The Aftermath of the Lucifractor

Ethan's POV

I woke up feeling dizzy and disoriented. I looked around at my surroundings and saw that I was in my bed room. Sarah was sitting at my bedside holding my hand.

"Sarah, what happened?" Ethan asked

"Your plan worked, we did it Ethan we saved Whitechapel!" Sarah said excited

"What happened to Stern?" Ethan asked

"He was destroyed, the Lucifractor had way more power then he could handle. We made it outside of Whitechapel before the Lucifractor could take affect" Sarah said.

"Where's Benny?" Ethan asked

"Benny went home to check on his grandma, he'll be back." Sarah said.

"And what about Jesse? Where did he go?" Ethan asked.

Sarah had an expression on her face that said she had no idea. Sure enough, Ethan was right.

"I don't know" Sarah said. After you collapsed me and Benny tried to wake you up but you were really out of it. When me and Benny turned around Jesse was gone."

"That's really weird, do you think he's planning something sinister?" Ethan asked.

"He might be, we have to find him, he's got to be somewhere in town!" Sarah said in a angry voice.

"Sarah we-"

"No Ethan, I don't care if he did help us defeat Stern, that doesn't change all the horrible things he's done to us in the past! He ruined my life by turning me in a vampire, thanks to him I'm going to be 17 years old forever, and more importantly he almost turned you into a vampire! I will never forgive him for that!" I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you."

"That's exactly how I feel about you" Ethan said softly while blushing. "I really care about you Sarah, ever since that day we first met in the school cafeteria when I spilled my lunch on you. Every day from the time we first met my feelings for you grow stronger" Ethan confessed.