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Dom pulled Letty close to his chest and turned her round in his arms, so her face was facing his. Dom ran his fingers down the side of her face before curling them under her chin and tilting it upwards. Dom attacked Letty's lips with his own and tangled his hands in her hair, making sure to still have his hold on her.

Dom leant Letty back and secured an arm around her waist, gaining the leverage to move from her lips and onto her neck. Dom licked and suckled at the skin and Letty moaned instantly with a building pleasure. Letty rubbed her foot up and down Dom's leg and he hoisted her up to his waist, her feet interlocking behind his back.

Dom fiddled with the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over Letty's head, smiling into her skin as her bare breasts came into his vision. Dom moved his lips down and licked Letty's nipple, her backing arching in anticipation. He then clasped his lips around the nipple and sucked gently, Letty's moans filling the room only covered by the loud music pounding from downstairs.

Dom used his hand to massage the other breast, making sure to dip his fingers in the crease underneath her breast. Dom moved his lips to the other nipple and his hand swapped over to the previously pleasured tits, Letty's moans becoming louder and louder through each passing moment.

Dom trailed his hand down Letty's waist and slipped down the curve, his fingers dancing lightly over the skin. His eyes were fixed on the bare flesh over her hips and his mouth moved from her nipple to her stomach, his tongue softly connecting with the skin, sending Letty's body into writhers and squirms.

Dom's growing bulge stretched achingly in his pants and he found his hand travelling down to his zipper to relieve it. Letty's hand caught Dom's and over took his journey, her hand travelling south faster than his. Letty's hand traced flyer and she teasingly opened the zip, lowering it down slowly as she went.

Once the flyer was fully undone, Letty undid the top button on Dom's pants and slid them down to the ground, Dom lifting up his leg to free them from his skin. Dom was still restricted by his boxers so Letty reached inside of the material and freed his throbbing erection. His member sprung into Letty's hand and lay on her palm, her fingers lightly stroking the under shaft.

Dom grabbed Letty's hand from under him and used it to push down his boxers, her knees clicking as the boxers fell to the floor and Dom stepped out of them. Dom hooked his finger inside Letty's panties and smiled wickedly, his eyes sparkling with mischief as he wriggled around in the material.

Dom ran his finger lightly over the front part of Letty's skin before torturously sliding the panties down Letty's legs, his knees weakening at the heightening pleasure that was overcoming her. Letty was now completely naked and Dom only had a t-shirt on. Letty harshly whipped the t-shirt over Dom's head and flung it somewhere in the room, anywhere as long as it was away from his gorgeous body.

They were both now naked in the middle of the room and they were both looking at their partner's figures in appreciation. Letty lowered herself down to a squat and she took Dom's dick in her hands, stroking lightly, teasing him as his apparent opinion on the situation became clear. His moans were satisfying at Letty began to add a little pressure, smiling to herself as Dom seemed to lose himself in the moment.

Letty moved her head towards Dom's shaft and wrapped her lips around the tip, sucking lightly as Dom tangled his hands in her hair, pushing her closer. Letty slowly took more and more of him in her mouth, the cock filling her fully and rubbing against the back of her throat. Letty slowly moved her lips off Dom's shaft, releasing him before taking him again.

His hands had a tight grip on the roots of her hair and were pulling harshly to the point of pain. Letty wriggled her head to relieve her head of the pressure and Dom released his fingers, realising the hurt he was placing on Letty. Dom started to mutter the first half of an apology but the rest was left hanging in the air as Letty sucked hard, her plump wrapped around him as her hands rested on his thighs for balance.

Dom gripped his hands on Letty's shoulders and pulled her up to his full height and attacked her lips, tasting himself on the her plump mouth. His tongue snaked into her mouth and her own tongue fought back, rubbing against Dom's with sensuality and passion.

Letty's eyes fluttered closed at she immersed herself in the pleasure of the kiss. Dom backed Letty onto the bed and hovered over her, planting kisses all over her Hispanic skin. His lips moved down her body and soon he was kissing the inside of her thighs. Letty bucked her hips in the air, her centre begging for friction.

Dom held down her hips with his hands and grinned softly before attacking her core with his tongue. Letty shook with pleasure, her hips pushing past the boundaries that Dom had placed against her body. Dom could tell that Letty was close, her core was throbbing and Dom's erection was becoming larger than ever.

Dom moved himself above Letty and placed his lips onto hers, giving her the opportunity to taste herself on his skin. Letty indulged the flavour and inhaled and sucked up every last taste. Dom positioned himself in front of Letty, much to her satisfaction, and looked straight into her lustful eyes and entered her, the connection burning through both of them as Dom thrust in and out.

Letty's eyes rolled upwards as intense pleasure filled her, her juices flowing out and coating Dom's member with her orgasm. Shortly after Dom followed Letty and collapsed beside in exhaustion.

Dom ran his fingers gently over Letty's bare stomach and she rolled over to rest her head on his chest. Dom rolled Letty over so he was hovering over her and raised an eyebrow suggestively. Letty smirked in knowing response before lifting her head to meet him for a kiss.

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