Chapter 120

13 Years Later

"Hey, Harry! Come on, let's get going!" Fred called out to his best friend, getting impatient, well, not just him but the four kids were getting ready to cry too. He had tried his best to get Harry out of the manor today, first by suggesting the play park - which Harry had commemorated - truthfully, he had learned to use his fame for what he wanted, it had always been there he'd just gotten better at handling the public. He was quite sneaky when he wanted to be, well, he knew that but seeing him in action was quite something else. Harry rarely had subtle bone in his body, it just wasn't who he was. He was straightforward and blunt to a point.

"Park! Now!" Gideon complained, with his fiery red hair and mischievous brown eyes he looked every inch his father's son.

"Hey, none of that!" Harry stated as he walked into the room, giving Gideon a look. "Unless you want to go without us?" he added, knowing Gideon wouldn't want to go without his 'Uncle Harry' and his cousin - Malachi Sebastian Severus Potter-Snape - usually called Mali by his 'cousins' who were too young to get around his tongue-twister of a name.

Gideon's scowl and pout disappeared before he vehemently shook his head, brown eyes wide and sincere. "No!" he added as if his shaking head was somehow not enough. Despite his sometimes-stern demeanour, Gideon absolutely loved his Uncle Harry. Although his Uncle George was his favourite. Uncle Bill though was the coolest Uncle ever. Uncle Percy though was boring, the most boring Uncle that ever existed.

Fred's lips twitched at the sight of his four-year-old behaving, at least he'd curtailed the oncoming temper tantrum. Angelina- George's wife - had said she wanted to marry him the first time she saw Harry successfully stop a temper tantrum in the works with Fabian - George's son - who was by far the most rambunctious of the four kids that the men were currently responsible for. He was most assuredly George's son; his daughter Angel though was the opposite and very quiet when they were compared.

"Uncle Harry?" Angel yanked on Harry's trousers, blue eyes staring inquisitively up at said wizard, her red hair pulled up in a braid today.

"What is it sweetheart?" Harry asked, his green eyes softening considerably as he stared at the three-year-old with affection. She and Gideon were his god children, just like Fred, George and their wives were Malachi's godparents. They had it written immediately, if anything happened to them, their son would have been without a guardian. The last thing Harry ever wanted was a child of his going to the Dursley's, or rather Dudley Dursley really. It was a thing of nightmares to Harry, who ensured his child's wellbeing. Both by making them godfather and also magical guardians in the will.

"'Appy birfday!" Angel said sweetly, her shy nature showing through.

Harry hoisted the girl onto his hip, his heart expanding almost painfully. He rarely looked back at the past, but there were moments when he was hit with it like a ton of bricks. Usually quiet moments during special occasions when it was just him and Sev. Then more often after Malachi was born, out of nowhere he'd just stare at his son equal parts wonder and pain. Merlin, when he'd first been born Harry had been beyond terrified. It had taken Severus weeks to be able to coax Harry into holding him. The trauma in his past had taken those first two weeks from him. He had felt undeserving, terrified he'd do something wrong, hurt him, if not by accident but by holding him. The last child he'd let in had died in the street, in his arms. With Severus' patient coaxing there had been no stopping him.

He'd then taken to fatherhood like he was meant to be a father. Considering he had absolutely no positive influence, Severus constantly expressed his awe at his patience and understanding as any good Dom did. Especially when Malachi had reached two. Their son quickly came to the realisation that he got absolutely no attention when he was being naughty, and worse he had to stand in a corner which was boring. Harry had helped his son express his emotions in a more creative way. Neither Severus or Harry wanted Malachi suppressing his emotions, which were all new to him, as it was with all children, they just didn't know how to express them which made them frustrated and quite angry.

"Alright then, let's get going," Harry sighed dramatically, as if it was a chore and burden that he was having to venture outside. Well, he did hate it, even after fourteen years in total of being known, watched and revered Harry still preferred avoiding the public at any cost.

Fred and George just looked at each other in amusement before they all gathered everything they'd need for the day out and apparated to the park.

