AJ and Punk were meeting up for a lunch, to talk so things over. They both arrived and got a table. "Hey Punky Bear." She sat down.

"Punky Bear?" He smirked, sitting across from her.

"Yup, that's my nickname for you now. Punkers was getting old." She smiled.

"Ok? What about you? What should i call you?"

"I don't know. You have to come up with it."

"How about...CrayJ?" He smiled, knowing she hate being called Crazy. She took a deep breath,

"Alright. But I'm letting you know right now. You are the only person that is allowed to call me crazy." She said, typing on her phone; checking out Twitter.

"Aww, I feel so special." He said, joking around. "So, What are you doing?"

"I am checking out Twitter." She smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" Seeing her smile, made him smile.

"This..." She turned her phone towards him so he could read :

"LilMissBoxy: CMPunk said he'd feud with WWEAJLee can we throw the rule book out and make at least a match happen?" Yes. Please.

He chuckled, "You want a match against me?"

"Yeah! Why now?"

"Uhm, I'm 3 times your size." He smiled.

"So, now you're sounding like Brock."

"How?" Punk frowned.

"Size. does. matter." She her best impersonation of Brock, but it came out more like Hulk, causing Punk and AJ to laugh.

"What kind of match would that be?"

"Hmm...Lingerie Pillow Fight!" She giggled.

"I don't think so." He chuckled.

"Then what do you think the match should be?" She smiled.

"I don't know..." He smirked, "An Ultimate Submission match."

"Aww, can their atleast be Pillow fighting involved?" she smiled.

"and tickling." They both laughed. "So, do we have a plan for the next show?"

"I do. I'm just waiting on Big E. Last night was his date with Aksana." She smiled.

"Date with Aksana?" Punk was surprised.

"Yea, he lost a bet against me and his punishment was to go on a date with Aksana."

"Oh, that makes more sense."

"Yea. Here he comes now." She pointed out that Big E was coming into the restaurant. He sat with them, he wasn't looking to happy. "Why so sad?"

"I believe the line is Why So Serious." Punk joked.

"I'm not the Joker in this relationship; I'm Harley Quinn It's your job to say that line." She said to Punk.

"Aww, Puddin'." Punk joked.

"That's my line." She giggled.

"Well, are we going to discuss the game plan?" E asked.

"Yes," Punk said.

"As soon as you tell us how your date with Aksana went." AJ finished the sentence. Big E sighed,

"Let's just say, if I ever see her again, it'll be to soon. Now can we please focus on work."

"Yes. Well, this is what I got so far. Creative told me that I have a match against Kaitlyn again this week and before that, I have a segment with Big E. After the match, If I lose, Cutis Axel is going to come out and give me a sorrow, causing a match between him and Big E. After that match, you attack Axel then go after Heyman. But, If I win the match, Curtis is just going to come running out to the ring and attack Big E while I'm celebrating my victory and then he is going to try to go after me but you run out and stop him. Got it"

"Got it." Big E said.

"Got It." Punk said.

"Good!" She smiled.

"I have another match with that woman!? I have beaten Kaitlyn twice, and I have to have another match with her. And, And what's going to happen is she is going to spear me, like she always spears me and every time she spears me, a baby cries and they lose a hero and you know why; because you do nothing! You stand there and let it happen Why do you let it happen? EVERYTIME, E, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!"

"Look, I..." Big E began talking as AJ began to laugh. He stopped mid-sentence.

"I know what it is...You stand there, and you watch, because you like me...You like what I do in the ring, right? And you just never know what I'm going to do next." She laughed and skipped towards the Gorilla Position. The camera man stopped filming.

Kaitlyn was waiting in the ring when AJ's theme song came on. She came skipping out in her CM Punk shirt and her title flopping around her waist, Big E Langston walking behind her. She jumped in the ring and the match started. AJ started the match with a shove, Kaitlyn returned the favor, causing AJ to fall to the mat. Kaitlyn came to pick AJ up but AJ kicked her in the chest. AJ twisted Kaitlyn's arm but Kaitlyn reversed with a punch to the face with her other arm. The match continued, consisting with a lot of Trash talking and screaming from AJ and submissions. Kaitlyn eventually got the upper-hand and speared AJ. Kaitlyn won and celebrated her victory with the crowd and eventually went backstage. AJ sat in the ring, her legs crossed, forming an X, Big E Came into the ring and tried to check AJ but AJ soon began screaming her lungs out, hitting and punching the mat. She continued screaming when Curtis Axel , .

"AJ! Hey, Congratulations on your loss, AJ. Listen, relax, maybe your new friend, Big E, he can be your shoulder to cry on tonight. And Who knows? Maybe later, you can return the favor and be his shoulder to cry on, because I want a match with E right now!" Axel said, with Paul Heyman at his side. Big E began yelling to bring it on.

The match began and obviously Big E was dominating. It was taking every inch of her being to not go crazy and attack Paul Heyman on the other side of the ring, she could have went over there and attack the walrus, but it wasn't part of the plan. She watched the, breathing in and out, trying to calm down. She couldn't hold it in, so instead of attacking Paul, she went after Curtis. Big E was thrown out of the ring by Curtis and AJ jumped in the ring and jumped on Curtis. She scratched his eyes and punched him. She fell off of him but jumped on him again, punching and kicking him while screaming. Axel got loose and AJ was left in the ring, screaming at the top of her lungs. Big E got back in the ring and asked her, "WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?" She sat in the ring, screaming and crying all at the same time. Axel was confused, why was she acting so crazy? Well, that's probably just it, She's Crazy. Punk came running down the ramp and pushed Axel. He attacked Axel and looked at Paul. He gave the most sexiest and sadistic smile that She ever saw. It made her stop crying and screaming and she just giggled. Punk chased Paul into the time keepers area, Punk grabbed his jacket and hit him a couple times, but not as hard as he wanted to. Axel came up from behind and hit Punk, Punk turned around and hit back. Paul ran out of the arena while Axel and Punk were at it. Punk gave Axel a right hook and put him up on his shoulders. Her put Axel to sleep and laughed. AJ was sitting acrossed in the ring, giggling. She crawled out of the ring and stood by him. They held hands and walked away, Big E following them.

"You did great!" AJ said smiling, jumping up and down.

"You didn't do to bad yourself." Punk said smiling.

"What was that?!" Big E said, walking up to them.

"What was what?" AJ was confused.

"You cost me my match out there!" He said catching his breath.

"Just calm down E, it was just a regular match."

"Yea, but I need that win. I am not going to get any title shots soon with losses like that! Maybe Your crazy, psychotic self can stay away from my matches!"

"Hey! Don't talk to her that way! Why don't you just go to your locker room and talk to us when you calm down, ok? It wasn't an important match so get over it." Punk said, standing in front of AJ, protecting her and standing up for her. Big E just took a deep breath and walked away. He went to his locker room.

"What's his problem?" AJ asked.

"I don't know, but what it is, he needs to get over it. C'mon, let's have that match that you want so badly." Punk smiled, taking her hand as they walked to their locker room, got packed and went to the hotel for their Ultimate Submission match.

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