Chapter 14 – An Unexpected Visit

"Quinn has been really nice for letting us stay here this past couple days." Brittany says to Santana while they lay in bed together, the blonde with her head on the Latina's shoulder and the latter running her fingers through her blonde locks. "I confess I didn't really like her when I met her." Santana chuckles a little at this and Brittany hits her on the arm playfully.

"I can't imagine why." Santana says sarcastically with a smirk on her face, receiving a playful glare from the blonde. She smiles at Brittany's cuteness and steals a kiss from her which the blonde reciprocates happily. After a few more stolen kisses they separate and Santana stares at the blonde lovingly. "We should buy a place for ourselves." She blurts out without thinking and Brittany's eyes widen. As the minutes pass by and the silence is the only thing filling the room the Latina starts to get anxious and avoids looking at those piercing blue eyes she loves so much.

"Yes." This sweet soft whisper is what makes Santana look up at the speed of light and kiss the blonde with all she has. She can't even describe how happy she is at the moment, she can't believe that she's gonna be living with the girl she adores the most in the entire world and in a place that they're gonna be able to call their own and where they're gonna be raising their child. At this moment, in Brittany's arms, no words can describe what she's feeling.

"Who would know that looking at apartments would be so tiring?" Santana says as she looks at Brittany with a cute pout on her face.

The blonde smiles at her and plants a sweet kiss on her forehead. "This is the last one San, after that I promise we're gonna go home."

"You said that in the last three apartments we saw." Santana whines and Brittany can't help the soft laugh that leaves her mouth. The Latina can be so childish sometimes but that's one of the things Brittany loves about her.

"If you would stop whining we might get home faster." Santana huffs but follows the blonde into the apartment. I'm so whipped, she thinks to herself.

They fell in love with the apartment as soon as they stepped in it. It was exactly what they were looking for. It was a three bedroom apartment, with two bathrooms (one in the master bedroom), a well-sized kitchen and a warming and beautiful living room. They didn't even think about it twice, they signed all the papers and bought the house on the spot. As they looked around, hands intertwined, they pictured what their lives would be like from then on and that thought alone made them so happy that they couldn't help connecting their lips in a kiss filled with so much passion. And all that was running through their minds at the moment was I'm finally home.

"Is this the last box?" Brittany asks as she sees Santana putting down the box she was carrying and letting out a groan.

"Yes, finally." The Latina sighs in relief and throws herself on the couch. "I'm never getting up from this couch. My back is killing me."

"I told you I could help but you didn't let me." Brittany says as she sits beside her and starts moving her hands soothingly on the Latina's back, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the girl.

"Britt you're pregnant, you can't lift heavy stuff. I want you and our baby to be safe, even if that means that I'll have a really sore back in the end." Santana says. "And let me tell you that I'm definitely not complaining right now. You, Miss Pierce, have magic hands made from God itself."

The blonde can't help but chuckle at the comment and decides to tease the Latina. She starts moving her hands slowly and grazes a few times Santana's breasts, eliciting small gasps from the girl. She leans down and plants wet kisses along the Latina's neck until the latter can't take it anymore and turns around, pulling the blonde on top of her and crashing their lips in a passionate kiss.

Hands roam everywhere, tongues are battling for dominance and their hips are moving at the speed of light. Santana moves her hands down Brittany's body and settles them in her ass, giving it a little squeeze and eliciting a moan from the blonde. She takes this moment to trail kisses down the blonde's neck, leaving a few bruises along the way.

Brittany is turned on beyond belief right now, she doesn't know if it's because of her pregnancy that's making her hormones go crazy or if it's just Santana's entire fault but she knows she has never been this turned on before and with that said she needs the Latina to touch her now or she'll explode.

As Santana is about to unbutton her pants and touch her in the place she needs the most, a phone starts ringing, ruining the moment for both of them. Brittany gets off of the Latina with a displeased look on her face and Santana gets up from the couch with a huff and picks up her phone without seeing who the caller ID is.

"What?!" She's pissed, she was about to get her mack on with the beautiful blonde when she was abruptly and rudely interrupted by this person.

"Santana Lopez that's no way of talking to your mother!" Maribel chastises and the Latina widens her eyes.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." She apologizes quickly. "Uh… why are you calling mom? Did something happen?"

"Can't a mother call her daughter to see how she's doing?"

"Of course. I just wasn't expecting it." Santana says and glances at the blonde who's now busy unpacking some of the boxes.

"So how are you doing mi hija? Is everything alright there in LA?" Maribel asks and Santana can't help but feel that her question has some kind of double meaning but she shrugs it off.