As soon as the kids were set on their feet, they were blasting off, running towards the swings at break neck speed. Angel, the youngest of them all, beating them, she was very fast.

"How are the new products fairing?" Harry asked as he wandered up to the benches and sat down, keeping a direct eye on the kids, who had decided to go on the roundabout. Unsurprisingly with the creation of the Hogwarts castle, it had become more than just a joke shop. Oh, it was still its primary focus, but there were shelves dedicated to toddlers and young children. Toy figures of famous wizards, figures with different House uniforms on, castles, Hagrid's hut, the lake, trees, they even had miniature trains sets for the Hogwarts Express on it along with Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

Their newest creation was build your own, with animals, all magical in nature, outhouses, manors, houses, townhouses.

"The animals are flying off the shelves, especially the Hippogriff and Niffers," Fred shrugged, with how much money they had made. Worrying about how products would take off was a thing of the past. They wanted them to do good, of course, but it was different from financial burden. The snakes which could hiss in Parseltongue though were not doing as well naturally.

"Are you even listening?" Fred asked him after a few seconds, gaze following Harry's who was glaring at a wizard who was standing nearby. "Harry?" he called a little louder.

"You're going to make him wet himself," George said, nudging Harry's arm with his, he didn't even twitch, thirteen years ago that would have been a different outcome. With kids constantly touching Harry, he'd had to learn to reign his automatic reflex.

"Good," Harry said, extremely suspicious of him.

"He's just a guy keeping an eye on his kid," Fred pointed out, rolling his eyes at Harry's paranoia, which by the way hadn't diminished as the years wore on.

Harry snorted, "If you say so," his instincts did not steer him wrong, ever.

"Are you going back to teaching now the summer holidays is through?" George asked, during the 'summer months' Harry worked with Gringotts, going all over the place, he'd been all over the world, he would do what he was asked to then spend a week or two playing the tourist except if it was places he'd already been. The whole family went, they returned to Potter manor though, more often since having Malachi who loved the holidays but wanted to see his friends or rather 'cousins' as they all called them.

Harry was very sought after by the pureblood circles, they would do anything to have Harry teach their children. Especially when it became clear that training young led to the capability of Wandless magic. They didn't want to miss giving their children the best education they could. Especially after it became clear after one gets a wand, it isn't as easy to learn to harness your magic without it. So, before the age of eleven was must.

Harry only worked with students eight months out of the year, and he never accepted a class bigger than ten students at a time. Not because he didn't want to, but because they had paid, and they deserved their child to be educated properly. Not something Harry would be able to do if he had so many pupils to deal with. He also only worked from 12-4, Severus worked mornings while Harry looked after their son, then switched roles. They both worked 'part-time' so to speak.

"Yeah, is Angelina giving my suggestion serious thought?" Harry asked, turning to face George. It was his wife after all, and he would know whether she was seriously considering it or not.

"Hell, if I know," George admitted, his brow furrowed, "She's been quiet, so I reckon she's giving it some consideration." Angelina didn't need to work, she wanted to though, he made enough money for them to be more than comfortable. During dinner yesterday, Harry came out with a blunt suggestion, as he always did. To create a nursery so that mothers – who desperately needed it could return to work – and she could work, earn money and be with the kids.

"It's a clever idea," Fred agreed, watching as the wizard Harry had been suspicious of Apparate away on his own. He'd need to give a description to the Aurors' it looks like Harry may have been right. Not that he was going to tell him that, the bloody arse probably already knew. "We can set something like this up on the property for them, learn their ABC's and Latin for beginners." Something Katie - his wife, who he had married three years ago, after getting to know her better at his brother's wedding and began dating – had suggested quite eagerly. Katie Bell and Angelina had been best friends since they entered Hogwarts. No doubt both of them were talking about it today while they set everything up.

"Those ideas didn't hurt, did they?" Harry taunted him, green eyes gleaming wickedly.

"Prat," Fred muttered shaking his head.

