Hi! This is my first story, so forgive me for errors and bad plot lines I'm not completely sure where to go with this, so sorry if events in the story are delayed or pushed forward.

I'm a monster. I hurt people. But I hate violence. Truly and honestly.

My name is Shizuo Heiwajima. I am considered the monster of Ikebukuro. I am the strongest and also the most violent due to my temper. Even I'll admit it's a problem. My short fuse, that is. Most people fear me, and it annoys me. But the few who don't try to beat me up to look strong, although, they usually end up critically injured or worse. But I don't let it bother me because it is technically their fault, though. But the one who hates me the most is the one I really wish would accept me.

He and I met in our second year at Raira Academy. He was a transfer student that my friend Shinra had known and befriended previously. So Shinra decided to introduce us. Apparently, big mistake. We were at the football/soccer field, and I was walking down unsuspectingly when the boy ran towards me with a switch-blade and slashed me across the chest. He laughed maniacally and sprinted away as I chased him. This kind of behavior went on. He would do something to taunt me and I would chase him around Ikebukuro, throwing signs and such at him, until he would escape, usually unscathed. We got close enough for nicknames, however hateful they were, so I thought we could improve our relationship. 5 years have told me that, no, we probably won't.

It kills me every time he calls me a monster, but that is what I am so I accept it. He also calls me Shizu-chan, which I pretend to hate only because it might make me blush in front of him, and protozoan. In return, I call him flea, and louse, and occasionally, when I'm particularly angry, his real name, Izaya. That's right. He is Izaya Orihara, the one I want approval from the most. Also the one who would never in this lifetime give it. Life sucks.

Today is a Saturday, and I have weekends off, so I was just roaming the city. Better than doing nothing in my dingy apartment. I was kind of hoping to see Izaya, even a brute like me can miss someone, but it would probably be better if I didn't. I didn't want to fight today. So when I sensed him in the city, I decided to walk in the opposite direction. I walked randomly, crossing and turning and not paying attention to anything. But I suddenly looked up and blinked. I had been so busy staring into space and daydreaming, that I had inadvertently walked right to him. He was standing right in front of me, smirking at my surprised face.

"Sleepy today, aren't we, Shizu-chan," he said cheerfully. Deciding I really wanted this to stop, I turned around and made a beeline for the park. He followed with a slightly curious expression and I sighed. I couldn't outrun him, but maybe I could walk longer and tire him out. Anything to avoid the usual fight. Izaya's brow furrowed and he walked a little faster to my side. "Are you avoiding me?" he asked in a mockingly hurt voice. Oooohh, how I wished he would not touch me when I was doing exactly that. It made it so much harder to ignore him when I was already completely aware of him. I could sense his presence from a mile aw—"Earth to Shizuo," he said while tapping my head lightly. And I looked at him. I don't know what he saw in my suddenly aware face, but it wiped his smirk away.

I sighed, lowered my head, and kept walking, this time to my house. I needed to get away from this for a while. I walked and walked, not stopping to look back until I was there. And Izaya was gone. I sighed again, then climbed the stairs to my third story apartment and unlocked the door. I walked in, then climbed into my bed in my bedroom. This was all too much for me, and after 5 years, I was finally going to put an end to it.

Sorry it's so short! Please review and tell me what you think! Most of this will be from Shizuo's POV, because I understand him better, but there will be some from Izaya's POV.