Chapter 10: Father and Daughter

Jump City was in chaos as Warcry, Skyterror and VenomClaw destroyed everything in their path, causing the citizens to run in terror. Destructis watched the city burn as the Changeling in his Typhon form controlled all the storms of the world and was causing destruction with hurricanes, tornados, floods, lighting storms and other disasters to it. Destructis leaned up against the Changeling's neck crossing his arms. The chaos sword was at his side but he didn't need it, there was enough chaos happening right now.

He grinned at the fact that this was just so easy to destroy this world with the new found might that came from the Changeling. But soon this was interrupted by a flash of red light that appeared right in front of Titans Tower. A being walked out of it and compared to the Changeling in his Typhon form he was about the size of his fist.

Trigon was angry for how he was treated by the Destructanites and planned for revenge on them. He sensed that they were on Earth and planned to deal with them right away, but was shocked to see a giant dark green storm giant that even towered over him on the planet. "Oh my…" was all he could say as the giant's fist was brought down on him, causing an earthquake that even made the tower tilt.

Seeing the Demon Lord Trigon lying on the ground and vanish in a heap of flames after the Changeling removed his fist from him, Destructis shrugged his shoulders and looked back at the city. "That was rather interesting," Destructis said while still leaning on the Changelings neck, "but back to the matter at hand, Changeling level that tower."

The Changeling nodded and walked right up to the tilted tower. Bringing up his foot he smashed it on the tower and destroying the island along with it. Destructis laughed with delight as the famous Titans Tower was now in ruins; he began to grab his stomach from the pain of laughter and wiped a black tear from his eye. Then another thing caught his eye, small dots in the distance began to come closer to him and the Changeling. Seeing now who they were he cocked an eye brow (if he had any) and looked at the strange assortment of people. More were being carried on a green platform that came out of some guys ring.

"A… what is this, a costume party or something," Destructis said as he retrieved the chaos sword from his left side and held it in his right hand, "if so I'm not amused."

"Will show you amusement bub!" yelled Cyborg from the green platform.

"That so," Destructis said as he sheathed the sword back into the single strap that was around his waist that held it to his side, "then I think you wouldn't mind if my friend here will deal with you." He patted the Changeling on the neck. He gave out a roar that caused the storms above to cause lightning to strike everywhere and raised his left arm up opening his hand, he sent forth a mighty wind that blew the Justice League away like paper.

"Yo Beastboy, I mean Changeling," Cyborg yelled as he hung on to the green platform for dear life, "Superman told us about this form dude, you have to fight it and regain control of yourself!"

"Your friend is in controlled of himself," Destructis said as he leaned back up to the Changelings neck with his hands behind his head, "he's just corrupted now."

The Changeling sent forth a huge wave with the flick of both of his wrists and swept up some of the League. "Your friend is no longer who he was," Destructis said as the Changeling back handed Wonder Women, Starfire, Superman and Captain Marvel into a nearby mountain, "he is now mine to control," the Changeling sent forth a lightning strike to the other Leaguers and electrocuted them, "he will be your destroyer and this world will be wiped clean of all life, you may try to resist but in the end you will fail." The Changeling raised both of his arms up to the sky causing Destructis to fly off of his right shoulder and hover near his head. Lightning and storm clouds formed above the Changeling and began to turn a bluish color, soon the storm clouds started to turn into more electricity.

A huge electric ball of energy was above the Changeling's head, this was his finishing move to defeat and destroy the Earth. But as he was about to cast it a faint yelling could be heard in the distance. He turned his head to the left and saw three figures flying towards him. One in particular though was yelling at him. A little girl in a green cloak few mere feet from his face, she had sadness in her eyes and she kept on yelling at him to stop. The Changeling felt something warm in him and brought his arms back down causing the ball of energy to diminish and disappear.

Destrutis in the mean time seemed curious and not in the least bit worried, "Interesting," he said to himself, "very interesting."

The Changeling brought his right hand up and let the figures land on it. Mary was sad at what these awful creatures were making her dad do and she wouldn't take it. "Daddy!" she yelled, "please stop me mommy and grandma are safe now, so please stop!"

The Changeling cocked his head to the right and seemed to understand the little girl in front of him. ''Marrrrry," he said in a deep voice.

She nodded and now it was Raven's turn to take control. "Garfield," she yelled up at him, "please listen to us when we say that we love you and we can't stand to see you this way any longer, please stop sweetie."

"Raaaaaven," he said, "I don't think I caaaaan."

"You have to try Gar," Arella spoke up, "for your family."

Mary walked up a little closer to her father and spoke in a small voice, "Please daddy you have to try."

The Changeling wanted to try, he really did for his family but the corruption that ran threw his body told him only to destroy everything in his path. He looked down at his family and sighed, they were there for him and they loved him, he had to try to fight it for them. Looking at his daughter an idea came into his mind.