Harry and George laughed at him, before Harry glanced in the kids' direction, relaxing when he saw them playing on the slide quite happily. Oh, they squabbled like hell sometimes, kids being kids, got into fights and declared they didn't want to be 'friends' anymore. To Harry it was hilarious, seeing that, but it was just another thing he hadn't experienced growing up. Especially when they were sobbing for each other after twenty minutes.

"DAAAADDD! Can we go home and play in the pool?" Malachi begged as he barged towards his uncles and dad. His dad had awesomely had a pool built on the grounds of Potter Manor, their home. It was the bestest thing ever, he couldn't go in when his dads weren't there though. He'd tried, for all he got out of it, he'd just walked over the water as if it was solid ground. He'd pouted for weeks after that.

"Er…why don't you go and play for a while more?" George suggested, pulling out the ultimate bribe, "Here, give one to each of you, we can go back in a little while." Giving over four bars of Honeydukes chocolate from his bag. It still amazed him just how much like Harry and Severus Mali looked, certain ways he looked at you it was like one of them was staring back. Nobody understood how on earth Harry got pregnant with Mali, the only explanation was that unconsciously Harry had wanted a child. Which didn't seem likely, considering the rocky start. It had given Severus ideas though, and last year he had brought out a potion that enabled same sex couples to conceive. Well male couples anyway, it isn't so easy for the females obviously. Not that there were a high amount same sex couples in the UK. It was more popular abroad, where it sold expansively and expensively. Probably due to the amount of Pureblood's who'd had it ingrained since birth that they were responsible for the next generation.

Perhaps that was something else destined to change in the magical world, Harry was…something else really. He had changed so much just by his presence in the magical world. Made everyone, absolutely everyone question everything they thought they knew. Harry hadn't immersed himself in the magical world, hadn't become one of the masses believing everything he read. He challenged it.

Merlin's balls, out of everyone it infuriated Hermione Granger to no end. Granger had a wildly competitive streak and often contradicted things Harry claimed or said. The magazines and newspapers found their profits soaring by indulging in it. Harry didn't go out of his way to indulge Granger, in fact he paid her absolutely no mind whatsoever. It was all instigated on her behalf, it had gotten her a job as a journalist, which to be fair when she wasn't deliberately trying to outdo Harry, she was half decent. Many of her articles were by now disproven, but she didn't give up. It was so ingrained to believe everything she read that she just couldn't understand Harry's beautiful mind. And what a beautiful mind it was, his ideas, belief's and magic…it was mind-blowing.

It was exactly what the stagnant magical world needed.

As predicted, Mali was easily distracted, he grabbed them with an excited thank you, he was off again.

"And why can't we head back?" Harry asked, eyeing George knowingly. "It doesn't take all that long to set up a surprise party now does it?"

"WHHAAAAAA…" George said, trying to look suitably shocked and confused, but he just couldn't hide his surprise.

Harry just snorted, "I wasn't born yesterday you know,"

"What do you mean?" Fred asked, staring at one of his best friends in confusion.

Harry grinned, apparently Fred was the better actor out of them both. "I'll kill Sev if it's a big one," he added sardonically. Fiddling with his collar absently, he hated being around people too long. His Dom knew this, and even though he just wanted Harry to experience everything he could. There were some things he just didn't want to entertain. A party was one of them, he was thirty-years old for god's sake, way too old for this shit. His Dom also wanted him to go out of his comfort zone more, to see how he coped, so he lived a full life.

He hated when Severus pulled the Dom card that way.

He just couldn't bring himself to let him down. So, he endured.

"It's not," Fred said quietly, patting his shoulder reassuringly. There were times when he forgot that Harry was broken in some ways, how could he not? For most part, Harry was like any normal dad, just with a beautiful mind. it was times like these when they saw him get nervous or angry to cover nerves that they were vividly reminded that not everything was the same for him as it was for others.

"Fred!" George whined, he'd just given it away.

Fred just shook his head, this wasn't the time for theatrics. "He knew," he added, rolling his eyes.

"Who's going to be there?" Harry asked, more like demanded really.

