His First


Chapter One: First Meeting


Yamamoto heaved a sigh as he took a few steps towards his new house. His father had just managed to expand his business, and managed to snag a small restaurant in Tokyo, where he would then change the shabby looking thing into a new Take-Sushi. The old one, their home, would be looked after by some of his father's trusted employee's.

Yamamoto had begged his father to let them stay here, and let the employee's go to Tokyo, but Tsuyoshi wouldn't have any of it. Now, Yamamoto had left all his friends back in Namimori.

He felt really bad, especially for abandoning Tsuna's little Mafia Game. Of course, he knew it wasn't a game since everything they had gone through, but it still brought up happy memories of all his friends.

Yamamoto smiled sadly, and tilted his head when he heard his father shout something to him. "Okay!" Yamamoto replied, trying his best to sound happy. His father knew he had been upset, so he tried to act happier not to worry him as much.

Tsuyoshi had said he could go back and visit his friends in Namimori whenever he wanted, as long as it didn't interfere with school hours, obviously. Yamamoto had agreed quietly, and continued packing.

"The movers will be here in about an hour," Tsuyoshi announced, walking up to stand beside his son. "So, if you want to go check out the neighborhood, here's your change, Takeshi." Tsuyoshi grinned, clapping his son on the back. "I'm going to go and sign you up for school, okay?" Yamamoto offered a smile, and nodded. He adjusted his back pack and decided to go right.

He followed the side walk and eventually he found himself at a park. Curious, Yamamoto followed the paved path through the trees and came into an opening, which was probably the middle of the park. There was a basketball court, and then a small soccer field. Yamamoto frowned, sad to see that there was no baseball field.

'Oh well,' He thought, ignoring the people around him, 'I'll just go find another place that might have a baseball field... Maybe I should ask somon-'


"Eh?" Yamamoto blinked, turning just in time to see a large orange ball flying straight towards him. He closed his eyes, ready for the hit as it would have been too late to try and dodge. He flinched when he heard the sound of a ball smacking against skin, but paused when he didn't feel any impact. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and stared.

A tall tanned boy stood in front of him, the orange basketball in his hand, as cold dark blue eyes drifted down to Yamamoto.

"You should watch out, little boy." The male chided, a teasing smirk on his face. Yamamoto frowned, blinking at the taller male.

"I'm 16." Yamamoto huffed, crossing his arms.

"Eh? Really?" The male blinked, raising his eyebrow at Yamamoto.

"Yeah." Yamamoto nodded.

"So am I." The blue haired boy replied, appearing uninterested suddenly. Yamamoto's stare faltered, and he looked the taller boy up and down.

"Where I came from, usually I was the tallest..." Yamamoto chuckled, his memories flashing back to his friends. "Ah, sorry, I'm Yamamoto Takeshi! And you are?" He smiled, and finally, it was a real one, not a forced smile.

"... Aomine Daiki." The blue eyed boy introduced, a wolfish grin on his face.


JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR - I'm making Yamamoto the same age as Aomine in this. Obviously. Then this wouldn't make any sense. :P

Yamamoto is my favorite character from Hitman Reborn. Aomine... well, he's on my list. But, I just suddenly felt like writing more about him, so that's why I chose him. I was originally going to go with Kuroko and Kagami, but then decided that Aomine need some love (in my books). I'll write a different story with Kuroko later on. I already have an idea that's been circulating in my head for quite some time... I just never got to writing it down, yet.

This was also inspired by - ! ... A weird dream that I had.

~Love me or Hate me~