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As they watched Mo and Michael walk away Serena heard Hanssen say dejectedly 'I told you acting on impulse tends not to end well for me.'

Serena turned to look at him. She was still stunned by his actions and wasn't quite sure how to react. 'I'm sure we can scare those two into keeping schtum.' She said, but adding under her breath, 'Publicly anyway, I doubt I'll ever hear the end of it from Michael.' She could just imagine the teasing.

'I apologise.' Hanssen said sincerely. 'I put us both in an awkward position. If word gets out I will take full responsibility.'

'Word isn't going to get out.' Serena insisted but Hanssen still didn't look convinced.

Calling out to Michael and Mo, she summoned them back to the car.

'Come on, don't take all day.' She said as they approached hesitantly. 'Some of us would like to get home this side of Christmas.'

The two consultants exchanged wary looks.

'Are you not going to explain what the hell happened here a few minutes ago?' Michael asked bluntly. Mo elbowed him.

'What's to explain?' Serena asked smoothly. 'You saw two people kissing.'

Michael was surprised by that response, he had expected excuses.

Serena stepped closer and took the car keys from his hand.

'Our turn in front now.' She said brightly. She began to turn away and then turned back. 'Oh and I am sure it goes without saying that there shan't be a word about what you saw to anyone else. There won't be any rumours, or jokes or… hints. Because if there are… we'll know exactly where they came from.' She smiled sweetly. 'And, I can't speak for Mr Hanssen, but… I have ended careers over a lot less.'

Serena's demeanour was a stark contrast to Hanssen's ominous glare but equally dangerous. Both Mo and Michael believed that they would pay dearly if word were to get out about what they had witnessed. Michael knew Hanssen took no prisoners and he had the last of his second chances from the man, and even though he counted Serena as a friend, he knew her well enough to know her professional reputation came far and above friendship.

'Goes without saying.' Michael nodded.

'Good.' Serena smiled again. She threw the keys to Hanssen and made her way to the passenger side.

As Mo and Michael got in the back, Hanssen threw Serena an impressed smile. She really was marvellous to watch in action. Serena winked at him.

Radio Four played for the rest of the journey home and this time it was Michael complaining about the heat and air-con – to which he got no sympathy from the front seat.

Michael and Mo were both due on shift within an hour of reaching Holby and opted to be dropped at Holby rather than home. Hanssen was to keep the car until his own was fixed.

'Two days in the company of Hanssen and Campbell and we've lived to tell the tale.' Mo said, standing on the path with Michael watching the car drive away. Then realising her words added, 'Or not to tell as the case may be.'

Michael smirked. 'I give it a month… ok, maybe two, before those two are officially an item.'

'Really?' Mo asked, she couldn't picture it.

'Yea. They'll get tired of all the cloak and dagger or they'll let slip something in front of someone and – bang – the story will be out!'

They turned to walk inside.

'You really think there's a romance blossoming?' Mo asked.

'I probably wouldn't call it romance right now but eventually.' Michael answered. 'Now… now they just wanna shag each other senseless.'

Mo came to a halt at his words, making a disgusted face as Michael walked on ahead, disinterested.

Hanssen pulled the car in outside Serena's house. He watched her in the mirrors as she removed her bag from the boot and stepped around to the driver's side door. He rolled the window down.

'You coming then?' Serena asked, nodding her head towards the house.

'Pardon?' Hanssen asked, with a look that was a mixture of wary and confused.

'Are. You. Coming. Inside. With. Me?' Serena said slowly.

'Um…' Hanssen's eyes darted around.

'I told you - law of averages.' Serena said. 'Give spontaneity another shot. I can promise you, this time it's going to end very well.' She finished with a seductive smile and turned to make her way inside.

Hanssen thought about it for a split second before hopping out of the car!