"Marrry," he said, "change into the form that dadddddy showed you a little agooooooo."

As he said that he let out a massive roar and started to resume the destruction of Earth. Even with his family there, it did not stop his desire to annihilate everything in his path, though he still held his family, there was still that good caring father and husband still in him.

Mary shook her head up and down, knowing full well what her father meant, she began to transform but it would take a while before she could complete her transformation. Raven though, was trying to find out something that was bothering her for some time now. Destructis just sat there up in the sky and wasn't even attempting to stop them.

"Mother," Raven whispered so that she wouldn't distract her daughter, "Why is he just hovering there and not even attempting to stop us?"

"I was thinking that to," her mother replied in a whisper, "Does he know we can't beat him or is there something else at work here we don't even know about?"

Destructis hovered above the Changeling and was having a discussion with someone in his head. Master, he thought, the plan is going great so far, the daughter will soon save her father and they will both stop me in the end.

Excellent Destructis, a deep voice said in his head, this will help my plans greatly, make sure that the White Angel is in the area when they do defeat you, my spies have told me that the Council was interested of your appearance with the Chaos sword and wanted to know more.

The White Angel is already here, high above the clouds where he thinks that I cannot see him, but I can sense him perfectly, Destructis grinned.

Mary was now completing her transformation and now stood 15 feet tall in her purple Lioness Angel form. It wasn't as impressive as her father's was, which glowed more brightly then hers, but it was still powerful enough to get the job done. With a loud roar she flew towards her father's heart and struck it with an opened glowing palm. The light was blinding as purple and green mashed with each other, as the light intensified the shape of the Changeling began to change. His body got smaller and smaller, too were Raven and Arella had to fly off his hand. The light of green and purple soon turned to a blinding white light as a white line came out of both of their chests and met, but Mary hovered there in front of her father as he began to morph into his Lion Angel form.

Stretching his wings and cocking his arms back, he gave out a massive roar that shook the very Earth they flew over. Everyone was amazed who could see it as the father embraced his daughter with a hug. Raven and Arella also came over and hugged them as well.

Ending the hug the Changeling smiled at his family and put a hand on his daughters left shoulder. "You have all made me the proudest Father and Husband in the Universe." He said removing his hand and looking at his family with a bright smile.

This was all ended when they heard an evil laughter above. Turning their heads upwards they all glared at Destructis who seemed to be clapping. He grinned evilly at them and pulled out the Chaos sword and held it in his right hand making slashing movements to test its weight and balance.

"How touching," he said as he began to descend slowly to them, "I just love to see a happy family."

Not wasting anytime the Changeling with his daughter flying behind him, flew at Destructis. Destructis raised his sword as the Changeling approached him with his claws growing longer till they looked like swords as well. Both the Chaos sword and the Changeling's claws meet, instead though of a loud boom or ka-pow the Changeling's claws broke the Chaos sword into five pieces. Destructis put on his best shocked looked as he was punched by Mary in the gut. Raven and Arella came along as well and let loose beams of black and white energy that hit Destructis square in the nose.

Staggering back he was then hit by a green blast of energy that came from the Changeling's hands. Another punch in the gut was delivered by the Changeling and a kick to the jaw as well. The two then unleashed an aura around themselves, the Changeling's being green, Destructis's being black. They clashed with each other, delivering punches, kicks, bites, tail whips and even blasts of energy. Mary, Raven and Arella watched at a distance not wanting to get into the fight and get hurt or in the wat.

The Changeling delivered a right uppercut to Destructis's jaw and made contact with his left shoulder with his other fist. Destructis grunted as he opened up a portal of black energy and flew beside it. His eyes were filled with rage, but that was just covering the pure amusement that happened behind them.

"Curse you Changeling," he roared, "You have ruined my plans of conquering this Universe and others as well and you have though been a most worthy opponent."

"You're not getting away that easily Destructis," the Changeling roared.

Destructis had a face of pure rage, but inside of him pure enjoyment was abound. He flew through the portal with Skyterror carrying Warcry and VenomClaw following him though it. Garfield looked at the portal closing before he had a chance to strike and then turned to see his family and all of the heroes of the world making their way towards them.

Settling on the crushed island that once held the Titans Tower, Garfield and his family were greeted by every hero, having smiles on their faces and cheering for them. The clouds above started to depart showing a pillar of light to the island. The Changeling could've sworn he saw a being in the light that seemed to be watching over them. Shrugging, he faced his family and was greeted with a kiss to the lips by Raven. Mary giggled as she was picked up by her father after he was done kissing Raven. The family had smiles on their faces and made a family hug, Arella joined in as did Starfire, Cyborg, Nightwing and every other hero as well.

