This story came to me in the oddest of places, on a family vacation with my in-laws. It's been brewing since last August and since we're leaving for that vacation again soon, I felt it was important to let Motoward out of his cage. Enjoy.

Ride or Die

Chapter 1 Prologue:

Aro's sickly, white palms lay flat on the silky sheen of the oak desk and he gives me a look of death. It startles me, I'll admit, but I keep a calm exterior. Besides, I knew damn well who I was going into business with when all this shit went down. It didn't take me long to discover what kind of person Aro was, but Mom needed some financial help, and I wasn't going to leave her hanging.

I could never do that to her. She's my mom. Besides riding, there isn't much more left in my world that I care about.

It isn't a shock that he's trying to use scare tactics on me now. Nah, I've been around long enough to know exactly what Aro's like. And to be honest, when he called this meeting, I was expecting this from him.

I run my hand through my short hair, scrub my scalp and take a deep breath. I'm tired of this foolish nonsense, and as soon as the season is done I'm out. Maybe not with racing, but with Aro's bullshit, at the very least.

"You have five months left, Cullen. That's not a long time. Your payment will be due in full at the end of the season, and if you can't make it. Well…" Aro says and looks to his left at some piece of meat hired to be his muscle.

The muscle stands there and glares. I can almost hear him growl. But it doesn't bother me.

I understand the threat just fine. I need to get out there and win, there's no doubt about that. Not just for the sack of shit sitting behind the desk, but also for myself. I can't help it, I'm competitive. I like to win.

I nod tightly, not giving way to any of his intimidation tactics. There's no need for that shit.

Aro's blue eyes refocus on me as I stand. I'm not about to sit around and take this from him. I understand I'm under a contract. I understand the need to win, and what the consequences are if I don't. His muscle stirs, but I don't even flinch. Aro waves the guy down, clearing his throat.

"And second place isn't going to pay off that debt, Cullen…"

"Don't I know it," I grit out, turning and leaving. I slam the door behind me, ruffling some shit he has hanging on the wall, but I don't care.

I have to focus; I have a job to do.

As usual, MC has lovingly dedicated her time to this and will be joining me on this adventure.

This baby is still a WIP even though Motoward has been speaking volumes to me.

And with how crazy mine and MC's summers are normally, I'm not laying down a posting schedule until the middle of September. But I will drop off what I've got, when I've got it.

I love you guys and am glad to be back with something new.