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"You can't be serious." Sasuke muttered, glaring at the older version of himself that sat across the desk in front of him.

"Completely so Sasuke." Itachi said evenly, meeting his brother's glare impassively. "It's either this, or go to the school dad had originally intended and marry the girl he intends you to."

Sasuke remained silent, looking at the cheerful brochure on the wood before him wanting nothing more than to ball it up and throw it out the window. He wanted to bang his fist on the desk and have the tantrum he was never allowed to as a child because it just wasn't fair.

But as his brother was so fond of reminding him, life wasn't fair.

Sasuke sighed, beginning the slow process of resigning himself to his fate, "And what exactly have you told father?"

The smallest of sneers graced Itachi's usually stoic face at the word, "I told him that you were a unique case and that this was merely a phase for you, and the school I proposed was an academy meant to help speed the process along so that when you returned, you'd do as told."

Onyx eyes seemed to darken as Sasuke regarded his brother coolly, "That's obviously not going to happen."

Itachi offered the slightest of nods, "I agree. But you and I both know you're not nearly ready enough to stand up to father as you need to be. You'll need to set up separate funds for when you're inevitably cut off, and I can have some of my private lawyers sign some of our lower businesses into your name. But that's going to take time."

"I still don't see why I can't just go to any other school, besides the ones you and father are offering."

"Because, Sasuke." Itachi said with a sigh, as if he was arguing with a small child and his patience was wearing thin, "These schools, despite their diversity and the other being less well known, are the best in the country and any other wouldn't stand up to scrutiny. Not to mention they're discreet."

Sasuke picked up the pamphlet that sat between them with a look of distaste, "And what do you think I'll gain from this school?" he demanded, dropping the paper back down.

Itachi smirked, "When Deidara first showed it to me he said that'd it'd help you . . . find yourself."

Sasuke snorted, looking at the headline of the brochure distrustfully.

Welcome to Divine Academy

He sighed, 'really now, could it get any gayer?'


Sasuke grumbled to himself as he drove through the large, black iron gates of his new school, grimacing at the large sign that proclaimed 'Welcome to Devine Academy' in cursive.

Itachi had told him to give it a fair chance, and even attempted to give him what he assumed to be a pep talk, but it had done little to make him feel better about the situation.

"This is your best choice, just grin and bear it Sasuke." Itachi said lowly, "You're acting as if you're going to prison. Really, you should be happy, you have it easy."

"And how exactly do I have it easy Itachi?" Sasuke snapped, "You may have been cut off but you weren't disowned! Father never cared too much about your sexuality because he always had me to carry on the line and he's certainly not going to be happy when he finds out that that's not going to happen."

"Relax" Deidara piped up from his place on the corner of Itachi's desk. "We've got a plan, and it won't be so bad. My half brother goes there and he likes it. Just give it a shot."

"Deidara's right Sasuke, just have an open mind. Now, get out and go pack. It's a two hour drive from here, and you'll leave at five. Your bags will be in your dorm when you get there."

Sasuke didn't quite like the idea of his things alone in a room with someone he'd never met, and much less liked the idea of sharing a room, but, like the situation in general, he supposed he'd better get used to it.

Parking in the student lot he took the key out of the ignition and just sat there for a moment. He didn't know why he was so nervous, but he couldn't help the bit of anxiety that kept attempting to swallow him whole at the thought of spending the rest of his high school career locked away in a school with people . . . like him.

He hadn't had the common struggle as most did with coming to terms with his sexuality. His brother had come out when he was thirteen, and when he had finally realized that he himself was gay, it hadn't come as that much of a surprise.

He'd been around Itachi and his boyfriend Deidara and the rest of Itachi's odd friends but had yet to actually spend time with people his own age that were gay as well. It was a bit of a social shock to go from an assumed completely straight environment to exactly the opposite.

He hadn't felt this much apprehension since his first day of preschool.

