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Chapter 9: Date Night

Regina ran around her bedroom trying to get ready. Emma was supposed to pick her up any moment now and she had yet to finish getting ready.

Ruby had arrived thirty minutes ago saying she was supposed to take care of Sophia. Sophia for her part was ecstatic about it, Ruby was her third favorite grown up. Regina knew it was mostly due to the fact that the young werewolf played pretty much anything Sophia wanted.

Henry had been dropped off a few minutes after Ruby had arrived saying he was going to start working on his future room plans.

She heard the front door open and by Sophia's excited squeal she knew it was Emma. She put on the finishing touches to her makeup and made her way down stairs.

Emma's eyes instantly found hers and a shy smile presented itself on both their faces. They said their goodbyes and made their way outside.

"You look really nice in jeans" Emma told Regina as they walked down the small path from Regina's front door to the sidewalk. "Okay so I know you hate my car so we'll just walk to our destination." Emma tells her before she had the time to ask.

"You did tell me to wear something simple, preferably jeans."Regina said thinking back to that morning when Emma had told her to dress simple. That a pair of jeans and a shirt would do. "Are you still not telling me what we'll be doing this evening?"

"You'll see in a couple of minutes" Emma tells her reaching for her hand. "Now tell me how your morning was"

"Sophia and I had breakfast and then had a Disney Princess movie marathon" Regina told her "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

"Must have been hell for you" Emma was picturing Regina sitting on the couch watching the Disney version of Snow White. She couldn't help but laugh at such an image.

"It's not funny" Regina tells her swatting her shoulder. This only serves to make Emma laugh even louder. "Are we heading to the stables?" Regina asks when she notices her surroundings.

"Umm...yeah. I was told you have a thing for ridding" Regina smiled at her "and so I thought it would make a great first date." Regina stops walking making Emma turn to her "what's wr-" her sentence is cut short by Regina's lips on hers. It was a small, quick kiss but it left them both smiling like fools.

They walked happily towards the stables stealing kisses here and there. That is until they started talking about music and Emma told Regina her all time favorite song was Sugar Sugar by The Archies. Regina of course insisted she sing it for her. With much convincing Emma's resolve finally broke.

She laughed as Emma sang at the top of her lungs not caring who saw. Then she laughed even more as the blonde started to dance around her. Emma for her part didn't care how much of a fool she ended up looking like as long as she got to enjoy Regina's laugh for just one more second.

There was something mesmerizing about having Regina laugh so freely. She would act like a complete idiot if it got her a laugh like that.

When Emma's rendition of the song came to an end she took a gracious vow. She needed a moment to catch her breath but other than that she was good.

"So what did you think of my amazing singing and dancing skills?" She asked Regina.

"They were like something I've never seen before" Regina replied kissing Emma. The sarcasm in her tone not going unnoticed by the blonde "If the whole sheriff thing doesn't work out you can always go into singing"

Emma bumped her shoulder into Regina's laughing in the process. From that point they kept pushing and bumping into each other like love crazed teenagers. Eventually the made it to the stables and Regina helped Emma get her horse settled before attending to her own.

"What do you say we head down to the lake" Regina gave Emma a nod and was off towards the woods. She loved ridding, it felt so liberating. It relaxed her.

Eventually Emma caught up with her and from there on out they rode side by side. Emma kept telling her the lamest jokes Regina had ever heard but it still earned Emma a laugh.

When they got to the lake Regina gasped at the sight before her. There in the middle of the small boardwalk was a table set for two. They tied up their horses near the edge of the lake so they could drink some water and then they made their way towards the table.

Regina's eyes started to get watery; no one had ever done something like this. Emma seemed to noticed because she spoke up.

"Don't cry" She pulled Regina into her arms "Here I thought you were going to cry when you tasted my food" Emma said trying to make her laugh.

"Sorry" Emma chuckled and let Regina out off her arms.

"Never be sorry for crying." With that Emma took a hold of her hand and walked her to the table. She pulled out her chair then went to pull out her own. "Okay so I was told you had a thing for lasagna" Emma said as she started to pull containers from the picnic basket at her feet. She started plating the food and then reached for the bottle of wine that sat chilling in some ice.

Emma watched as Regina slowly took the first bite. She watched as her face turned into a scowl as she started to chew. Regina picked up her napkin and tried her hardest not to just spit the food out.

"That was horrible" She exclaimed as she wiped at her mouth.

"Yes, I guessed which is why id dint touch mine." Emma explained motioning to her untouched plate. "I have horrible cooking skills, but lucky for you I am awesome at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches"

"You let me try that horrible tasting thing for the fun of it?" Emma watched as Regina took a sip of her wine and nodded earning her a glare. She chose to ignore it and reached back into the basket and pulled out two small containers. She put the plates full of untouched food back into the basket and closed it.

Regina gladly took the offered half of the sandwich and contently ate it. They were content to just be in each other's presence there was no need for talk.

After they finished their 'meal' they started to walk along the lake skipping rocks. Emma laughed every time one of Regina's attempts failed because she would stomp her foot ad let out a huff of annoyance. It was like watching a little kid not get what they wanted.

Eventually nightfall started to approach and Emma told her it was time for the second part of their date. They rode back to the stables. Once their horses were back in the stables Emma pulled Regina over to the grassy area.

"You're just full of surprises" Regina commented as a blanket came into view. They got comfortable on the blanket and Emma opened the small container that had been sitting on top of the blanket to reveal different sorts of chopped fruit.

"I thought we could have dessert here and while doing so we could also enjoy the stars." She said pointing up towards the sky were stars had stated to become visible.

"Never pictured you as the romantic type" Regina commented leaning over the fruit to kiss the blonde. "I like it"

They fed each other fruit and watched the stars. Regina would point out different constellations making Emma stare in amazement. Eventually the fruit was moved from in between them and Regina cuddle herself into Emma's side.

"Regina?" Regina gave a hum in response and Emma continued "You are my candy girl and you got me wanting you" She didn't give Regina time to say anything or laugh as moved so that she was on top of the brunette and leaned down to close the distance between them.

Pretty soon it was time to go home. As they walked in the door their happy smiles dropped from their faces. The house was a mess. There were paint splatters everywhere.

"What the hell happened in here?" Emma asked when they spotted Ruby "and why are you red?" she asked taking in Ruby's skin tone then her eyes landed on Henry and Sophia. She watched as Regina covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

"What happened?" She asked again this time trying not to laugh as she watched her kids.

"Superhero's happened" Henry mumbled and Sophia giggled.

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