chap 4 part 2

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He yanked him forward by his collar and bent him over his lap, ass totally exposed for everyone's view.

The slave squirmed and covered rear with his hands. Ganondorf grabbed the both of them with one hand and held them tightly as he bounded them in a slab of black silk.

Link tried to defend himself but Ganondorf wasn't having it.

"But it wasn't my fault! He - he was the one who-ahh!"


His hand slammed down onto his pale milky skin and made his body jerk forward from the sudden pain. The blond bit his lip to keep from screaming out. He would not allow Ganondorf that satisfaction.

It was the little things like that that made the redhead spank him harder, determined to make him scream.

Slap! Slap! Slap slap slap slap slapslapslapslapslap!

His spanks were random in rhythm, so Link could never tell when the blow was coming and prepare himself for it. To Link, the worse part had to be getting hit in the same spot. Over and over again. Especially if your ass is already sore and stinging.

"Beg for forgiveness and I will stop." Ganondorf said in between spanks. The sounds of the slaps were loud enough to echo through out the room when quiet enough.

He refused to beg. He would not submit and succumb to him yet again.

Determinedly, he bit his lip as not to cry out and beg for mercy like he really wanted.

But just as he was determined, so was Ganondorf. He spanked him with more force, leaving hand prints all over his now fire colored bottom. The boy jerked forward with every hit, simply unable to help it.

35 smacks, 36...37...
37 hits and he still hadn't even made a sound. The master was annoyed endlessly by this.

More punishment was in order. One much harsher than this.

Yanking him up by his collar yet again, sitting him up right in his lap and purposely pressing his legs against his already stinging bottom to make it sting even more.

Link hissed but said nothing more than that.

The crowd was impressed by his resilience but oh, how they wanted him to squirm and scream and beg for mercy with all his might. More than anything, they wanted to get a little revenge of their own and get a little taste of him for themselves.

With a flick of his wrist, a black blindfold appeared in Ganondorf's hands.

Quickly, he wrapped it around Link's head and tightly tied it so that he was completely blind for the time being.

He wasn't too sure if he liked being blind folded, anyone could just pull out a weapon and end his life right there. Though, when he thought about it, he doubted Ganondorf would let that happen.

His ears twitched when he heard Ganondorf's loud booming voice ring throughout the room.

"This pet of mine, deserves punishment! Who will step up and get a piece of the very rare and very naughty hero? Who will raise up and get revenge? its a once in a lifetime chance, do not miss it."

The room broke out into cheer and Link could hear hundreds of thundering footsteps rushing towards him in a hurry to get a taste of him first.
He could feel a cloud of heat cover his body as the strangers all gathered around him, some touching as if to see if he was real.

Ganondorf could feel him tensing up and held his arms behind his back to make sure he wouldn't swing at or strike one of his valued guests.

"Lets tease the shit out of him! Look, he's already hard!" Someone yelled from within the crowd.

Link tried to cover himself, dying to hide his arousal but obviously it was no use. Ganondorf had his hands and crossing his legs wouldn't work out in the way he wanted.
A few more men gathered more closer to him, wanting a better view of things. Their hardened appendages pressed against their pants, their own pets momentarily forgotten in the dash to get revenge on the naughty hero.

The ones who wanted to tease him, went along with their plan, summoning small toys with their dark magic powers.

They pressed the vibrator against his length, making him shudder violently and jerk away from them.
This only made them press it against a very sensitive place on his manhood, the slit. Link cried out loudly in pleasure. His hips bucked uncontrollably and he thrashed against his bonds.

Great godesses did he want more of that. And that was exactly what he got. A few of them held his legs down while another held his length tightly in an iron grip, then they proceeded to press the vibrator into the slit much harder than before, adding more and more pressure as they slid it around, all over and nearly into the slit.

Link couldn't even moan or verbally show he loved this because his breath was caught in his throat and his whole entire body was tense and ridged from the intense sensation of having them doing that. His eyelids fluttered, his hips bucked, his legs and arms jerked the best they could within their confinement. Those physical actions weren't the only ones that alerted the men to eminent climax.

His cock was becoming much harder and precum was quickly pooling out of the tip.

But they didn't want him cumming just yet. They wanted him to suffer a bit.

"Cum without permission and we'll kill you." A few threatened, a few more people cackling in the background. The tension grew thick, thick enough to suffocate someone. Link knew in the back of his mind that his master wouldn't allow that, but he might allow them beating him until he was close to death.

