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This is a prize fic for the ever wonderful Book Thief 101 for taking on the challenge of reviewing every chapter of Kismet and getting me to 1000 reviews! Here's the first installment of my 'OMG You're are too awesome, babe!' reward to you!

Sun Kissed

Chapter One: The Myth

"Are you sure you're okay?" a soft, calming voice echoed throughout the huge marble chamber.

One side was outlined in warmth and gold and reds and bright tapestries depicting the sun.

The other side was done in cooling blues and silvers and calm tapestries depicting the moon.

"I'm fine, brother." The other, more irritated voice answered.

On the back wall of the large room was a huge tapestry spun out of star silk and clouds. It was the oldest one to exist and was far from being done. It told the story of how the sun and moon were created by a powerful man. He gave them strict orders to raise and lower and specific times a day and year and left them to do their work while he created the creatures that roamed the land.

The sun god, being the first created, was a forever young man. He had short auburn hair and perfectly sun kissed skin. His eyes were a warm hazel color, not quite brown, not quite green. Like the sun, he had a burning temper, passion and jealousy.

The moon god, being second born, was nearly identical to his older brother. Short copper hair and a paler skin tone were what his human form wore. Golden eyes sparkled like stars and moonlight. He had a ton of energy, but was calming and sweet.

Everyone loved the moon. It didn't blister their skin or cause them to sweat. People in the land slept through the older brother's proudest moment of the day where he stood tall in the sky.

The people would gather outside when the sun finally settled to rest and the moon rose proudly in the sky to keep watch of the people and the animals. They would party and celebrate and bask in the cooling light.

"Is this about the people again?" the younger brother tried.

The older brother turned his heated gaze on the moon and glared hard, "No! I'll have you know that if they would rather dance under the moon, then that is their problem! I give life to them and they brush it off because I'm too intense? They have no right to stand under me anyway!"

A cooling hand pressed down the hot shoulder of the sun, "I'm sorry. If I could, I would give you more time in the sky, but grandfather's rules are strict."

"Yes, I know." The older brother turned to hug his younger brother, thankful his brother had the ability to calm his temper just before it got out of hand.

It was now time to finish raising the sun and lowering the moon. The two stepped out onto the large balcony where they could see the sky. Their sky was painted like the land they ruled over. From their balcony, they could see everything they wished, all the creatures, the people, everything.

They raised their hands up and the world which was shadowed with nighttime was soon basking in a light of sunrise.

"Good morning, brother." The moon smiled.

"Good morning." He replied.

The moon yawned lightly and stretched his arms up high, "It is time for me to retire to bed." He laughed.

The sun nodded, "Of course." The moon actually fed off of the sun's energy. Neither could help it. It was just how they were made. The older brother was far more powerful, but with this power, he was in charge of feeding the greenery around their land, as well as keeping the people warm and happy. Yet why were they hiding for his strongest moments at high noon?

He glanced at the mass amounts of blue to the world. He heated it up to keep the sea life alive, but it wasn't his jurisdiction, despite being the high prince of the world.

It belonged to another powerful god's child, the ocean. The ocean and the moon had a strange relationship that also spiked jealousy from the sun.

Ocean and moon worked to well together, borrowing power from each other when they needed. The ocean became stronger at night, when he was able to push and pull his tide properly.

The sun hated the ocean anyway.

However, he hated the weather even more. Sometimes, the older brother to the ocean would cover the sky with thick, dark clouds.

The sun hated that. He hated that an agreement between their father and his grandfather made it where the two had to share the sky equally. There were about six months that the sun had to burn brightly with very few storms, whereas the other six were spent in a weakened state while weather filled the sky with his snow and rain.

However, it was right in the middle of the sun's months. He saw a few clouds here and there, providing shade for those seeking sheltie from the sweltering summer heat.

He glared and looked over the sky again. It was noon now, and everyone had made their way inside.

They were all sleeping and staying out of the sun. The sun felt his blood boil like it did every day at this time, and not just because all his people were hiding. They always came out about this time when it was weather's turn to blanket the land. Of course. They liked all the other gods so much better.

They swam in the ocean to cool off, they danced under the moon, they played in the rain and snow. If was more than the sun could handle. For the first time since his birth, he abandoned his station and walked back into the large throne room. He looked at the tapestry with his and his brother's faces all over it.

His legs carried him down a long sun lit corridor that held paintings and art from across the land dedicated to him. He only scoffed and walked into his room. The large room was perfectly spacious for a god.

The sun shed his robes and crawled under his silk sheets and closed his eyes, ignoring the strong urge imbedded in his very soul to return to the balcony and continue to watch the people hate him.

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