"Uh… yeah. Everything's good. Nothing special has been happening. I just have been working, nothing else." Santana feels bad about lying to her mother but for now there's no other option. If she told her what she's actually been doing or what's been happening since she moved to LA her mom might have a heart attack.

"Hmm… Okay." Maribel says and the Latina senses that something is off with her mother's voice, like she's suspicious, but again Santana shrugs it off. "And how's your brother?"

And that's when everything stops around her. Every time she thinks of her brother her heart breaks into a million pieces. Just knowing that he might never speak to her again brings tears to her eyes. She tried so many times to speak to him, she went to his apartment, she called him several times, but he never answered.

"H-He's okay." She says in a shaky voice, tears threatening to fall but she holds them back.

"I called him the other day and he didn't sound good." Maribel says.

Santana takes a deep breath, trying to steady her heartbeat. "He's probably just stressed about his work mom."

"I asked him about you…" She trails off and Santana widens her eyes in fear. What if he told her? Oh God. "He told me you moved out. Is everything alright with you two Santana? Both you and your brother are strange. What's going on?"

"N-Nothing's going on mom." Santana lies once again. "Me and Jason are good, you don't need to worry." She continues trying to sound convincing. "I just moved out because I didn't want to bother him, he has already done enough for me."

"Okay." Her mother says on the other line, not totally convinced but letting it pass for now. "So where are you living now? I want to know so I can stop by sometime."

Once again Santana's heart starts beating erratically and it feels like it's going to come out at any moment. "I'm living with a friend." She settles for, but her mother is not having it. She doesn't stop until she has the address of said friend (Quinn's address) which Santana finally gives albeit reluctantly.

After talking some more they finally say their goodbyes and Santana lets a sigh of relief. "Everything okay?" She hears and turns around seeing Brittany walking towards her.

"Yeah. Just my mom wanting to know how I was." Santana tries to play it down but Brittany can see the sad look on her face. She simply places a sweet soothing kiss on the Latina's forehead and instantly the frown on Santana's face turns into a loving smile.

"So I've been unpacking some things and guess what I found in one of the boxes." Brittany says with a cheeky grin and the Latina's eyes widen. The blonde brings her hands from behind her back, which Santana only noticed now, and reveals a book. The Latina blushes furiously and looks at everywhere except the blonde. "The hundred most pleasurable sexual positions" The blonde reads the title out loud with an amused tone. "I wonder whose book is this…"

"Uh…I…Well…" Santana tries to come up with something but it seems that words just won't come out of her mouth and right now she looks like a fish out of water.

"Well?" Brittany drawls out looking at the Latina with a smirk on her face.

"Okay. It's mine. But it was a present from a high school friend. I don't read that, I swear. I just don't like to throw gifts away, you know…" She was rambling and Brittany found it extremely cute.

"You're really cute when you're nervous." The blonde leans towards her ear and whispers sexily. "I would actually like to test this book someday, but I'll need a partner. Just tell me when you think of someone to take that part." Brittany takes a step back and smirks. "And do you know what they say about ethnic people, that they don't blush? It's not true." And with that the blonde turns around, sending a sexy wink to the blushing Latina before walking away.

It was a Saturday morning, neither one of them had anything to do so they were planning on staying in bed the rest of the day, just enjoying each other's presence. Santana was running her hands soothingly through the blonde's hair while Brittany was making patterns with her fingers on the exposed skin of Santana's belly.

"San? Can I ask you something?" Brittany asks nervously.

"Of course." Santana says looking at the blonde curiously. She removes her hand from the girl's blonde locks and they both sit up.

"I…well…we've been living together and we kiss…a lot." They both chuckle at this. "And we… we act like couples do and… what I'm trying to say is… are we a couple?" She breathes out and looks down at the hem of her shirt. She can't even look at the Latina's beautiful brown eyes, afraid of what she might find there. But a soft hand leads her face up and blue eyes lock with brown ones.

Santana leans in and plants a sweet lingering kiss on the blonde's pink lips. "All this time we've been together I always saw us as a couple. So yes, we're a couple… if you want to, of course." The Latina says lovingly which brings the most beautiful radiant smile on the blonde's face.

"Yes, of course I want to." And with that the blonde catches Santana's plump luscious lips with her own. The Latina lays Brittany down on the bed and lies on top of her, their kiss never breaking.

Santana's hand was going up, under Brittany's shirt, almost reaching their destiny, when the doorbell rang. And once again their moment was ruined and neither of them was pleased. Santana placed a sweet kiss on the blonde's lips and walked out of the room and towards the door. As she opened it and was about to lash out on the intruder her words stayed stuck in her throat… because who was standing outside of her apartment door was someone she was definitely not expecting.

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