"Not sure exactly how many," Fred admitted, "Remus and Sirius are coming, along with Nix," Remus and Sirius had began dating, and had adopted a child and called him Phoenix Remus Black. In fact, he had been rescued off the street in the dead of the night by Harry. He'd sensed his magic and brought him into the magical world immediately. Remus had taken on Sirius' last name, ditching another reminder of his wolfishness. Nix was eight-years-old and growing well despite his horrific start. Harry got along with them alright, in short bursts, but mostly, Harry couldn't stand Sirius' childishness, as long as he behaved they could actually get on for more than half an hour. Nix was more grounded than Sirius and that was saying something.

"Great," Harry muttered under his breath, before he brightened up, "Means I can leave early," even his Dom wouldn't force him to endure Black and his utter childishness for longer than that.

"Minerva is coming, um…Flitwick, um…Moody…Bill and Fleur…no Ginny, don't worry, plus she's thirteen, she's out with her friends before School starts back up." Fred reassured Harry. Harry had only met Ginny three times, and each time shorter than the last. His sister…or niece rather…had never remembered her past, she grew up as a normal child no adult mind. Her grades were better than they had been her first time around. Just before Hogwarts started, Bill had sat her down and explained that her grandparents and Uncles weren't exactly her grandparents and Uncles, but her parents and brothers. Then that her sisters and brother weren't really her brother and sisters but her nieces and nephew. That something bad had happened and she was de-aged, and he had wanted to raise her. No matter how much Ginny begged and pleaded, dug into, she was never able to find out what this 'bad thing' was. Victoire, Dominique and Louis had accepted it with grace, which no doubt helped Ginny in the long run.

For him and George it had been odd to begin with, interacting with a toothless baby version of their sister. She'd grown up to look just the same, only she had white highlights in her hair. She wanted to look more like 'her mum' and sisters instead of her 'dad' hence the highlights. She still called them mum and dad, despite the news, this life was the only one she remembered. She'd had a good life, wanted for nothing, but was appropriately punished just like her sisters or brother if she did anything wrong. Now though, despite the fact she looked like their sister, they didn't regard her as such. She also had a rabid interest in animals, she spent a lot of time with the Care of Magical Creature professor, wanting to know everything. He wouldn't be surprised if she became a vet.

"Is that it?" Harry asked, relaxing fully well, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Oh, Ragnuk too!" George pointed out, he still didn't understand their odd friendship, but the goblin was rather funny in a twisted way. Gringotts had opened its own school, which had caused a lot of fuss, but in the end, they had to find a new way to harness their magic. Harry often commented that they were nuts wanting wands when they can use Wandless magic. Then Ragnuk would state that not all goblins had the capacity, hence why only certain goblins got pay raises and advancements at work. Now the system was much fairer for them all. Something he had implemented himself taking great delight in being able to change things for his race.

"Great!" Harry said with genuine merriment.

They remained at the park for another half hour before Fred and George called everyone back to them. Today was going to be hell, the amount of cake they were going to consume was going to have them jumping off the walls for hours.

"Can we swim today, dad?" Malachi asked, his eyes much like his fathers, black, but filled with innocent and light pleading with him.

"Sure," Harry agreed, not able to deny his son a simple request. He had vowed that Malachi wouldn't have his or Severus' upbringing. He didn't spoil him though, when he said no, he stuck to his guns, regardless of what anyone else thought.

Bringing Malachi to see the other boys and girls who didn't have much drove that home too. He spent time with the homeless, bought buildings and had them built and furnished for those who needed them. There wasn't all that much room in them, just a small toilet, a bath, a bedroom and living room in the same space but it was home for those who needed it. He also ensured the communal kitchen had plenty of food, with someone guarding it and cooking for everyone. He wasn't stupid enough to believe they were all good people, so he made sure the good people didn't go hungry due to the greed of others. Any trouble was met with immediate eviction. Ironic he knew, since he probably wouldn't have survived in there without causing trouble, but that was just the way it was. He was proud to say that over three hundred people – in ten years - had found their feet because of what he did, went on to get jobs and real homes they didn't need to share with anyone else. So, others who were in need could use them next.

