest was tied together by a black band.

"A bracelet?" Sonic answered with a confused look. "Honestly, Ivo, where have you been? Hiding under a rock?"

Eggman growled and Sonic grinned.

"If you must know, yes, Amy gave it to me a few years ago. For luck," Sonic continued. "It's your fault half if it is missing, but hey. It works."

Eggman's eye twitched. "I bet."

Now I know I should have kidnapped the girl.


Eggman jumped, eyes shooting to the door. "What was that?"

Sonic smiled his famous, cocky grin. "Taking a guess here…I think that's probably my 'little girlfriend'. I could be wrong…" he added innocently.

"LET. ME. IN!" A female voice shrieked with each bang, and Eggman cowered backwards.

"Yep, that's her," said Sonic casually, closing his eyes as the door gave way and flew across the room, ducking his head.

Sonic lifted his head and smiled at who was standing in the empty doorway, panting heavily while holding her Piko Piko Hammer. A pretty pink hedgehog with long quills and fierce jade green eyes, her red dress now replaced with a cropped and sleeveless denim jacket and a pink fitted tube dress with black stripes, her red boots replaced with strappy mint green wedges, took a moment to catch her breath until her eyes met his.

A smile broke across her face. "Sonic!" She put her wrist to her lips and exclaimed, "Tails, I found him! Lock onto my coordinates!"

"Already on it!" Tails's voice said before they all heard a plane's engine from up above.

"You!" Eggman snarled. "Security breach!"

"Hacked!" Tails's voice came through the speakers in the room, and Eggman groaned.

"Hey, Ames," Sonic greeted as she ran to him. "Help me out, will ya?"

Amy hastily untied his hands and as soon as he was free, Sonic sprung from his bindings; Eggman retreated another step in rising panic.

"Thanks," Sonic said, rubbing his wrists, and Amy giggled.


The ceiling began to cave in, Sonic and Amy leaping out of the way. There, sitting in the Tornado with a grin on his face, was Miles "Tails" Prower himself.

"Hey, buddy!" Sonic waved.

"Sonic!" The younger teen waved back.

"Came just in time!" Sonic and Amy ran to the plane, Sonic helping Amy up before he hopped on the top wing.

"NOOOO!" Eggman roared in protest as the Tornado started up, stirring up papers and dust.

"See ya later, Egghead!" Sonic waved as Eggman moved to gather up his things. A folder was spotted, catching the Blue Blur's attention and in a flash, he was there before Eggman could get it. "Forgot something. You don't mind if I borrow this, do ya?"



Eggman growled strings of profanities under his breath as he watched the three heroes fly away.

"Stupid Sonic," the villain muttered. "Always ruining my plans. And he took something of mine that's very top secret!" He rubbed his chin in thought as he walked around the room, smiling evilly when a light bulb went off in his head. He crossed the room, pulling out a drawer, and pulled out a manila folder. "Little do he and his friends know that I have a copy…Hohohohoho!"

"Project Maria, huh?" Knuckles lowered the folder, purple eyes narrowing. "What's this about?"

"Beats me," Sonic said with a shrug, earning daggers from his other best friend as he lounged on the Master Emerald. "Which is why I called Shadow. He might know something, since I hear him moan about someone named 'Maria' in his sleep."

"How do you know he talks in his sleep?" Tails asked.

Sonic smirked. "Let's just say I tend to 'drop by' while the Shadster is still sleeping." His phone buzzed and he took it out of his jeans.

[To: Sonic]

[Received From: The Shadster]

Project Maria?

[To: The Shadster]

[Received From: Sonic]

Yepperoo! Me Tails and Knux are at Angel Island if you wanna come over and c 4 yourself

[To: Sonic]

[Received From: The Shadster]

Alright. I'm on my way.

And I hate you for labeling me under 'The Shadster' in your phone.

Sonic grinned.

"Well?" said Knuckles.

"Shadow sends his love," said Sonic.

Gotta love Shadow xD