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Sun Kissed

Chapter Eight: The Tale of Passion and the Sun

Lovino soon found his clothes being torn from his body as Antonio's hands roamed over his skin. The steam filled the room, causing Antonio to sweat a bit. Lovino groaned at the sight. It made him recall those images of the passionate god working hard underneath his rays of light.

He gasped in pleasure as Antonio ran his tongue over the sensitive bud on his chest. Every new touch made Lovino's head swim. He never knew feeling the loving touches of another person could be so delightful.

The two became entangled in a spiral of passion, love and adoration as they became one.

Antonio pulled himself from Lovino and collapsed beside him, "I've dreamed of this night forever." He whispered, pushing hair from Lovino's face.


Lovino blushed and looked at him, "Why? Why me?"

With a soft kiss Antonio sat up in the bed, deciding to clean them up, "Because I've always loved the sun." he explained, "Maybe not that way, but when I saw your face, when I looked into those eyes and saw how truly alone you were, I knew you didn't deserve to be alone. I wanted to be the one to make you feel wanted. I fell instantly in love with-" he turned with the wash cloth and smiled, seeing the god completely passed out. It was quite a bit late so of course Lovino would be extremely tired. Antonio cleaned him up, washing away all that he could, before laying down beside him and pulling him close as the room began to cool off.

Lovino lied sleeping beside Antonio. The lesser god looked at his tired out form. There was a serene look on Lovino's face and Antonio enjoyed it very much.

Lovino was sleeping peacefully. It was most likely because Antonio had kept him up longer than he was used to and with Feliciano pulling at his energy, it couldn't have been easy to stay awake.

He brushed his fingers down Lovino's bare back and finally settled down to sleep. His eyelids drifted closed and he fell into a dreamless sleep.

When he woke, Lovino was already awake and hissing as he shifted his weight. Antonio sat up and stretched, "How did you sleep, my Lovi?"

Lovino's eyes narrowed and he glared at Antonio, "I slept fine. I woke up with a pain in my ass. Oh, and my bottom stings as well!"

Antonio moved closer to him and kissed his neck and shoulders and finally, he placed a soft kiss to his lips, "I'm sorry. I'll be gentler next time."

"Never going to be a next time!" Lovino hissed, climbing out of the bed, "I'm all sticky and sweaty still! I don't have time for a bath!" he ranted as he put on the clothes Antonio had tossed around the room.

Antonio climbed out of the bed and pulled on his pants, but nothing else. He quickly grabbed Lovino's waist before the sun god could escape, "I'm sorry if you're in pain, my love." He whispered, placing a gentle, apologetic kiss to Lovino, "I will bring you something that I guarantee will make you feel better."

Lovino eyes suddenly widened with fear, "No! You're not allowed to leave!"

Soothingly, Antonio caressed his face and kissed him. He pulled back, "I will be back. It won't even be thirty minutes, I promise. I can't stay away too long."

The Sun hit his chest, "You've done it before!"

"Lovi, Lovi … my sweet little fruit," Antonio ran his fingers through his hair, "I've tasted that tantalizing flesh and I can't never go back!" he began to talk dramatically, "I'll wither without the Sun! If I don't return to his light, I will die without him! Just one day without him is like poison in my system!" Lovino rolled his eyes and began walking out of the room, "I must leave for now, but I can promise you I will be back!"


Lovino stomped down the hall quickly to make sure he made it to his brother on time. That jerk was mocking him!

He sighed, though it was endearing. He made it to the balcony where Feliciano was leaned against Ludwig, staring at the land. Ludwig rubbed the Moon's arm and kissed his neck, causing Feliciano to giggle and push away. Herrschtick, the stupid potato ass's little seahorse pet, floated around them in a bubble of water.

Feliciano jumped up when he saw his brother enter. His face was burning with embarrassment from having been caught cuddling with his lover.

Lovino ignored them, as much as he wanted to evaporate that ass to pure salt for defiling his brother. He just didn't feel as angry.

He raised his arms to the sky and waited for his brother to join before raising the sun.

"Brother …" Feliciano started, "Are you walking silly?"

The Sun's eyes widened and he turned to his brother, "Don't ask such questions!"

Feliciano smiled, "I see. Well, good morning, brother."

"Good morning." Lovino glared. Feliciano figured that it was okay to kiss Ludwig goodbye since the brother already knew their secret now. Ludwig said his goodbyes to the brothers before raining back down to his oceans.

Soon after, Feliciano retired to bed.

Lovino was left staring at the land, debating on whether or not to search out Antonio. He wanted to put more faith in the man returning, but he felt an overwhelming fear that Antonio was just using him for the sex or a place to sleep. He chewed his lip and wanted to apologize to the man for getting mad at him earlier.

"There's my sweet sunflower," a smooth voice whispered into his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

The Sun spun around and instantly connected his lips to Antonio's, exceedingly happy that the man had indeed returned to him.

"Ahahaha, miss me? I was only gone for a short while." Antonio nuzzled his face into Lovino's neck, "Mmmm I love you~"

"Love you, too…" Lovino muttered, holding onto Antonio tightly.

Antonio finally broke free and held up the basket in his hand, "I brought you some of my tomatoes from the garden~" he grinned, "I also brought one of the plants so I can teach you how to grow them as well! We'll never run out of tomatoes."

Lovino blushed and grabbed one of the ripe fruits from the basket. He'd never tried one of them but always liked the way the juices dripped down Antonio's chin before.

He raised the red fruit to his lips and took a hesitant bite. A slightly sweet, earthy flavor burst through his mouth and he slurped at the juices, trying and failing to keep them running down his chin. Antonio lapped the juices up from his chin and Lovino glared, enjoying the tomato.

"Hey! I'm trying to eat this here!" Lovino grinned, offering Antonio a bite. The man accepted happily.

Antonio smiled, when a few of the fruit were gone and Lovino's belly was fully. He leaned down and kissed Lovino's jaw lovingly.

"I love you, Lovino."

"I love you, too, Antonio."

Their lips met in a beautiful, fiery kiss.


"It's said that the Sun burned cooler from that day on, earning love from the people of the land. They no longer blistered as fast, nor was the heat unbearable except in the summer months. Even then, it wasn't as bad as it had been before. All because of a bit of passion, devotion and love.

"The people of the land grew to love their gods once more and even spent days outside in the sun to feel his warmth.

"And so here ends this tale of Passion and the Sun." The older man said to the children sitting in front of him. They stared in awe and looked up toward the bright ball in the sky, but the man laughed, "Don't stare!" he warned them, "He may burn cooler now, but he's still as jealous as ever of his lover. Stare too long and he'll make you go blind!"

The children gasped and ran off to their parents. The man stood up and looked to the sun, being immune to the heat, "I'm proud of you both." The man prayed out to the Sun and Passion. He picked up a walking stick and started down the dusty old road where a man with long blond hair.

"You're late, Romulus, you old man."

"Gerhardt, you are just as kind as ever!"

"Just hurry up. You promised to help me make Patience so that Weather will calm down a bit. You know, like you did for your grandson."

"Ah yes, how is he doing?"

Gerhardt glared and the two men continued walking on.

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