Title: Molly Hooper : Devoured and Adored

Rating: A BIG OLE M! (This one is going to be naughty)

Author: Ambur D.

Notes: This is my first attempt at an Omega verse. I don't know that much about it, but I wanted to try. I hope you enjoy this.

Molly slammed the door to her flat sliding down onto the floor as she did so. She could feel her face burning with her mortification. Her respiration was labored from the effort she had just put out running from the morgue at St. Bart's all the way to her flat which was quite a distance for someone with such short legs. She could still see the stunned expression on John's, Greg's, and worst of all…Sherlock's face. She had been so mortified that she did not notice the expression that came over Sherlock's face after his initial shock.

Molly began to wonder how hard it would be to find another job. There was no way she could go back to St. Bart's and face Sherlock again. She didn't even think she could live through the embarrassment of seeing John and Greg again, although they would be kind enough to act as if this had never happened.

Molly felt as if she would explode from the turmoil inside of her and her lungs still burned trying to suck in as much oxygen as possible from her sprint form the morgue.

She knew that one day, what she had tried so desperately to hide, would come back to haunt her. She should have known that she wouldn't be able to hide it forever. Not only was her secret out, but now everyone knew she had lied about it.

Molly Hooper was not a Beta. She was in fact an Omega who had the unfortunate luck to go into a heat cycle, a most powerful and potent heat cycle in the room with three Alphas. At first, she had thought perhaps she was just coming down with something. Her skin became flushed rather quickly and she had felt a bit under the weather, but when she had turned back around to show the three men her report and her findings, her breath caught in her throat as all three of them stared at her with smoldering eyes and the most intense expressions that she had ever seen.

She instinctively backed away, the worst possible thing a ripe Omega could do in the presence of three Alpha males. Instinctively, they stepped forward following her. Molly could feel the panic in her chest began to well and she struggled to control her breathing which had become erratic from both her fear and her excitement.

Molly had always hidden the fact that she was an Omega. She hadn't even known she was an Omega until she was almost 18 years old. Three months before her 18th birthday, Molly was hit with a fierce heat cycle that frightened her terribly. Her mother had died when she was 13 years old and her father had never been comfortable explaining the differences between the alphas, omegas, and betas. He believed that he didn't need to since he thought she was a Beta as she had yet to experience a heat cycle.

He was an Alpha and her mother an Omega and both of her parents had assumed she would take after one of them, but when nothing happened which she began to experience puberty, it was assumed she was a Beta after all.

However, when she entered her first heat cycle at 17 years old, her father was afraid something was wrong with her since it happened so late in her life and took her to hospital immediately. After sedating Molly who was overcome with desires and feelings she didn't understand, the doctor had tests run and informed Mr. Hooper that his child was indeed an Omega. Due to her small stature and her athleticism, running and gymnastics, Molly was underweight for her age. Her heat cycle, like her menstruation cycles, had simply started much later in her life. She was a perfectly healthy and normal 17 year old Omega.

And to Molly's mortification, her father and very male doctor, both Alphas, explained to Molly what it meant to be an Omega. Her father, not quite able to explain the knotting, left that up to the doctor, who explained it so clinically to Molly, it horrified her to think of it happening to her.

Afterwards, both the doctor and her father left the room and a female Omega nurse was sent in to help Molly with any further questions. Molly was miserable as she felt the wetness coating her inner thighs and humiliating her even more. The nurse tried to explain to her what she could do to relieve herself from the feelings she was having, but Molly was nowhere near ready to try sex with someone. The nurse suggested using a toy but she did not want to lose her virginity to a piece of rubber and plastic.

So Molly suffered through her first heat with the use of her own hand and a mild sedative. The doctor also gave her a medication that was supposed to help suppress the urges that a heat would cause. It helped Molly a little, and as she got older, though her heat cycles were miserable…absolutely miserable, she managed to keep them under semi control and go on about her life.

Molly had discovered that a new drug was to become available soon. It was supposed to help Omegas alter their heat cycle should they wish too. Molly had been one of the first people to volunteer for the drug in hopes of stifling these urges and cycles.

Though it hadn't been her father's intentions, the discomfort he experienced at discussing such things with Molly had made her think something was wrong with being an Omega and having these cycles.

Molly was roused from her mortifying walk down memory lane by a knock at her door.

"Molly, open the door." Sherlock said through her door.

Molly's hand clamped over her mouth and she scooted away from the door, trying to make as little noise as possible.

She could hear his sigh of annoyance through her door. "Molly, this is ridiculous. Let me in. I can smell you Molly. Let me in so that I can devour you."

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