Either way, neither option was desirable. That made him try with all his might not to even be turned on by their actions. He tried thinking bad thoughts, disgusting things and old memories but each thing he thought of would either fade away like dessert sand in the wind and form a much sexier situation, or would be given up on since the pleasure and lust would disrupt his thoughts.

It didn't take long for them to bring him to orgasm-or close to it. He tried with all his might not to cum, so hard that a few of his veins were starting to protrude from his damp skin from the strain and effort of trying to hold back.

The evil-doers rubbed the vibrating toy against the very sensitive head of his hard manhood and then very slowly made their way to his hole. That made him jerk and squirm unintentionally in Ganondorf's lap.

His hole was ready and willing to be entered but all they did was teasingly circle around it.

"P-put it in...please..." he breathed out quietly, hoping that they had heard him.

Link's long length twitched and bobbed a couple of times, letting the men know one important thing in particular.

"Oh look! He's getting close! Should we let him cum, boys?"

In unison, everyone yelled, "No!" A few of them cackling afterwards.

Link's heart dropped down to his stomach in disappointment and annoyance at them.

They pulled away as soon as he was about to cum! Damn them! Damn them all!

He couldn't stop the whimper that escaped his lips, nor could he stop his body from trembling as bad as it was.

Ganondorf decided Link probably wouldn't fight back in the condition he was in. The boy was desperate to cum so fighting wasn't an option for him. He released his arms and allow the crowd to take him away and do with him as he pleased. Of course he would still watch over them like a hawk and its prey.

The men who had been teasing him were the first ones to get a piece of him, grabbing whatever body part of him they wanted.

One stranger roughly grabbed his head and without any warning whatsoever, shoved his cock into his mouth. Link immediately gagged and pulled away from him only to be yanked back and throat fucked mercilessly.

The others pulled the rest of his body into a position they liked, which happened to be doggy style just because it was easier for everyone to access him, and had his way with him.

Yanking his ass up, he lined his throbbing dick right against his hole and then yanked the hero's ass back, making him impale himself. Link cried out in pleasure around the cock invading his throat right now.

Another male made his way under him and was able to work his cock into the already occupied hole. Link tensed up in a bit of pain. He hadn't been prepped before that so, it did sting quite a bit but that sting melted into a dull ache and soon, pleasure. Pleasure so intense that the blond unconciously fucked himself on their lengths, his ass just moving in any way that'll get one of the manhoods in deeper. It was apparent that he loved this, even if you couldn't see his body, you'd definitely hear his loud, wanton moans.

The creature fucking his mouth didn't even have to move a muscle, Link was bobbing his head and sucking it all on his own! His mouth desperately worked that hard appendage, getting it as wet as possible and doing all sorts of tongue tricks that were a surefire way to earn the thick cum he seemed so desperate to taste.

"C'mon! Choke on my large cock! Gag on it!" He rammed it into his throat while holding his head still, laughing when Link whimpered and looked up at him.

He pulled out. "Now spit on it. Get that shit nice and wet, you little slut." Link obeyed, spitting on it before having it shoved back down his throat.

The man groaned in pleasure and thrust into his mouth, enjoying all the sloppy wet sounds he was making.

"Good fuckin' little cocksucker." Link stroked his length quickly while his tongue roamed the head and teased the slit.

"You love having two dicks in your ass, don't you." The male under him groaned, sliding his all his 8 inches into his hole when the other one pulled half way out.

All the dirty talk was effecting Link so badly. The blond loved when people said dirty things to him. Something about it just made him so turned on that he would often throb and twitch just from a few dirty sentences.

"Ride that dick just like that! Bounce that little ass up and down my dick just like that." One demanded. Link, doing as he was told, bounced his bottom more, seriously enjoying the thickness that was sliding in and out of him, deliciously hitting his proatate from time to time.

"Look how hard that whore is!" Someone shouted. A stranger came up to ses for themselves, and maybe even touch him. Luckily for him, he give Link a few strokes, making him mewl and moan loudly. The blond was so sensitive from having the cock ring starve of his orgasms that it felt way better than it normally would.

With Link's tight holes pushing them all to their limits and with Link so turned on, no one could last any longer. The shadow creatures who were taking him had all reached their peak, one right other the other, starting with the one who was skull fucking him first. He had shove his cock all the way down his throat, held him there and then came down his throat with a shout. The other two came inside him at the same time, filling him up with their juices.

They sighed in what sounded like relief and were almost immediately replaced with another group of three. Only this time, two more had joined the party to use Link's soft, sweaty hands.