Harry also donated heavily to the soup kitchens, most of it coming from Potter Manor's larder. During the winter years though, when it didn't produce that much, he paid for shopping out of his own pocket. He felt very passionate about it. Severus never once dissuaded him from doing it. He knew how much it meant to him, that and they had more money than they could ever hope to spend.

"YAY!" Malachi jumped up and down happily, grinning in satisfaction that he'd gotten his way.

"Come on," Harry said, hoisting his son into his arms, Malachi immediately wrapped his arms around his dad, and burrowed his head into his neck. Staying still just like his father had taught him when it came to Apparating.

Before long everyone was once again back at Potter Manor, it wasn't the same as it had been before he left. No, there were banners, streamers and balloons strewn everywhere. At least none of them attempted to shriek 'surprise' at the top of their lungs.

Severus chuckled at the deadpanned look on his submissive's face, "Told you," he informed the others smugly, he knew Harry would work it out.

"Happy birthday, Harry!" Minerva said moving over from where she stood, a small fond smile on her face. She had tried to get Harry to join her at Hogwarts. To become a proper full-time teacher, for children 11-18 years of age in wandless magic. Yet no matter the tempting offers, Harry always declined, but over the years…the students had begun to know Wandless magic before entering her doors thus taking a lot of pressure off her current Wandless magic professor Derek Brown who seemed to settle more as the years went by.

"I'm not teaching at Hogwarts," Harry said, eyes glimmering in amusement, she always found a way to ask him no matter what the occasion was.

"I wasn't going to ask," Minerva insisted innocently causing Harry to laugh at her, which made Minerva feel very accomplished. It was rare for anyone to get a genuine laugh out of Harry except Severus and the twins maybe. "Don't worry too much, we aren't going to take up a lot of your time." She added, knowing Harry well enough to know he wouldn't be able to stand hours of this even if it was a simple meal with friends.

"Who can say no to presents?" Nix protested, grinning widely at 'Uncle Harry' one of his front teeth missing.

"Nix!" Malachi shouted gleefully, "We're allowed to play in the pool! Coming with us?"

"Let's go, let's go!"

Before long Victoire, Dominique, Louis, Nix, Malachi, Gideon, Fabian and Angel were in the pool with the adults watching over them.

"I can't stay too long," Ragnuk stated slipping in front of Harry, handing over a box that had been gift wrapped. "I'm afraid I gave my guards the slip again," and they wouldn't be best pleased with him. Severus who was next to him, glanced at the box with curiosity.

Harry grinned saccharine, "They haven't learned yet?" he tutted playfully, "You need to get new guards,"

"I'm just better," Ragnuk grunted as he sat down smug as you please.

Harry's breathing hitched when he caught sight of what was in the parcel. "This isn't…" he murmured wide eyed.

"It is," Ragnuk answered, "Of course, as always, when you die…I hope it finds its way back home." The only reason he managed to succeed in getting permission was due to the respect every goblin held for Harry Potter-Snape. That and all the hard work Harry had put into his work, he never failed them, never lost anyone on his team. He had gotten them billions over the years, and some of the artefacts he brought back were priceless.

Severus gave Ragnuk a vexed look at his words, he did not like to think about Harry dying. Not when they had come so close during the fight with Voldemort in losing everything. They had a child now, both of them had to be extremely careful.

"You have my word," Harry said solemnly, as he unsheathed the dagger from its sheath. Awe written over his features, this was the dagger he had been admiring in his office over thirteen years ago. It was mesmerising, but with a child he knew he'd have to be careful with it. In other words, it was going to be hidden very carefully with every spell he knew. Either that or he would just have to put it in the 'nowhere' until he called for it.

He still had all the other ones he'd had as a teenager, he never got rid of them. They were a part of him, a part of his past. It would be like asking a wizard to get rid of their wand. At least in his opinion.

"It is beautiful," Severus grudgingly admitted it. It was an admirable weapon, and watching Harry flick it around his hand effortlessly, he realized Harry hadn't lost his edge after all these years. The gold of the dagger drew attention to the ring on his finger. They hadn't been married in a big wedding ceremony. They were already bonded for life. They had just said a few vows and were legally married and bonded with only Fred, George, Filius and Minerva as witnesses. It had been just three months before their son was born as a matter of fact.

