"Jason, come on, this is my last night here with you and I wanna finish it in style." Santana says to her brother, trying to persuade him in going with her to a club she's dying to go since she came to LA a week ago.

Santana Lopez is a 25 year old lawyer who lives in New York and could be considered a wealthy person. She's currently having a mini vacation from work and is spending it in Los Angeles with her brother Jason, who is just two years older than her.

Jason is a really good looking guy, he has short brown hair a little spiky at the front, brown eyes, and he has a muscular body with well defined abs. He is currently living in LA, where he works as a football coach.

"I'm sorry little sister but I'm really tired from work today." Jason says apologetically as he slumps on the couch and buries his head on the fluffy pillow.

"Tired? Your job is to just yell at the players, how can you be tired?" Santana says pointedly to her brother.

"I don't just yell at them Santana. I have to do the tactics for the games, I have to do some paperwork… Not everything is fun San." Jason says tiredly as he looks up at his sister.

"You're boring." Santana says as she rolls her eyes at her brother. Jason simply laughs and shakes his head at his sister's antics. "Well I'm not gonna be an old person like you and stay at home in my last night here in LA." And with that she turns around and goes to the guest room, where she has been staying in for the past week, to prepare herself for an awesome night out.

A half an hour later she steps out of the room wearing jeans, a white tank top and a black leather jacket, an outfit that makes her boobs and ass stand out. She has her hair down and she decided to put some light make up on. To sum it up, she looks hot.

"Bye loser." Santana says to her brother, who's still on the couch, as she walks towards the front door.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Jason says in a parenting voice as he looks at Santana with a faux stern look on his face.

Santana laughs at him and rolls her eyes in faux annoyance. "If I did that my night would be so boring."

Jason chuckles at his sister's response. "Have fun."

"I will, you can be sure of that." Santana winks at her brother and then she's out the door to enjoy her last night in the beautiful city known as LA.

When she arrives at the club she instantly smirks at seeing a lot of hot girls around to dance with. Yes, Santana Lopez is a lesbian and she has a different organ down there, yes you guessed right, she has a penis.

After inspecting the club she makes her way to the bar. She takes a seat on a stool and waves at the bartender. The guy, clearly entranced by the Latina or, more specifically, her boobs, walks quickly towards her. Santana smirks at this and orders her drink in the most seductive voice ever. The guy fumbles a little with the drink clearly nervous about being so close to a hot girl and Santana rolls her eyes in annoyance. The bartender finally gives her the drink and tells her it's on the house. She takes a sip of her drink and winks at the guy in appreciation. The bartender smiles shyly at her and then turns around to serve other costumers.

Santana turns around with her drink in hand to look at the dance floor and find her companion for the night. She's looking at some red haired girl dancing sexily a few feet away from her when she hears some guy beside her, trying to hit on a girl.

"Come on, just one dance." Santana hears the guy say in what he thinks it's a seductive tone but which in fact sounds creepy as hell.

"No thanks, I'm waiting for my friends." The Latina hears the girl turn him down in the most polite way possible.

"Can I buy you a drink at least?" The guy tries again and Santana rolls her eyes at the guy's persistency. He clearly doesn't know what no means, Santana thinks to herself as she takes another sip from her drink.

"I don't like alcohol." Santana snorts at the girl's response, because if it was her the guy was pestering, she would have said for him to fuck off a long time ago.

"I bet I can change that." The guy says in a sickening seductive tone. Santana grimaces at this and, not liking this guy's persuasive manners, she decides to help the girl out.

She puts her drink down on the counter and walks towards the pair. She approaches the girl, who she realizes has blonde hair, puts her arms around her waist and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Santana can't help but realize how soft the girl's skin is but soon she shakes her head and snaps out from her thoughts. "Hey babe. Sorry I took so long, there was a huge line to the bathroom." Santana says sweetly as she looks at the blonde girl and it's just then she notices the blonde's eyes. They're the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen. They're blue like the ocean and they have this glow that Santana can't even describe herself.

The blonde looks at Santana in appreciation and smiles at her. "It's no problem honey. What matters is that you're here now." The guy looks at Santana angrily and then walks away with a huff.