He wasn't much of a multitasker, but he tried his best, stroking the sexes of each men while swallowing around the one in his mouth and rolling his hips to please the ones in his bottom.

But they weren't getting enough pleasure from just his small little hands, no. They joined together and tried to fit all their dicks in his mouth at once.

It was simply impossible. Three lengths would not fit in his little mouth but that didn't stop them from trying.

The three of them could only fit the heads in at the same time, so Link made sure his tongue warmly welcomed them all and sucked gently on them when possible.

Soon, they too came, coating his face in their cum.

The others, continued on for a small while longer, pounding into Link so hard that the sounds of their muscled hips hitting Link's bubble butt echoed throughout the room and over the shouts and encouragement from the other males in the room.

The creatures even flipped him into a different position during this short time. The position was nothing fancy, just onto his back, with one orc under him and the other on top of him.

After that was done, they didn't hesitate to continue pounding the slave's tight asshole.

The one on top of him leaned down trying to kiss the blond, but he turned his cum covered head away in disgust. The orc only turned his head back towards him and made sure he got what he wanted. It rammed right into Link's prostate, making his body relax and his mouth drop open. At that moment, he stuck his long slimy tongue into Link's mouth, letting it roam free.

The hero was absolutely disgusted and gagged right before he bit down on it. The orc wasnt discouraged in the least, even moaning and fucking him much harder than he previously was.

Little Link couldn't contain anymore moans and cried out loudly at every thrust. The monster didn't waste the opportunity, for he French kissed and stuck his tongue in as far as it could go. The swordsmen's tongue tried to push it out ocassonally but that only encouraged the monster too.

The grunts of the monsters gradually became louder until they couldn't take Link's tight heat anymore. With one final thrust, they both filled him with their hot, thick and sticky cum. They didn't pull out until every single drop was deep inside him.

When they did finally pull out, a ton of cum spilled out of his pink little hole, leaving a nice puddle on the carpet beneath him.

Maybe it was something in the cum that was making him feel and act this way, but damn Link was turned on and started participating and talking dirty to everyone instead of staying silent and not moaning like he inwardly had planned to do.

"C-come on...fill me back up again." The blond boy whined.

All of a sudden, Link was being hoisted up until he was completely standing on two feet. His arms were pulled to either sides of him, then, from both the left and the right walls, black tentacles wrapped around his arms while two more wrapped around his feet, firmly holding his feet to the floor and his arms out to the sides of him.

Now, he was exposed for everyone's viewing or touching pleasures. They seemed to really like using toys to mess with him. But instead of a dildo this time, they used nipple clamps, a cock ring, and spanking/whipping tools, though the whipping tools weren't used at all.

The nipples clamps were the first to be used. The clamps were connected together - at the part of it that didn't actually clamp down - by a thin, short silver chain. Quickly, they attached one clamp to each of his nipples, adjusting them to make sure they were on properly. The nipple clams hurt his sensitive pink little nipples, but nonetheless, his nips still perked up to the touch.

Once attached, a few at a time came up to him and pulled on the chain that connected the two nipple clamps with their mouths. Luckily for Link, the only tugged hard enough to make the things move around and tug his nipples a little less than what someone might call roughly.

That was, until, Ganondorf came and yanked them off in one swoop!
Link cried out and writhed the best he could, unable to sooth his now throbbing nipples.

That did absolutely nothing to deter or deflate his boner at all. Ganondorf absolutely loved that little fact. He thought it was just wonderful that no matter what they did, Link would still be horny.

While they continued to torture his nips, others decided they wanted to get a taste of him in very naughty places.

One shadow creature, who looked relatively like a light creature, knelt on his knees, spred Link's cheeks and lapped at his hole like a thirsty dog lapped at water.

"Ahhn! Oh, please, more!" He moaned, moving his hips in the rhythm of the licks. With a devious chuckle, the man did what was asked of him.

He pushed his butt out to get more of that wonderful feeling, which also made his upper body move a bit closer to the ones playing with his nipples. But to the people playing with his nipples, it appeared as if he wanted his hard pink buds to be played with more.

"Look at him! Hes loving this shit!" A man laughed, putting the clamps back on and tugging on them harder than before.

"Nyah! Ughhnn don't...don't be so rough..." Link whined. His nipples throbbed under the ministrations of the man.

