His First


Chapter Two: First Day of School


The last thing Yamamoto had wanted was to transfer. But, all in all, he was at least feeling a little better than the previous day. Today was now Monday, and also; his first official day of school.

His father had enrolled him in a school called Touou. He remembered him saying that it was a pretty neat school. Yamamoto had only nodded, flashing a grin, as he ate the rest of his breakfast.

Currently, he was in his room. He stared at the new uniform that he had to wear, and frowned. He liked his old one better; the blue was nicer than this dark grey, almost black color. With a soft sigh, Yamamoto pulled it on. He smoothed the lines out, and grabbed his bag.

Tsuyoshi greeted him downstairs with a big smile, holding a bento up for his son. Yamamoto smiled back, and took the bento thankfully. "Thanks, pops." He grinned, placing it gently inside his bag.

"You going to join the baseball team?" Tsuyoshi asked, patting Yamamoto's shoulder reassuringly. Yamamoto paused, and looked at the ground in thought.

He had been so sure that he was, but the more he thought about baseball, the more his memories of his old school and friends flash in his mind. "Maybe." Yamamoto replied. He definitely needed something to distract himself from... himself.

His father gave him (what he thought was) a comforting slap on the back before he sent him off. "Have fun on your first day, Takeshi!" Tsuyoshi grinned, waving his son away.

"I will," Yamamoto nodded. "Have fun opening the shop!" He called, walking out of the corner shop they had set up. He knew his father had stayed up all night unpacking and getting everything ready for their 'Grand Opening' today. Yamamoto himself had helped a little, until Tsuyoshi sent him straight to bed. Even thought he was tired, he couldn't sleep.

After a while of walking, and looking over his father's instructions, Yamamoto had finally made it to the school. It was fairly large and nice all around, but he still felt he had an allegiance to Nami-Chuu.

He walked through the gates and down the painted sidewalk, inspecting his surroundings. He was unaware as to where he was going, as his eyes caught sight of a large baseball diamond. A small smile appeared on his face, and Yamamoto thought that he might as well just join the club. He made it this far, after all. Besides, it's what his friends would want, right?

A sudden force knocked him over, and soon enough, Yamamoto's things spilled onto the ground. "Ouch." Yamamoto chuckled; rubbing his elbow as he had used it to half-brace his fall.

"Mm? Oh, it's you." The deep voice made him look up in surprise. "Yama-something... right?"
Yamamoto bit back a frown and instead replaced it with a smile. "It's Yamamoto Takeshi! And you're Aomine Daiki, right?" He laughed, all in good nature, as the blue haired boy helped him up.

He gathered his things, shoving them back inside his bag, as he ran to catch up with Aomine, who had started walking away. "You didn't answer me." He chided.

Aomine rolled his eyes, looking to the side. 'What a pain...' "Yeah, okay. I'm Aomine." He offered with an annoyed click of his tongue.

"Are you in any sports clubs?" Yamamoto suddenly asked. He had been meaning to ask, ever since Aomine had stopped the basketball from hitting him. But before he got the chance, the boy had already managed to get away.

"Oh, and thank you!"

"For what?" Aomine drawled out lazily, walking up the few steps and through the school doors. Yamamoto followed closely behind him, looking up into his half-empty eyes.

"For saving me!" Yamamoto grinned. "Anyway, back to my question."
"Tch. I'm on the basketball team, if it matters that much to you."

"Cool! I was on the baseball team at my old school. You have one of those here, right? I like baseball..."
"You should play basketball."

"Eh?" Yamamoto blinked, tilting his head.

"Nothing." Aomine replied, disappearing into his classroom. Yamamoto watched him sit in his chair, beside a short brown haired boy that somewhat reminded him of Tsuna. He blinked, and went towards the office, as he had no idea what class he would be in.


"Everyone, this is your new classmate. He just transferred here, so please be kind to him." The teacher smiled, turning to Yamamoto. Yamamoto nodded, and offered the brightest smile he could give.

"Hi! I'm Yamamoto Takeshi!" He gave a small wave, and already he could hear some girls whispering about him. Not that he really cared or minded. He scanned the classroom, and his eyes landed on a certain blue haired boy. He smiled, and walked over to his seat.

'I guess the first day isn't always so bad.'


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