Santana, after confirming that the guy couldn't see them anymore, takes her arms from around the blonde and steps back. As she's about to walk away from the girl she feels something soft and warm grip her wrist. She looks at the blonde confusedly and the girl gives her a sweet smile. "Thanks." The blonde says shyly as she releases the Latina's wrist and Santana giggles at seeing the girl's cheeks turning into a light shade of pink.

"It's no problem. In fact I kind of enjoyed seeing his rejected face. He was a pain in the ass if you ask me." The blonde laughs at this and Santana looks at her, entranced by the girl's beautiful laugh.

"He really was." The girl agrees, scrunching up her nose in disgust as she remembers the guy's attempts towards her. "Can I buy you a drink or something, you know as a thank you for what you did."

"Sure." Santana replies, not being the one to refuse a free drink. "So what's your name?"

"I'm Brittany." The blonde says in a friendly tone as she extends her hand to Santana.

The Latina shakes her hand and then says back. "I'm Santana." Brittany smiles at her and then turns to the bartender to order the drinks. They stand there sipping their drinks silently while looking at the dance floor packed with people. From the corner of her eye Santana can see Brittany sway with the music that's currently playing. Deciding to take her chances Santana turns to the blonde and whispers in her ear. "Do you wanna dance?"

A shiver runs down Brittany's spine and she almost moans at the Latina's sexy voice but she restrains herself and is able to utter a soft "Yes."

Santana takes her hand in her own and leads Brittany to the middle of the dance floor. They start dancing, at first a little awkwardly, but then they just let loose and at every passing minute they get closer to each other. Santana only now sees how sexy the blonde is. She has legs that could go on forever and the dress she's wearing shows enough cleavage to make someone go crazy. Not resisting it anymore, Santana puts her hands on Brittany's waist and pulls her closer to her body. The blonde gasps in surprise but doesn't pull back, much for Santana's pleasure.

Brittany looks at the Latina's eyes and sees the most beautiful brown orbs in the world. She only looks away from them when she feels a hot breath on her face, and it's just then that she realizes the close proximity between the two. Deciding just to have fun and let loose, Brittany turns around in the Latina's arms and grinds her ass against the Latina's front. She smirks when she hears a little moan escape Santana's mouth and decides to grind harder.

Santana rolls her head back and feels her penis twitch in pleasure. On impulse she lowers her lips to Brittany's neck and kisses it softly. The blonde moans at the contact and exposes more of her neck for Santana to kiss. The Latina smirks and kisses it again but this time she nips at the skin and sucks some spots, leaving hickeys along the way.

Brittany grinds against Santana again and that's when she feels it, a bulge in the Latina's pants. She turns around and looks down, seeing that there's clearly a bulge on Santana's pants. "Is that…?" Brittany trails off as she looks at the Latina curiously.

"Yes, I have a penis. And I know that this is the part you turn around and walk away from me, disgusted about the fact that I have a male's organ." Santana says nonchalantly.

Brittany leans in closer to her and whispers in her ear seductively. "I think it's hot." Santana looks at her incredulously, not really believing she heard the blonde right. Brittany looks at her sweetly and then her eyes travel down to Santana's plump lips. The Latina sees the action and lets her hand caress the blonde's cheek. They smile at each other, not really knowing who should be the first to lean in. Santana finally mans up and leans in slowly. Brittany meets her halfway and their lips touch for the first time, making a shock of electricity run through both their bodies. They move their lips against each other slowly, wanting to prolong the amazing feeling of their lips linked. Brittany pulls away much too soon for Santana's dismay. "Do you wanna get out of here?" The blonde whispers on the Latina's ear and pleasure shoots straight to Santana's groin. The only response Santana lets out is a nod and Brittany takes her hand in her own and leads her out of the club. They hail a cab and soon they're on their way to Brittany's apartment.

As soon as they close the door behind them their lips find one another in a heated kiss and Santana discards her leather jacket somewhere on the floor. Santana moans when she feels the blonde's tongue caressing her own. Brittany smirks and pulls away from the kiss, causing a grunt of disapproval to leave Santana's mouth. That soon turns into a moan when she feels the blonde's soft lips trailing kisses down her neck. She feels Brittany rocking against her and that's when she loses it.

"Bedroom! Now!" Santana says between breaths and Brittany stops kissing her neck and takes her hand in her own and leads her quickly to the bedroom.