The same man reached down and grabbed his length to prove a point. The slave couldn't help but to moan when he grabbed it. "You obviously enjoy this. Am I wrong?" He also reached up and pulled off the blind fold Link had. He wanted him to see this, to look at him while he did what he was about to do.

Link nearly hung his head in shame but stood his ground and stuck with glaring at the man the best he could. The man smirked, went to his knees and began sucking the blond off, not forgetting to continue his nipple torture as well. But another male came over to pick up the slack and used his long tongue to lick all over his chest. At times, he yanked the clamps off, licked and sucked his nipples for a time, and then clamped the clamps right back on.

Damn, he had never felt so good before! The blond couldn't help but to moan and arch his body the best he could. With all these mouths on him, he wouldn't last more than a minute.

The man on his knees sucked as hard as he could, using his tongue to trace any veins Link had on the sides of his length. He even scraped his teeth on the sides and head of his already twitching cock, driving the bound boy bonkers.

"You like the way I suck your dick hmm?"

"Y-yes I like it. Please, don't stop." He replied hurriedly.

That, combined with having his asshole licked so vigorously, made him orgasm in no time. The evildoer could tell he came by all the trembling he was doing. In a way, he felt bad since the boy couldn't ejaculate but at the same time he was pleased, having gotten just a bit of revenge. With a smirk, he pulled off his length with a loud pop. To top it all off, he spat on Link and left with a laugh into the crowd.

A few more decided to get their kicks and make Link cum with their oral skills. Link was about ready to pass out from all the pleasure flooding his veins and hazy brain.

Now, he was being suspended in the air.
The way he was being suspended was as if he was laying on his back on a bed, with his arms and legs spread wide apart in the Eagle position. The black tentacles that bound him before now had a few of them coming from the ceiling to make this possible.

Men applauded and cheered as they came closer and crowded around him, dying to fuck the hero before they left tonight.

They crowded around him so much that he was starting to feel a little claustrophobic. But all that uneasiness washed away as soon as an old nemesis, came up, shoved his cock into him and pounded the hell out of him.

Vaati decided he wanted just a little piece of him while the opportunity was presented. Too bad Ghirahim wasn't here at the moment. He would have loved to get a piece of him. But the man loved being fashionably late so he wasn't coming until much later.

The minish wasn't as big as Ganondorf -none of them were - but he certainly wasn't small nor short. Link thought he could've even been a little longer than his master. When he pushed into him, he had brushed against his proatate in no time and he wasn't even completely in. This was a change that Link kind of liked, since everyone who fucked him were large and spread his hole really wide.

Vaati could get in deep without even having to put in much effort and Link loved when people get in really deep.

He took his time settling into the tight heat that was his ass. His hole eagerly sucked him in and refused to let go. He had to enjoy the moment while it lasted because he doubted Ganondorf would ever let this happen again.

Once he was ready, he pulled out all the way, and then rammed it back in. Each thrust was like that. He never missed a beat. Link's face was pure ecstasy, his mouth was wide open, his tongue slightly out of his mouth, his eyes rolled back or fluttered shut, and his body was hot and sweaty. Not to m eantion his cock, which was hard and twitching already.

The wind mage certainly had skills. Even the other guests were in awe and couldn't help but to stare for a while.

"Oh my gawd! Great goddesses have mercy on me! M-my little asshole...fuck I love your cock Vaati! Hnnngg!" He moaned out loud.

Vaati fucked him so hard that red marks where their hips constantly connected were beginning to show, making that ass of his blazing hot and a shade of crimson that was so dark it rivaled Ganondorf's hair.

How come Link loved this so much?
Why was it that he couldn't keep himself from being hard or keep himself from having all these orgasms?

Soon, others joined in, three of them trying to get their cocks sucked while two of them came to get their dicks stroked and one more came to suck Link's length to make things worse for him.

Link hardly had to work for their juices. They came much earlier than the ones before them had. Not that the hero minded.

"Beg for cum! Beg for it!"

Link did so with no hesitation. "Please give me your cum! I want to drink it all, I want to taste it!" He held his mouth wide open to allow them to cum right into his mouth. Easily, he swallowed it all and waited for the next three to come up.

Ganondorf watched as his subjects and bestfriends enjoyed his sassy, mewling pet. It was rather interesting how his pet reacted to all of this. The innocent little "hero" enjoyed being screwed by random men, he enjoyed being treated like a whore. One cant find many men like that around here, so he was a good catch indeed.

Link actually worked with Vaati to bring both of them to their climax. He tightened himself more and more around him, moving his hips as well to please Vaati.

