"I can't believe you are doing this Punk! After everything we've been through!" AJ said with tears forming in her eyes. "You promised me you wouldn't be like Daniel, Kane, John, and Dolph; You said you'd never break my heart ever again!" AJ was running her hands threw her hair.

"Maybe that's why he chose me over you. You're a slut who has been passed around the locker room one to many times." Paul Heyman smirked and insulted the petite woman.

"Those days ended when I met Punkie Bear, you know that!"

"Who knows that? You two don't spend every waking moment together. Whose to say you don't' mess around with other superstars while Punk is in the showers? or when he is packing for the next event?"

"I'd never be unfaithful! How do you know I'm not with him every waking moment? I bet your plotting behind his back to hurt him!"

"Why on Earth would I hurt my Best Friend in the World?"

"Because He doesn't want you at ringside anymore! And plus, You have Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel; You don't need Punk."

"And you do?"

"YES! Punk is all I've got. If you haven't noticed, all the divas in that locker room hate me and I can't even talk to other superstars without it being awkward!'

"You have that Diva's title, You have Big E Langston."

"This Diva's title can't keep me warm at night and Big E Langston is probably going to turn on me soon anyways with how much he admires Kaitlyn. Punk is the only person I can trust.

"Why don't you just go back to being homeless and not show your face around here. Nobody cares about you." Those words hit AJ like a on of bricks. Was it true? Not even one person gave a damn about her? The tears in her eyes were about to spill over.

"Paul...You're a jerk! I know atleast one person here has to care about me, or I wouldn't be here. And Atleast I can get a boyfriend and I'm not some ugly walrus..." She began her rant on how horrible and disgusting both Paul and his actions were. Punk had been standing in the middle of it for quite sometime. Yes, he did pick Paul, but that was because Paul wasn't...emotionally unstable.

"STOP!" Punk finally yelled. It scared AJ whenever he yelled, so she jumped back in terror and Paul just gave him a shocked look. "C'mon, I need to discuss something with you." Punk grabbed Paul by his arm , roughly, and they walked off. AJ stood there, now that Punk was finally out of her site, she could cry. She cry while throwing one of her signature tantrums. She threw a bunch of stuff off the table next to her. She screamed...and cried...and screamed some more. All of the sudden she felt arms hold her and try to calm her down. John Cena grabbed AJ by her arms gently,

"Woe, Woe, Woe, What're you doing?! Settle Down, AJ. Listen, you are wrecking the place. just, calm down." He hugged her while she cried into his chest. "What is going on?"

"Punk, he picked Heyman over me. I have nobody!" She hit his shoulder but he didn't let go.

"We will fix this, just don't cry." He calmed her down. Damn, This chick is Crazy.

CM Punk was in a match vs. Alberto Del Rio. He had AJ come out with him. She wouldn't take No for an answer. and It helped because Del Rio had Ricardo Rodriguez and AJ had Big E, which was great insurance. Del Rio was leaning on the ropes and Punk was turned towards the corner to regain his energy. The ref was checking on Punk with Big E punched Del Rio in the face, helping Punk. All of the sudden, Ricardo hit Big E in the face with Alberto's scarf. Big E's temper was starting to rise. HE slowly walked towards Ricardo as Ricardo stepped back. AJ ran over to them and turned Big E around, "Relax E! We could get in trouble for this, just stop! Relax!" She said to him. He nodded and turned round and stepped to the side fast enough to dodge the water that Ricardo met to hit Big E with but splashed all over AJ. She stood there in shock for a couple minutes and then got angry. She ran after Ricardo who was running around the ring. She ran into Big E who held her back and settled her down. She yelled and screamed, "I am soak and wet!" Big E grabbed a towel from the trainers and technicians by the announce table and gave it to AJ to dry off with. Ricardo was laughing on the other side of the ring. The match continued and soon, the math was outside of the ring. Paul had been at the announcement table the whole time and when he started insult AJ, she got defensive. He got up and they started fighting. Del Rio was next to them and Punk was on the barricade looking towards the crowd. All of the sudden, Paul swung his arm back and punched AJ. AJ landed on the ground, holding her cheek, crying. Did Paul just punch me?!

Big E Langston didn't see any of it. Neither did Punk. Paul shouted, "PUNK! PUNK!" Punk slowly turned around in pain and saw AJ crying and holding her cheek. "ALBERTO HIT AJ! HE HIT HER!" AJ laid there, crying and hearing every Paul said. Alberto didn't touch me you coward, You did! Punk jumped over the announcement table and attacked Alberto. causing the match to end in a no contest, but Punk didn't care. He put Alberto to sleep and had Big E carry AJ to the trainers room.

"Are you alright?" Punk asked the Black Widow.

"No! He punched me!" She was holding a ice bag to her cheek, which was probably bruised.

"I got revenge. Don't worry, Alberto probably wont be waking up for a while." Punk assured her, but she wasn't satisfied.

"What did Alberto do?" AJ asked, which had Punk in shock.

"Uhm...He punched you." Punk said.

"No he didn't, Alberto didn't touch me. Paul is the one who punched me!" Paul was standing in the corner. Punk looked confused,

"Paul is the one who told me what Alberto did; Why would he punch you? He is a weak link."

"Punkers, you gotta believe me, Paul is the one who hit me!"

"Are you just saying this because you don't like Paul? Because you're jealous?" Punk was disgusted at how low this all sounded to him.

"Fine, don't believe me! But I know the truth, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole know the truth, the WWE Universe knows the truth, and Those replays on the Titantron show the truth! If you can't trust me n this and believe me, then...We're through! Just remember this, When he turns on you and hurts you, and when you see those replays, just remember that I'll be there. Because I'm that pathetic, easy little black widow, Right? Wrong, I'm done with letting men step all over me. and Paul, I'd watch out if I were you, because you...are my first victim! BIG E!" Big E quickly came to her side and picked her up. He always carried her around. They left and came up with their plan.

"Paul!" Punk looked at him. "You tell me the truth damnit and you tell me now!"

"I'm telling you the truth Punk. Alberto hit AJ. I witnessed it and yelled for you." Paul said, lying through his teeth.

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