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Chapter 1: A nice dream

It was a nice sunny day and the green grass waved back and forth as the wind gently pushed it. There was a single oak tree in the vast plane and a little girl was running around laughing while her father tried to catch her. She had green eyes, pointed ears, light grey skin and purple hair. She wore a green dress and was bare foot. Her father had a grin plastered to his face as he tried to catch his young daughter. He had green eyes, green skin and hair, pointed ears as well and had a nicely trimmed beard around his mouth and chin area. He wore blue jeans and a white t- shirt and was also bare foot. After running around the tree a few times and almost tripping on a branch the father finally caught his daughter and brought her up high, spinning on his feet. His daughter laughed and so did he.

He began to toss her lightly in the air and caught her. This was an enjoyable scene for anybody to see, but there was nobody around, which made it even more enjoyable for the Father and Daughter. Finally after a hug around the neck from his daughter he collapsed on the ground exhausted from playing with her. She on the other hand was having too much fun; she wiggled out of her father's arms and began to jump on his belly. He only laughed as his daughter began to get tired of jumping on him and began to explore the meadow. "Mary," her father said, "Don't go too far."

She simply skipped along the meadow and was trying to catch a green and purple butterfly. She lunged at it and managed to cup it around her hands. She looked through a slit in her hand and smiled brightly. She ran back to her father who was now sitting up grinning at her as she came running to him. "Look at what I caught daddy." She said opening her hands to reveal the butterfly. He only grinned and put her on his lap as they watched the butterfly fly and land on his shoulder. They giggled at that and his daughter now was starting to get tired from today's fun. She put her head into her father's chest as he began to hum a sweet song that was in an entirely different language. He too began to few tired and after his eyes were closed, they were opened again to a stream of sunlight coming through the window. He was no longer in the meadow with his daughter and in fact his daughter wasn't even there. He looked around his vast room to see if this was a dream. He sighed and shook his head. If only that was real and this was a dream. That would make me so happy right now. He thought.

He was interrupted by a blaring of the alarm that meant there was trouble. He looked out of his window to see the city that he alone has protected for 4 years now was having smoke rise from a section of it. He let out a grunt and changed into his uniform. His uniform was white with red on the sides and shoulders. He quickly put it on and grunted as a female voice came on at the intercom. "Master Changeling," the computer said, "Pyromaniac Man is stealing money from the Jump City bank." The Changeling only nodded and sighed, "Happy 24th birthday for me, Pyro you better make my day." And with that the window opened up. He jumped out of it and began to plummet to the ground. "Let's see who the master of fire really is!" he yelled taking the shape of a giant flaming green bird known as the Phoenix. He soared to the city with a green streak of fire following him.