"You like my tight little asshole master vaati? Do you like fucking me?" He looked at him through his long eye lashes.

That bit of dirty talk brought him to orgasm that much quicker. He sprayed his load all over his insides, making the blond that much more satisfied.

"Fuck..." he sighed, "you dirty little slut." He said, pulling out and wiping any left over cum on Link's trembling legs.

"Not my fault I your cock felt so good to me." He murmured.

Once the small wave of people were satisfied, they all uncrowded him and gave him plenty of space. He was confused as to why but didn't question it out loud. It seemed to him that they were getting ready to watch a performance, the star of the show being him.

After everyone backed up until there was enough space, the vibrators came back out. They put him onto his hands and knees while men inserted small, egg shaped vibrators with strings attached on the end of it to help with pulling it back out. They all betted to see how many the slut could fit in his winking hole.

They had gotten 7 in him so far but he complained no more would fit. When they tried to get more in, they realized he was right. So, they turned each of the toys to a different vibration intensity and stroked themselves as they watched Link unfold.

"Ughhnn! Holy fuck...oh my godesses! Feels so good!" His moans became louder and louder as time went on.

The crowd stroked themselves a little faster and faster wanting to cum at the same time he did. It was rather hot seeing the hero clutch at the floor, roll his cum covered hips and groan and curse loudly like that.

" gonna cum!" He shouted, bucking his hips a few times and then tensing up quite a bit when he reached his peak.

He panted and rolled over onto his back, as he was exhausted but they didn't turn the vibrators off. They kept them on until he had about 5 more dry orgasms and until half the crowd had gotten a chance to dump their cum load all over his body.

"N-no more..." he whispered, unable handle another dry orgasm. A couple of the vibrators were pressed right up against his proatate and drove him absolutely nuts. The hero couldn't help the uncontrollable rocking and bucking of his hips, nor his eyes rolling back and his mouth falling open at yet another orgasm.

Finally having mercy on him, they pulled out most of the vibrators.

Unfairly for Link, one of the strings snapped while it was deep inside of him. He wanted to pull it out but his captors wouldn't let him.

What made things worse was that the strangers decided they wanted to fuck him with the vibrator still inside.

Another orc had come up to him, pulled him closer by his hips and just began taking him as hard as he could. Because he kept the pace steady, the vibrator never moved from its cosy places against Link's pleasure spot.

Link had never felt anything so good in his entire life. He thought he might pass out from such pleasure but he hung in there, barely.

Once the orc finished, he came inside him, pulling out and shooting a bit of cum on top of him. The next shadow creature quickly came and did the same thing the previous one did.

One guy after another either came in him or on him. His whole body was slick with cum and his stomach had even expanded quite a bit from all the cum left in him.
Once everyone who wanted a piece of him got a piece of him, they finally began considering to allow Link to cum.

"You want to cum?"

Link hated this. He hated having to beg for release and being teased and screwed so mercilessly.

No, he hated that he loved this.

He wanted to tell them all to fuck off but damn its been at least a few hours since this started and he wasnt able to cum even once.

This is his only chance to cum. The lust was overriding his pride and a shout burst forth from his slightly bloody lips.

"Yes! Yes, I do! I need to cum so badly."

"Beg for it. Tell us how bad you want it-"

"I want this so fucking bad, please,I need to cum! Please let me cum, master! Please! *Please! **please!"

"Should we let him cum, boys?"

"No!" They shouted once more.

But Link was not about to let that happen again! So, he begged louder and better than before.

"No! Please let me cum! Please just let me cum! I'll be a good boy from now on! I'll suck your cock every day with no complaints and ride you more often! Please, master just let me cum!"

"Good boy." Ganon told him, finally allowing him to cum.

When he came, it wasn't just a few splurts. His white, thick elixir fountained out of him as his balls tightened to make sure every bit of sperm he had was expelled onto his own body. Once his body relaxed, so did his whole, which released all the cum that was held in there. The puddle of cum took up a good portion of the ballroom floor, straining the carpet and the tile once more.

The crowd cheered and snapped as many pictures as possible before disbanding, leaving only the exhausted hero and his captor alone in the area. The rest of them ate and partied until they literally dropped.

The redhead lifted his little pet and was repulsed by the smelly aroma of other men that had left their scent all over his beloved pet. Ganondorf decided he would need to scent mark his pet once again and reclaim him for himself. But, he'd have to wait until he recovered, taking him now would surely break him and render him completely useless.


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