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A while after practice moment. Merlyn ran after Arthur as he walked to the his room. She knew he was angry. She could sense it

"Arthur!" She shouted as they walked through the door of his bedroom only to have it slammed shut and locked it by the prince after she entered.

Merlyn walked over to the window and opened the window. She could feel his eyes on her.

"Merlyn..." Arthur spoke near by her.

"yes sire...?" She trailed off as she turned around.

Arthur stood directly in front of her. Her breath hitches as Arthur walked toward her. Merlyn backed up as he walked forward. She felt something in her stir as Arthur's breath fanned over her face. She felt many things at once after her back hit the wall. Her heart was beating fast and her stomach tightened.

'What is this feeling?' she thought

Arthur was directly in front of her now bending down. So their noses were touching. She closed her eyes

"Merlyn... why didn't you tell me about what happened when you were nine?" Arthur asked softly.

Merlyn snapped her eyes open and pushed Arthur's chest. He didn't budge.

"Why would you care!?" she snapped all previous feeling disappeared.

Arthur frowned at Merlyn. What was the matter with her?

"I Always care!" Arthur said

Merlyn stared at Arthur. Did he really care or was he just saying that? He always did this to her made her think he cared and than say something that made her not believe him. She loved Arthur but she knew that he did love her, but not in the same way.

"Do you... you thin...think that I don't?" The prince asked slowly

His face showed her something he never shown before towards her. always at someone else but not her.

It was concern.

Arthur moved closer to her so that they were slightly pressed together and his hands are either side of Merlyn face. Merlyn looked towards the door.

"I know you do... slightly" she whispered.

Arthur leaned closer so that their lips were almost touching.

"you have no idea do you Merlyn" Arthur whispered.

"what?" she said looking up into Arthur's eyes.

Arthur looked down at Merlyns lips. Merlyn subconsciously licked her lips. Arthur leaned forward and captured her lips in his. Merlyn eye's widened, but after a few moments her eye's closed and she raped her arms around Arthur neck. Arthur cupped her cheek. They both moved their lips in sic as they grasped each over tighter. One of Arthur's hand grasped her waist as he pushed her flat against the wall. slowly after a minuet of passionate kissing they broke resting on each other's.

"I...always have...and...always will...love...you" Arthur panted.

Merlyn looked up at Arthur. Shocked must have showed on her face as Arthur started blabbering.

"It's not because you are dressing in a dress today, it's that I love how you argue and tell me of, how you hair falls, your handkerchiefs, how you call me them names, how you laugh, how you are always hphhnnmm" Arthur rambled till Merlyn leaned forward and kissed him.

Pulling back she smiled. Tears ran down her face as she smiled.

"I love you Arthur pendragon. I tried to ignore it but.." she spoke softy to him

Arthur leaned forward and kissed her lightly.

"Now I know I won't let you go" said Arthur he spoke softly

"You have too... I'm a servant... your a prince!" Merlyn exclaimed

Arthur sighed and pulled her into his chest and hugged her. merlyn buried her head into his neck.

"I know we have to hide it till I'm king..." Arthur whispered into her ear.

Little did they know that a figure was watching from the keyhole.

The figure stood and walked away from the door.

Guards bowed as the king of Camelot walked by.

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