Bellas Pov.

"Isabella…dear…Come help your mother with the Cooking!" My father roared from our doorstep. I quickly brushed myself off from the particles of dirt and stumbled out the woods towards our wooden house.

It was a reasonable sized house, with two floors and big open windows. A well was on the cliff, slightly behind the house. We had no neighbours. No people for miles. Except us.

There was me. Isabella. 17 year old, On an arranged marriage to a wealthy man in his twenty's. I had no love for this man. I despised him. But father persuaded him without my consent.

There was my brother, Emmett. 19 years old. Can wait for another 10 years before being wed off. He planned to run away though and find his true love. I love Emmett. He always looks after me. Hes a goof. My favourite person in the world.

There was mother. She was a very nippy lady. With a scrunched up face, always yelling at me to act like a lady. I don't like mother. Not one bit.

And finally the leader of the household. Father. He goes hunting most days. But the days that he is off he tends to shout at me. Never at Emmett. Emmett towers over him. Dad usually sends Emmett away before laying into me. And I don't mean just shouting. Its very legal for a man to hit a woman. But he is shamed on if caught. Father is very sneaky.

"Oh for the love of the lord" Father hissed as I hurried past him into the kitchen. Mother was peeling potatoes for the Sunday meal. Beads of sweat layered her forehead. She looked up and her eyes turned into little slits.

"No daughter of mine" she grumbled to herself.

"Don't just STAND there Isabella. Give your mother a hand!" father roared, pushing me down to my knees, right into the boiling water basin.

"ouch!" I screamed, clawing my way out the basin. It slipped sideways as I slid out of it. Hot water splashing all over the kitchen floor.

"NOW LOOK!" father roared in my face. Spit flying everywhere. I glared at him as small sobs came from my chest.

His palm connected with my left cheek, and I was suddenly on the hall floor. My own father punching me over, and over.

The carpet turned red.

"My carpet!" mother hissed at father. Father spat at mum and dragged me upstairs into his room, my head hitting every step.

He then raped me for the first time.

I sobbed and screamed but he muffled me with his hands…

I could hear the sound of emmetts carrage pulling up outside.

"Get Out of my sights!" Father hissed as he wiped his sweat away and pulled his trousers up. Sobbing I scrambled across the hall, into my tiny room.

I looked into the glass. And I saw a broken woman. A bloody, broken woman. I heard Emmett walk in and ask our parents about the blood. I heard excuses after excuses about a dead deer. And Emmett seemed to buy it until he came upstairs.

"Izzy im home" he smiled as he peaked round the door. A horrified expression filled his face. He kneeled down next to me and took my bruised face into his hands.

"Izzy what happened?!" Emmett proclaimed.

"Father…he…" I sobbed out.

"Did he hit you…what am I saying…of course he hit you!" Emmett looked very angry.

"theres more" I whispered.

"what…oh no…please izzy no…"

"he raped me em" I whispered and I was suddenly crushed to emmetts chest.

"Im going to speak to that disgusting excuse of a man!" Emmett boomed.

"no..emmett..we need to leave!" I grasped his hand in mine. "we need to escape!"

"Your right…" Emmett whispered. He grabbed his pocket knife and led me downstairs. One step at a time. Carefully. I was slightly behind him.

"You" Mother hissed pointing a finger "you led your OWN FATHER into your bed! The devil is inside you!" she screeched.

"HE RAPED ME MOTHER!" I yelled at her. My fists clenched tightly. Emmett pushed me back.

"Shutup you useless Young child!" father sniggered.

"were leaving" Emmett told them flatly.

"You may leave son, visit that pretty lady…malinda. THIS little brat is to stay here until the devil is clean of her!" father told him standing up.

"No…not after what you did" Emmett hissed.

"You bunch of.." Emmett cut dad off.

"Izzy RUN! IM RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" I scampered out the front door, my soaking dress holding me back. Emmett soon caught up.

"C'mon Izzy, the woods! They wont find us there!" he yanked me harder into the woods. We ran for ages and stopped somewhere in the centre to catch our breath.

"were free" I sobbed "were free were free were FREE!" I hugged Emmett hard. He let a huge breath out.

"Are you okay?" he asked me looking into my eyes.

I shook my head no.

"but I will be" I whispered. "hopefully soon". My stomach rumbled suddenly I jumped high in the air.

Emmett laughed quietly.

"theres an apple tree a minute away, you sit here whilst I go collect not move!" he warned me.