When they arrive, Brittany crashes their lips together in a hungry kiss and Santana moans in pleasure. The Latina runs her hands through Brittany's body trying to find some skin, but gets frustrated by the blonde's dress, which is preventing her from doing so. Not being able to resist the urge of touching Brittany's skin anymore, Santana finds the zipper of the blonde's dress and starts pulling it down slowly.

A shiver runs down Brittany's spine when she feels Santana's fingers ghost the skin on her back. As the dress hits the ground Brittany steps out of it and when she looks up an awestruck, mesmerized Santana is staring at her body with a lusty and hungry look. Brittany takes a step forward and takes Santana's face in her hands. She looks at the Latina softly with a smile on her face that Santana mirrors and takes the Latina's lips in her own in a soft kiss. The kiss soon turns heated and Santana finds herself falling onto the bed, followed right behind by Brittany, who straddles her.

Brittany starts trailing kisses down Santana's neck, leaving a few hickeys along the way, while her hands sneak under the Latina's shirt and grope one of her covered breasts. Santana arches her back and moans in pleasure. She feels her penis getting hard and so does Brittany by the smirk she has on her face. The blonde pulls away a little to be able to take Santana's shirt off. As soon as it hits the floor, Brittany snakes her hands up on Santana's back and unclasps the Latina's bra. Santana lets it slide off of her arms and onto the floor.

Without wasting any more time, Brittany sucks a nipple into her mouth, eliciting a moan from Santana. The Latina bucks her hips up and pleasure shoots straight to her penis and Brittany's core. The blonde feels her panties getting wetter as the minutes go by and she needs some release. So in one smooth movement she removes Santana's pants and boxers and discards them somewhere in the room. Her eyes stay fixed on the Latina's penis that she doesn't even notice Santana removing her bra.

She's snapped out from her trance when she feels soft lips surrounding one of her nipples and sucking it skillfully. A groan of pleasure leaves her mouth and she rocks her hips, feeling the delicious friction she so needs.

Santana suddenly flips them over and straddles Brittany. She leans down and kisses the blonde softly, caressing Brittany's tongue with her own. She snakes her hands between their bodies and starts pulling the blonde's panties down her legs slowly. Santana breaks the kiss to be able to completely pull the piece of clothing off.

When Santana comes back up, Brittany is so turned on beyond belief. Santana senses this and gives her a sweet kiss on the lips before taking her penis in her hands and leading it to Brittany's entrance. She enters the blonde slowly and they both moan at the feeling. When she's fully in, she pulls back slowly until only the tip of her penis is inside and then, she thrusts back in. Brittany arches her back and moans loudly, loving the way that Santana fills her up.

Santana repeats the motion again and this time she leans down to plant a soft kiss on Brittany's lips. Their eyes lock and they both feel the electricity between the two, the chemistry, and they smile sweetly at one another.

Their hips start rocking rapidly as they feel themselves on the verge of exploding. With every single thrust, Santana plants a soft kiss on Brittany's lips and the blonde smiles at the sweet gesture.

After a few more thrusts they come undone, at the same time, from the most pleasurable orgasm they've ever had. Moans and grunts fill the room as they roll out of their orgasms. Santana empties her seed deep inside of Brittany and they both moan at the feeling.

They lock eyes once again and various emotions can be seen in them: bliss, happiness, excitement and… love. That thought terrifies the Latina. She can't feel love towards somebody she just met five hours ago. It's impossible. She decides to bury the thought of love somewhere far away in her mind and slips out of the blonde slowly. She lies beside her and tries to regain her breath. As she's about to fall into a deep slumber she feels an arm on her waist, pulling her closer to the warmth of Brittany's body. The blonde puts her head on Santana's shoulder and snuggles into the Latina's body. She smiles contentedly and whispers softly to the Latina. "Goodnight San."

Santana looks at the blonde and sees that she fell asleep. Freaking out about all the emotions this woman is making her feel she untangles herself from Brittany's embrace and gets out of the bed. She picks up her clothes and starts dressing herself quickly, not wanting to wake up the blonde. When she's fully dressed she walks towards the bedroom door but then stops in her tracks and looks back at the sleeping blonde. She smiles softly, walks back towards her and plants a sweet kiss on her forehead. "Goodnight Britt." She whispers soothingly and then she turns around and walks out the door, leaving the girl that made her feel so many emotions only in the short period of time of five hours. But she won't have to deal with those emotions anymore because she won't see the blonde beauty again after today.

Or will she?

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