After a deep breath he finally got out of his car and began the short walk to the school's steps, climbing them warily as he looked around. According to what Itachi had said there would be a guide to show him around, but he didn't see anyone that looked particularly 'guidish' and he wasn't too inclined to stand around looking like a lost idiot.

He noted two lone teens about his age on the front steps and wondered if it was one of them.

One had waist length brunette hair that was pulled into a lose tie and eerie lilac colored contacts that looked far too real on him for his taste. He wore a plain white button down shirt and low riding brown jeans.

His companion was a bit shorter with significantly shorter dark hair also pulled into a ponytail at the back of his head. He wore a dark green shirt with black sleeves underneath it and dark wash skinny jeans and looked almost as displeased as Sasuke was to be there.

The latter noticed Sasuke first and pointed him out to the taller of the two, who turned to face him with a small frown. The brunette nodded as he leant down to whisper something in the shorter one's ears making him flush slightly, before the two parted ways, the first walking towards Sasuke purposely as the other disappeared inside the doors of the school.

"Neji Hyuga." was all he said as he held out a hand expectantly for Sasuke to shake when he had finally reached the teen.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke murmured, taking the proffered hand and giving it a firm shake before putting his hands in his pockets.

"I know. I'm you're guide for the day so please, try to keep up." he said curtly, turning and entering in through the school doors and holding one open for Sasuke who promptly followed. "The boy I was talking to earlier was Shikamaru Nara, and be forewarned, if you touch him, you die." He said with a straight face.

Sasuke nodded despite the strange threat, assuming that they were friends if not more. He supposed he should get used to seeing out couples more often considering his current residence but at the moment, it was still a bit of an oddity.

"Here" Neji said, handing him a map, "this will help you get from class to class if you get lost, but from what principal Tsunade told me we have most of our classes together. Speaking of which" he murmured, handing Sasuke another piece of paper, "here's your schedule. You have English with me first, but it doesn't matter if we're late, Kakashi's never there anyway."

Sasuke was about to ask why when what could only be described as an orange blur came crashing into him.

"Kiba!" a voice whined, "You did that on purpose!" the boy on top of him huffed as he climbed to his feet, offering a sheepish hand down to help Sasuke.

Once they were both properly adjusted Sasuke got a better look at the teen. He had unnervingly bright blond spiky hair and big blue eyes that were looking apologetically up at him, and three pale scars that adorned each cheek. He wore a too bright in Sasuke's opinion orange t-shirt, dark skinny jeans, and an old pair of faded sneakers.

"Sorry about that." he said nervously, bending down to pick up Sasuke's fallen papers and the football that lay beside them that he had apparently been trying to catch.

Turning, he lobbed the ball at the grinning, spiky brunette down the hall before turning back to Sasuke and Neji.

"Hey Neji!" he said brightly, handing Sasuke the papers, "Is this the new guy?"

Neji rolled his eyes, "Have you seen him before Naruto?"

The blond shrugged, "He looks a bit familiar actually, but I get it. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you!" he said, practically shouting the words as he offered his hand to Sasuke who slowly took it.

"Dobe" he said lowly, "Do you usually shout everything you say?"

Naruto blinked, flushing slightly before he glared. "Don't call me that teme!" he said, voice even more raised as sapphire eyes fixed Sasuke with a sharp glare.

"Well, as you can see this is Naruto." Neji interrupted before Sasuke could return the insult, "And the boy down the hall is Kiba. And Naruto . . ." Neji trailed off, taking the paper from his hands and giving it an amused glance, "Well, he'll be your roommate."

"What, are you serious?" Naruto asked, apparently just as displeased with this as Sasuke, "I have to share my room with this bastard?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, taking the paper back as he stuffed it in his pocket, "I'm not exactly thrilled about this either moron." Sasuke sighed.


The blond turned as his name was called, frown replaced by a friendly grin as an equally loud teen bounded up to them.

"How nice it is to see you bonding with the new youth of our school! I'm Lee!" the dark haired, bowl cut teen shouted in his face, extending a hand that Sasuke less than enthusiastically shook. "If you need anything feel free to ask!"

