Alejandro's POV

Now I know what people mean by 'love's blind'.

I told her everything. I opened up my heart to her and she betrayed me. How could she? After everything we've been through. And the worst part is that I still love her more than everything. My whole life, I've been looking for love. When I watched the first episode of Total Drama Island and I saw Heather first appearing, I felt something. It was like love at first sight. I watched every episode of the first two seasons because of her. Every time something bad happened to her, I wanted to comfort her, even though I didn't knew her. I found her beautiful in every way and in every time, even when she got bald. Then, I made the audition to get in the third season, only to meet her. And when I thought she felt the same way I feel about her, she backstabbed me. Now, every time I stand up or move, I feel the pain of the scars the burns let on my body. Yeah, I've been through two weeks of burns treatment in the hospital since I came back from the World Tour.

This is my first day out of the hospital, and I'll attend a new school, Hollywood High. I entered in a site that is kind of about the school. More like a blog, actually. Yeah, it's a blog. Leo's blog. That's just great, there's a guy like Sierra in this school. It seems he already know I'll attend that school, his latest update was about a new student coming who will cause a lot of drama.

I turned off my laptop and turned on the TV. Mierda. Total Drama is on screen. Right in the episode where Heather got stuck under that rock and I saved her. I smiled at the thought of Heather in my arms. Somehow seeing Heather relieves the pain caused by the burns and makes me happy.

Suddenly, my older and better looking brother José came into my room, where I was standing. He saw me watching Total Drama and of course he started laughing. Damn it! I forgot to lock the door.

"Al, you're even more ridiculous than I thought, if that's even possible. You really think that she loved you right Al? Own, my baby brother really think any hot girl would ever love him? That's so pathetic" José said as he laughed. I rolled my eyes "what do you want?" I asked him. "Mama told me to give you your uniform" he said still laughing as he tossed me a blue and black uniform.

Again, I'll be the new kid. It's always the same. Ugly girls flirting with me, king/queen bees making fun of me and people glaring at me while I pass by. José got out of my room and I put on my uniform. I walked towards my car and drove to Hollywood High, my new school.

I just hope no one there watched Total Drama

Again, I rewrote this chapter and I'll do the same to the others. Hope you like my rewrites