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Letty led Dom up the stairs, her hand tightly in his as they walked up the staircase together. Letty ignored the obvious stares from the number of racer chasers that were glaring in her direction as they wished to be the one that held Dom's hand. Letty smirked slightly before shutting them out of her brain and returning to the current situation.

The hallway was dark, shadows covered the floor and Dom fished into his pocket for the bedroom door key, his hand fumbling inside of his front pant pocket as he tried not to let Letty distract him. Dom pulled out the key with a triumphant grin and inserted into the lock that was half way down the bedroom door.

It had become apparent to Team Toretto that all bedroom doors had to locked during an earlier party. All the bedrooms had locks in the first place but they were never locked until Dom and Letty found two strangers going at it in their bed. It was then that everybody started to lock the doors, only leaving open the bathroom door, for obvious reasons.

Dom pushed open the door and led Letty inside before slamming shut the door, his face showing that he had never been happier for the loud music that was plummeting off the walls downstairs. Dom turned to Letty and gave her a wicked smile before slowly approaching her, his hands stretched out, inviting her to join him.

"Nu uh papa, you owe me"

"Do I?"

"Yep, you owe me a nice long massage"

The words dripped off Letty's tongue and sent Dom's body into overload, his eyes growing dark from lust as Letty full on teased him.

"And why do you think that?"

"You came in late"

"Cops were on my tail"

"Should have drove faster"

"Already dropped my car off"

"Should have run faster home, back to me"

"Ran as fast as I could"

"Don't take you three hours"

"Ended up at Tran's"

"That's some bad shit Dom"

"Uh huh"

"So where were we?"

Dom chuckled at Letty's ability to change the subject with a drop of a hat. Her eyes were suggestive but also told him that nothing was happening until she got her massage. Dom dropped his shoulders in defeat, his tactic to deflect Letty off her massage obviously not working and he refrained from ripping her clothes off.

"You can undress me now"

Letty was standing with her hands on her hips, her eyebrows raised as she waved her hands in front of her, telling Dom to hurry the hell up. Dom ran his hands down Letty's arms and she jumped back shrieking at the coldness of his fingers.

"Jesus Dom"

"Not Jesus, I'm God"

"You're cocky"


"There's a difference, I know"

"I'm in charge here"

"Of course papa"

Dom re ran his fingers down Letty's arms and settled on her top, her green mesh top showing off her black bra. Letty moaned her head tilted back as her free hair swayed along her back, her fridge falling behind her ears. Dom took the holey material between his fingers and lifted it up Letty's frame, making sure to skim his fingers lightly over her stomach, teasing her as he drew small circles on her abdomen.

Dom ripped the shirt above Letty's head, her hair flying upwards as Dom threw the shirt to the ground leaving Letty in just a bra and skirt. Not to mention the boots. Dom ran his fingers on the inside of Letty's skirt and flicked his fingers against her skin in the tight fitting material. Dom shimmed his hands inside Letty's skirt and eased the clothing down, his eyes following as the skirt fell to the floor and pooled Letty's ankles.

Letty stepped out the skirt and her boots and walked towards Dom, her head high as she met his lips for a sweet kiss. The kiss turned harsh, passionate as Dom weaved his fingers into the roots of Letty's hair. Letty pulled back, trying to place an innocent smile on her face before failing miserably.

Dom picked Letty up by the waist and brought her over to the bed before he flipped her in his arms and laid her on her stomach. He unclipped her bra and let it fall lifelessly beside her. Dom grabbed the baby oil that had taken residence on their bedside table and squeezed it onto Letty's back, the liquid running down into her curves and onto the bedcovers.

Dom ran his large hands over Letty's back and massaged her skin, earning moans and sighs of satisfaction as he went. He made sure to dip into her curves and over her shoulder blades. Dom also went up to the nape of her neck, knowing from previous experience that it was a weak spot of hers.

Dom finished Letty's back before making his way down to her legs, grabbing the bottle of oil as he went. This time, Dom squeezed it onto his hand rather than her skin, rubbing his hands together to coat both palms before he attacked her legs. Dom ran his hands sensually over Letty's legs, making sure to reach right up to the top of her thighs and to the very bottom of her feet.

"Papa, you are so good at this"

"That's why you call me papa"

"Don't get cocky"


"Stay focussed"

Dom went back to rubbing Letty's legs before he hooked a finger inside her panties and pulled them down, shoving them harshly off the edge of her feet as Dom took in her naked body. He flipped her over so she was resting on her back. Dom massaged the front of her legs, knowing that he would have no chance until Letty was fully satisfied. Dom ran his hands over Letty's hips and ran his oily fingers over her stomach before moving up to her breasts, cupping them in his hands.

Dom kneaded the skin, his eyes fixed on hers as he massaged her body. Dom dipped his head and took Letty's right nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it before biting his teeth down gently. Letty arched her back towards Dom and moaned softly, a smile of triumphant overcoming Dom's face as he switched to the other breast.

Dom did the same on the left breast before making his way up to Letty's mouth and kissing her lips, running his tongue along her bottom lips asking for access. Letty opened her lips and granted his wish, his tongue sliding in with ease and he soon started to explore her mouth like he had done many times before.

Letty moaned lightly, her eyes fluttering closed as she leant her head back onto the bed sheets. Letty decided to play dirty and flipped Dom over, taking him by surprise as his mouth dropped open before curving into a smile. Letty looked into his eyes and raised her eyebrow before ducking her head and rejoining their lips. Dom moved his lips against hers, a frown crossing his face as Letty pulled away.

"What you doing?"

"Hmm, I think I've had my massage now"

Letty stood up and walked away, picking up one of Dom's discarded shirt from a few nights ago and throwing it over her head. She then slipped on her panties and approached the door. Dom leapt from his position on the bed and grabbed Letty around the waist, pulling her back towards hi.

"I haven't finished yet"

"Let the games begin"

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