Sasuke nodded, though he made a mental note to keep his distance at all times from the overzealous boy in front of him.

Lee wore an overly large forest green short sleeved t-shirt and tight black pants that Sasuke thought vaguely resembled spandex.

Spandex. He might not have had the 'queer eye' for fashion but he sure as hell knew that spandex was something to be avoided. Unless it involved some kind of kink but that was something else entirely . . .

Looking between the two hyperactive boys in front of him Sasuke couldn't help wondering if the rest of the school was like this.

"I have to show the new student around." Neji drawled, thankfully coming to his defense. "We'll see you at lunch." he murmured, offering a small smile at the two who shouted their goodbyes before he led Sasuke down the hall.

"Don't worry, not many are as excitable as Lee and Naruto, they're actually very nice when you get to know them despite their overwhelming first impressions."

"One was wearing spandex."

Neji chuckled "I've known Lee since I was a kid; he just has his own way of going about things. You'll get used to it. Just be nice, Gaara, you'll meet him later, has a thing for him though he'll never admit it. And you certainly don't want to get on Gaara's bad side."

Sasuke snorted, sure he could handle it but storing the information away just in case.

"As for Naruto" Neji continued, "It may just be me, but the way you were looking at him didn't exactly convey total annoyance."

Sasuke tensed imperceptivity as his eyes narrowed, "The idiot's attractive" he allowed, "but also much too loud."

Neji smirked, "Good, at least you'll have some eye candy when you guys are insulting each other. From what I can guess, that'll be a lot."

Oh, Neji didn't know how right he was.


"Have you seen the new kid yet?" the same spiky haired brunette from earlier murmured to his companion from his relaxed position on the ground, head situated comfortably in the other's lap.

"No" the teen above him said, back resting against his bed as he lazily stroked Kiba's hair. "I take it you have?"

"Yeah, he looks alright but Naruto says he's a real jerk." Kiba sighed, eyes fluttering closed in pleasured contentment as Shino idly turned a page in the book that rested on his bent knee. Kiba's faded red shirt that he may or may not have stolen from Shino, he couldn't quite remember, had a string loose that he fiddled with idly, happy to simply enjoy their free period and relax.

Kiba could feel his friend's eyes resting on him, despite the fact that he couldn't actually see them because of the dark glasses he always insisted on wearing, and a small pout graced his lips.

"Shino." he whined, feeling particularly lazy as he lifted a hand up, only to let it fall back tiredly to the ground.

Putting his book aside, Shino smirked, "Yes, Kiba?"

"We're alone, take your glasses off."

"Kiba . . ."

The brunette decided to exert the energy to pull out the big guns, putting what he had learned from his dog Akamaru to practice as he fixed the older teen with the saddest set of puppy dog eyes Shino had ever seen, "Please?"

Shino was quiet for a moment; before resignedly, he lifted a hand to slowly remove his sunglasses.

Kiba didn't know why it suddenly felt like a million butterflies came to life in his stomach, or why there was just the lightest of flushes on his cheeks as impossibly dark eyes fixed on him, but it was somewhat unnerving.

He loved times like these. When Shino would take his coat and glasses of; it was like a wall was torn down that only he got to see behind making him ridiculously happy. Shino wore only a pair of faded blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Kiba couldn't help wondering how the simple outfit could make the silent teen look so good.

"I like it better when I can see your eyes." he murmured, turning away in embarrassment as Shino continued to look at him.

Shino smirked, "I'll keep that in mind."


Sasuke sighed quietly to himself, glancing at the clock for what felt like the thousandth time as he attempted to pay attention to what Mr. Yamato was saying. It wasn't that he particularly disliked math, but as far as first days went, this had to be the longest. And it was only third period!

He was just thankful lunch was next; maybe he'd see the dobe again. For a minute, as the image of the blond haired whisker faced teen popped into his head, he almost forgot why that was such a bad thing.

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