"promise you will come back?" I begged him.

"promise" he told me before disappearing into the undergrowth.

I leaned against the bark of a tree and a few tears escaped. Every time I closed my eyes HE would appear.

"Got them!" Emmett whispered happily, coming through with a bundle of rich red apples. I stepped forward to meet him half way.

When a gunshot went off.

I blinked. And looked at Emmett. He dropped the apples and his face went white. He stared at my stomach.

I looked down. And my once yellow dress was stained with red blood.

My legs felt heavy and I fell to the forest floor.

Emmett cradled me in his arms as he cried.

"em…em im not going to make it" I bit back tears.

"you will. Shush. We will find help" he picked me up into his arms, his white shirt getting bloodied.

"Emmett..i love you so much" I whispered as my head hit his shoulder.

"Isabella Swan You STAY with me now!" Emmett commanded as he ran further into the woods..

"help! Please!" Emmett roared, what seemed like years.

"Emmett…im tired…" I told him my voice hoarse.

"Stay awake Isabella!" he begged me. His eyes were bloodshot but he still smiled. Still had hope.

Emmetts arms faltered and we both fell to the leaves bellow.

"Its Okay Emmett. Go find your true love. I love you. I will always be watching you." I told him before it went black.

I kept flashing in, and out of consciousness. I heard emmetts voice, a roar, a snarl…

Then my heart stopped.


That was 209 years ago. For the past 2009 years I have kept to myself. Inside my shield. It's a blue bubble, that I can activate when in danger.I also have another gift…well…one of my close friends (my only friend) calls it a gift. I don't see how it is..

I have extreme flexibility. I can twist, turn and angle myself in ways no other can. It also includes extreme combat skills… I get nicknamed catwoman by my friend. My only friend. The only one I can trust. Peter.

He knows shit. He says its not a gift. But it is. He can tell when stuff it going to happen. I haven't spoke to him in over 173 years. I have kept to myself, I try to keep off every other vampires radar. I have a lot of enemys though... A LOT. The Volturri is a major one. Oh how they would love to get their hands on me.

I am Isabella. Just Isabella. No second name. not after my human life. I am 5'8 with brown curles down to my waist. My eyes are black. Never red. Always black. I don't..enjoy killing. My skin is pale. Almost like marble. My eye lashes are thick and long. I am extremely beautiful (if I may say)

I am a vampire.

A very very VERY lonely vampire.

I needed a new start. So I packed my belongings from Japan, and got on a plane to Seattle.

The scent of blood burnt my throat like a fire. It had been years since I had been in the company of so any humans. I rushed through the airport as fast as I could. With my small carry bag. I got very strange looks from the lack of luggage.

"ShitShit" I hissed to myself as I swallowed the venom. I rushed outside into the fresh air, which I gulped like water. And set off in the direction of the woods.

"Yah don't wanna go that way lovie…big bad monsters in there doll" A Man hollered at me. I tensed and turned around. I glared at this podgy man. My jaw set. His colour turned paler and he ran off, to catch up with his other taxi friends. I rushed into the growth of the woods.

I relaxed as I ran. I felt at home. No humans. The animals smelt disgusting… Home. I ran for a few hours. In a north direction when I suddenly came face to face with a stone cottage. I smelt the air, and a very faint trace of vampire was lingering around. Mint and Cotton?...Caramel and Spice?...Very faint. Years ago. i looked up at the greyish clouds and headed indoors. Lucky for me, the door was open.

It was very furnished and pretty inside. With a huge bookcase, a fire place, couch, paintings…and pictures. I took a peak at the pictures.

One with a blonde male and brunette female.

One with A bronze haired man and a small pixie girl.

One with a dark brown haired man with a stunning blonde by her side.

And the last was a blonde male. He had lots of scars…but he was godlike. I could imagine him as a human, a hard worker. I felt a connection to this man…

Also…I felt a connection to the dark brunette male…almost like I knew him…

I shook my head and flew upstairs. The bedrooms were neatly made and I picked the master bedroom. Might as well live in luxery. I also had a peak at the closet. A pair of dark skinny jeans, and a cream floaty top that were JUST my size came into view. So I swapped clothes. A black paired of heeled boots too. I ran downstairs…and thank god the washing machine worked. I placed my skintight suit inside and closed the door.

I lay on the couch, staring at the ceiling. It was new to be inside…a home. Almost nice. It had been 200 years since id been inside a home. I growled at myself for being an idiot.