"It is," Harry grinned in agreement before sheathing the weapon once more before it disappeared from view.

Ragnuk just watched it utterly fascinated, out of everything Harry had shown them, it was the one thing they were unable to replicate. They couldn't put things in 'ether' the nothingness and call it back. That was still uniquely Harry, even the Goblins had tried tirelessly to replicate it.

"Happy birthday," Bill and Fleur said, handing Harry a gift, Bill nodded to Severus in greeting. They didn't see Harry and Severus a whole lot together, or their son, Bill usually brought them, and Fleur took Ginny elsewhere. It might not be fair on Ginny, but Harry didn't like or want the girl around. Considering all she did, they understood to a certain extent.

"Thank you," Harry said politely, see he could do polite…when he wanted to be. "I see you've recovered," he added, placing the gift on the table beside him and Sev. Gesturing towards his shoulder where he'd dislocated it at their last dig together. He had been stuck on what to get for Harry, despite knowing him for years. In the end he'd just bought a massive box of Honeydukes chocolates for him. Harry had a sweet tooth a mile long.

"Yeah," Bill nodded, sitting down touching it delicately, still ached though.

"Are you going to the next dig or are you done for now?" Bill queried, very much aware of Harry's somewhat bizarre schedule.

"Nah, I'm done until next year now," Harry stated. "Don't let any of the others get killed, I'd hate to have train someone all over again."

Bill and Ragnuk laughed, Ragnuk's more genuine than Bill's slightly hysterical one.

"Do you want some food?" Harry asked, as he stood off the bench where he and Severus were seated close together.

"Go on then," Severus agreed, they were having a BBQ, and there were nibbles on a tray as far away from the pool as humanly possible for someone to manage to get water out of the pool. He rolled his eyes when he caught sight of Black and Lupin in the pool along with the kids, splashing them, and throwing them into the water. He had to give him credit when credit was due though, the kids were having the time of their lives squealing and shrieking.

He loved that sound coming from his son greater than any other. Just as much as he loved the sound of Harry's laughter more than anything else. Or the husky 'I love you' breathed into his ear, shifting slightly, perhaps that hadn't been the most appropriate thought to have here of all places.

"How is retirement treating you?" Severus asked Moody as he passed, his lips twitching, their relationship wasn't antagonistic as it used to be. Yet they still liked to try and wind each other up as best they could.

Moody just grunted moodily, rubbing his leg where the wooden piece caused him aches and pains. He levitated the gift he'd got for Harry, nothing as extravagate as the dagger, which he had admittedly drooled over. Yet he knew it was something Harry would like. An old book on Ancient Runes, something Harry still liked to this day, even if he couldn't apply them to every day use. He had dozens on the pool, when he had it built, he could see them as strong as ever. If he wasn't wrong, then Harry had actually created them himself. Filius had given over two sets of championship tournament tickets, Harry loved to go see the duelling that went on in the circuits. He knew everything the boy had got before he even opened them, thanks to his wonderful eye.

Although the next part…he wished he didn't have to see.

"I notice I didn't get my gift from you this morning," Harry whispered quietly as he slid back into his seat, the two plates perched carefully so they didn't fall. Harry withheld a gasp as Severus leaned closer to him, whispering into his ear, his lips brushing against it, arousing him, not as much as the next words did.

"You'll get it tonight," he whispered hotly.

"You mean…" Harry managed to rasp out, a breathy whine trapped in his throat.

"Indeed," Severus murmured darkly, Harry had wanted a specific scene and tonight he was going to get it.

Harry subtly bared his throat quite willingly before placing the plate of food on his lap.

That was what their relationship was all about. The BDSM aspect of it. It wasn't fully about power, since nobody would ever dispute that Harry was very powerful in his own right.

It was a desire to please. Submission. Willingness.

Oh, and Harry gave it all willingly.

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