"Dad," Mary said looking at her father as the hug was ended, "Where are we going to live now?"

Garfield smiled and looked around the whole group of people. He stopped on Raven who had her arms around his waist, so that they had Mary in the middle of them. "No matter where we live, we will always be a family," he said kissing her fore head, "We can rebuild the tower where we can live. And when I mean we I mean the whole family." He turned to look at every hero, who had smiles on their faces and looked very pleased.

"First things first," Raven said reaching with her right hand and scratched Garfield's chin, "The beard has got to go."

Garfield laughed as did every other hero and placed a light kiss on Raven lips, "Anything for my lovely wife." He said with a grin.

Cyborg stepped forward with a look of confusion though and looked up at the sky, "What do you think Destructis is doing," he said in a low voice.

Garfield now turned his head towards the sky as did everyone else and let out a sigh, "Whatever he's doing it most likely isn't good, but one thing is for sure," Garfield said as he brought Raven and Mary in closer, "He won't ever try to mess with the Logan family again."


Destructis, Skyterror, Warcry and VenomClaw were on one knee before the lava falls in the volcano on Darkus. The throne that had been Destructis's was now gone and the only thing was in there now was the four Destructanites and the lava falls. But the lava falls began to stir and shift, making a form of a throne. The lava falls were no longer falls but were now a huge lava throne. At the top of it was a giant black glowing stone and sitting upon the lava throne was a creature that was a hundred feet taller than the four Destructanites.

The creature was red with a black line going from the middle of his chest and branching off into his arms and legs. The black lines stopped on top of the hands and feet were black circles were. His legs were scaly and strong, having three black claws per foot. His arms were also the same way, but instead held five black claws per hand and had five round spikes where his knuckles would be. His body was scaly and his tail laid to the right side of him. His tail had a trail of black small spikes that went from the tip to its head. His wings were dragon wings and had tears along the edges of them. On his shoulders two more black thick spikes came out and curved away from him. His head was a dragon head; a long and narrows snout, his black teeth jutted out of it and gleamed in the light of the lava throne. He had a black horn coming out of the tip of his snout, kind of like a Rhino's but shorter, on the back of his head where the spikes had ended a frill of five long spikes came out. His eyes were black with a red slit in the middle of them, like a cat's eye.

He looked down at the Destructanites and grinned. "Did my plan go well?" he asked.

"It did my Lord," Destructis replied, "The fake Chaos sword was broken and the White Angel saw it."

As if on cue, the real Chaos sword came out of the throne of lave, pointing straight up at the ceiling. Taking into his hands the sword grew longer and became bigger as their master settled it across his lap. "Excellent," he said with a booming voice, "Visiting this future of one of the versions of Garfield has proven to be worthwhile, the Council now assumes that the Destructanites were just being themselves and causing problems in a future that won't even be affected by our presence, because we will not be there when the present Garfield grows up. But…" He grinned as a green young man came out from behind his throne wearing the same suit as the Changeling did, but something was different about him, his eyes were red.

Destructis's eyes went wide as he saw him and he turned his head to look at his master. "Oh Destructis," his master said as he stopped laughing, "When you and your generals arrived moments ago, the Engamorph's swiped this one from the present Universe, the future you where in is now on hold and in stasis for the time being. The Council does not suspect a thing now and soon they will have other things to worry about. Garfield or Beastboy whatever you prefer would you change for me?"

Beastboy nodded and changed into a giant green snake, he encircled the lava throne and popped his head above the left side of it. Giving out a hiss the red creature laughed. "Soon I will have every Garfield, Beastboy, Changeling, whatever he goes by at my command and soon I will lead my new army to the Central Universe and clam what is rightfully mine!"

The Destructanites stood up as another Beastboy stepped out from behind the throne wearing all red with white trimming in his uniform and changed into a Phoenix. He landed on the top of the throne a let out a screech, "The Engamorph's work fast, I already have two now." Their master said.

Destructis nodded his head and raised his left fist to the air, as did his generals. "HAIL OBLIVION, THE TRUE LEADER OF THE CENTRAL UNIVERSE!"

Author's note: Well there you go, the story that introduces my next story "The Central Universe" I hoped you guys like it, since this is really my first fanfic that I really think will be a good one. Hope you all enjoyed it and please look for my next story.

A brief summary of what it is about:

A new enemy has risen from a Universe that has powerful beings that live in it. This new enemy is capturing Beastboy's from all universes to try to rebuild his army by turning them into the most powerful creatures ever to be known, so that he can take control of everything. But can a group of alternate Beastboy's help each other to save their families and friends who have to aid them as well. Or will the beings known as Destructanites and Engamorphs get in their way.

This story will include the versions of Beastboy from the comics as well.