"Is this how im going to spend my eternity?" I asked myself. My bell voice rang through the house.

"Alone..Afraid to go inside a house?...Unable to hunt. Starving. This is hellish" I clenched my jaw tightly to stop myself from chocking up.

The washing machine beeped and I quickly took it out, and put it into the dryer then I put my skin tight black suit back on. It was a body suit, it looked leather…and it abled me to be 'flexible'. Other clothes usually rip..

I hoisted myself up onto one of the ceiling hangers with a book. And sat up there and red. I red all the books in the bookshelf..and all the medical booklets.

"well shit" I sighed as I replaced the last booklet. "now what am I going to do".

I stepped outside slowly. My body was alert. I sprinted away from the cottage into a west direction. I giggled.

"im such a idiot!" I laughed as I ran. I love running. A lot.

I stopped as I heard the approach of feet. A lot of feet. Not animal feet either. And they were fast. I sprang into a high branch and crouched lowly.

"Someones been here" the dark haired male said as they approached the cottage.

"A Threat?" The blonde girl asked.

"No one I have ever encountered" the white/blonde male said clutching the caramel haired female closer.

"We will find out" the pixie girl told them smiling.

I was confused for a second, before I was tackled to the ground. By a bronze haired male. I half turned my body, a move that would of cracked a humans spine, and landed in a half crouch. I hissed at the family.

The male launched himself at me, pinning me by the hands to the ground. I sprang my shield up, bouncing him many metres away. Flashbacks came back to me and I felt myself begin to shake. I curled up into a little ball and sobbed.

"are you okay?" the caramel lady asked.

"Leave me alone!" I cried at them sobbing.

"Why are you on our land. This is Cullen territory" the bronze haired male hissed.

"Fuck. You. How was I meant to know?!" I snarled at him. He inched closer but the pixie female held him back.

"Edward. Calm. Please. This is important"

"Whats you name?" the white/blonde male asked.

"whats yours" I whispered.

"Carlisle..carlisle Cullen. The leader of this coven." He told me. "and yours?"

"Isabella." I told him sniffling.


"no last name" I told him firmly.

"Learn some respect" the bronze haired male spat at me. I let my shield down and glared at this man. I laughed like a maniac. With no emotion.

"that's what my father used to say. He said it all the time. 'isabella. Learn respect. Isabella, clean the house. Isabella, you are no daughter of mine. Isabella, Isabella, ISABELLA. He screamed my name a lot too…when I got my dress ripped," I kicked him in the face making him fly back "when I spilled water" I kicked him again on the other side "and when he RAPED me" I hissed at him before I did a front flip, launched myself forward and kicked in in the chest, sending him miles.

I took a deep breath.

"Isabella?" someone asked. I didn't answer.

"Isabella…look at me please.." I closed my eyes.

"Isabella!" the voice exclaimed right in front of me. I snapped my eyes open.

And my brother was in front of me.

"Emmett?" I whispered. Tears clouded my vision.

He opened his arms for a hug but I shook my head.

"i…cant. I haven't gotten over father. No contact with anyone" I told him in shame.

"its been over 208 years izzy…that isn't healthy!" he told me shocked.

"You should come back to our home. You seem to know Emmett" Carlisle told me gesturing in the direction of the house.

As we ran I nodded at carlilse "hes my brother. He was my brother in my human life."

We jumped over a bridge and I was infront of a huge house.

"holy shit" I whispered and I heard Emmett snigger.

"this wayyy" the caramel lady told me, opening the door. We all pooled into the living room, me last.

"Whats with the commotion?" I heard a southern man ask. I stepped inside and my world stopped. A semi-long haired blonde god sat in the white armchair. His muscles were clearly visible throughout his white long sleeved tee. Scars littered he skin that was visible. Lastly I looked at his eyes. His eyes were golden honey. And the way he looked at me made me feel like I was loved. He got up slowly, and walked towards me. Slowly, never breaking contact, he picked up my hand, and kissed the top.

"And Who Do I Have The Pleasure Of Meeting?" he asked, with his dang southern twang.

"Isabella..and yourself?" I said slightly breathless.

"Isabella? you have a last name?...and Jasper Whitlock Mam' at your service" he smirked at me and my knees almost buckled.

"No last name. It's a pleasure to meet such a fine gentleman" I beamed at him.

Emmett coughed loudly. And I hid behind my hair. I peaked at jasper and he looked slightly embarrassed too..

"Introductions maybe?" The pixie girl asked smiling at me.

Jasper led me to the couch, and even though there was a spare seat next to him, he insisted I sat on his lap. Which, I did. And enjoyed.. ohmygod what am I saying!. I internally facepalmed and the bronze guy chuckled. I glared at him.

"Isabella. This is my wife Esme, my daughter Alice, My son Edward, My daughter Rosalie, Of course you know Emmett, and my son jasper…" Carlisle told me. I nodded shyly at them all.

"do you mind if I ask you how you came into this life?"Carlisle asked me. I tensed up, and I bet I looked panicked.

"Ill tell you" Emmett told them.

I listened to my own death. Emmett explained about us running away, the gun, the bullet…

"what happened after I lost consciousness?" I asked him as tears welled up into my eyes.

"I screamed. I cried. I cursed at god…a bear soon came strolling along. A very hungry bear. It tried to attack you, it smelt the blood but I fended it off with my penknife. But it ripped me right open. And I bled next to you. Holding your hand. Rosalie found me…she couldn't find you in all the undergrowth..she took me here" he told me smiling slightly.

"you have been here 208 years?" I whispered. He nodded.

"Im glad." I told him smiling.

"where have you been these 208 years?..out raving sis?" Emmett boomed.

"I woke up. My creator…demetri…tried to make me love him. I ripped him apart. The volturri was on my case in the first year. I mostly hid in texas. They were scared to go there…I met peter. He taught me of my shield gift, and the athletic one..i left, got in some trouble with maria" jasper growled loudly "these three people, james, Victoria, and Laurent got on my case. I mostly hid. I haven't hunted in over 100 years. I hid in my bubble. Lonely. But secure" jasper patted my knee soothingly.

"you don't hunt?" Carlisle sounded shocked.

"no. cant stand the killing. Human or animal.."

"That usually causes the vampire mind to go into a frenzy… a very emotional vampire…you should hunt"

"I am fine. I get these times…triggers of my past…that set me off."

"I should be taking my leave" I added standing up "It was nice to catch up with you Emmett, and nice to meet you all" I told them, heading towards the front door.

"Stay, please?" Jasper asked grabbing my hand.

"I don't want to intrude. Seriously. Ill be fine" I smiled slightly at him.

"Izzy. Please. I have just found you again. I cant loose you" Emmett told me from the other side of me.

"Yes dear, there is a spare master bedroom upstairs that is free. You are welcome to stay for as long as you like.." esme told me smiling.

"or even join our coven?" Carlisle finished. They all smiled at me. Even Edward.

"trust me. Im bad news. Im weird. Trust me. Im a danger to your coven" I warned them.

"don't care, your staying" jasper told me hugging me "welcome to the family".

"WELOME TO THE FAMILY IZZY!" Emmett cried hugging me and spinning me around.

"Welcome Isabella" Esme told me hugging me gently. Carlisle hugged me firmly but gently. Alice launched herself at me and I accidently put my shield up.

"Im sorry!" I garbled at her as I helped her up. "ill do anything to make it up to you!"

"anything?" she beamed at me

"anything!" I told her.

"SHOPPING TRIPP! " Alice screamed.

Rosalie sighed.

"well shit, shes going to be even more annoying than ever. Nice to have a semi-normal sister in the fmily though" she smiled and hugged me. Edward came forward and squeezed me gently

"im sorry for tackling you" he told me I nodded.

"I can beat your ass at combat. Just remember that" I smirked at him.

"bet you couldn't beat jasper!" Edward hooted.

I raised an eyebrow at jasper and he smirked.

"I was a major in the civil war mam'. You will learn my story later. "

"I have spent 208 years learning about reflexes, learning from the best masters in the world, and my gift is combat flexibility…I win" I told him smiling before running up into my new room.

"ITS BEAUTIFUL" I told esme.

"But…do you have any spare nails, spare wood, a saw, a drill, and some white paint?" I smiled at her. Turns out she has a whole working shed. I quicly ot to work and placed them in my bedroom.

"Overhangs?" Carlisle said unsure.

"Yeah…I prefer to be up in the air…nice training to…watch!" I told them as I swiftly climbed the wall, and twisted into the overhang hook. I peaked at them down below.

"I think I like you cullens".

The end for now!:) this took me hours! Im so sorry I haven't been on this a lot but it will change I swear! Love you all my fanfictionFans!3