One Piece: The Unknown God

Summary: Luffy is secretly one of the "Leaders" of the world, but only a select few knows about it. Now, he wants to return to the limelight while hiding his true heritage. Luffy with a different Devil Fruit. Ruthless/Super/Dark-ish Luffy. Non-strawhat Luffy.

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Chapter 1: The Voyage

A young-looking man stood on top of a hill looking at the people gathered below him. Every single one of the people gathered each had a piece of weapon in their hands as they look at the man with fear and disgust. The man on top of the hill was wearing a plain black suit. He also had a staff in his hands. His long black hair was held by a golden circular-clasp. The man was quite tall and had an unblemished young-looking face.

The men holding weapons were wearing a standard uniform, consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt emblazoned with the Marine emblem, a simplified seagull with "MARINES" underneath it, on the back; a blue neckerchief; dark blue trousers; and a cap with "MARINES" across the front.

"Surrender now or we will use force against you!" The Marine Captain shouted at the man.

The young man sneered in disgust at the thought of him of surrendering. "You must be joking. How do you even plan on making me surrender in a pest like you?" The young man answered, looking down at the Marines.

The Marines were hesitant to attack because of the man's reputation for killing anyone who blocked his path or even just annoyed him. But before they can even make a move, someone spoke behind them and startling the group.

"Monkey D. Luffy, also known as Shinigami, surrender or Die," a marine drawled with an aloof expression. The marine was wearing a yellow striped suit with a Marines coat draped over his shoulders like a cape, his arms were not in its sleeves. The man had also a considerable wrinkle on his face because of his age. He was also incredibly tall.

"Admiral Kizaru!" The Marines exclaimed when they saw the man. The man just waved a lazy hand for a greeting and never taking off his eyes at Luffy.

Luffy looked at the Admiral with an amused face but remained silent.

"You chose death then," Kizaru said and pointed his foot at Luffy.


A Few Months Earlier

Luffy was sitting on his throne-chair inside his room with utter boredom. It had already been ten years since he was sent away from his home. He had been given everything he wanted even though he was sent away without being told what the reason was. It really confused him, but he really didn't mind much. He heard his butler knock and enter the grand door of his room. The butler bowed low and spoke up.

"Luffy-sama, you have sent for me," The butler stated.

Luffy looked at his butler calculatingly. He liked the butler because he was always on the point and do not waste both of their times. He knew that the butler feared him, but also respected him.

"Shimizu, I will be leaving for a while. Prepare the Dauntless as soon as you can and fill it up with supplies," Luffy said in an even voice.

The butler looked stunned for a moment, but quickly regained his senses.

"Your will is mine, my lord," Shimizu answered with a bow. He didn't understood why his master was leaving, but opposing his master was equivalent to suicide. His job was to do as his master said. The butler left and carried out what his master had told him to do.

Luffy stood up and entered the bathroom. He shrugged his robes, revealing his unmarked but well-built body. He wasn't large, but he trained his body hard to reach its maximum potential and was quite tall. He removed the clasp that held his straight hair making it drop reaching past his shoulders. He showered and prepared to leave for the long journey. After drying off, he changed into a black pinstriped suit. He clasped his shoulder-length black hair with a golden circular-clasp that held it perfectly tight into his scalp. He wore a black dress shoes and picked up his golden staff from his shelf. The half of the staff was made of green stone and the other half was made of a black metal-like material. The tip of the black side had a diamond the size of a child's fist.

Luffy walked over to his desk and grabbed a red-leather-pouch in the drawer. He pocketed the pouch and walked out of his room. He headed straight to the harbor, ignoring the people he passed. The island where his castle was located was in East Blue, and his castle only occupied a small portion of the whole island. There was a village in the island called Foosha, but he didn't go there even once. His castle was situated beside the sea, so he had his own port.

When he reached the dock, he saw his butler and a few people finishing to load the supplies in the Dauntless. The Dauntless was a well-made raft that can easily fit 10 people. It had a sail in the middle with a throne-like chair under it. The raft was square-shaped and had a two-feet barrier, made of thick rubber, around it. The outside of the barrier was convex as it also worked as a floater. There was a supply compartment connected at the back of the chair as high as it. There were also some fishing rods and supplies attached at the side of the compartment.

"Luffy-sama," Shimizu started when he saw him approach. "The preparations are just about to be finished."

"Good," Luffy answered as he watched the people finish loading. He looked up and saw that it won't be noon for a few more hours. When they were done loading and slid the supply compartment shut, he stepped in the raft.

"Is there anything else you need before you leave, Luffy-sama?" Shimizu asked. Luffy opened the supply compartment and saw that it was built like a cabinet. It contained food, a few liquors, few wines, utensils, a few plates and glasses, a small ice-cube maker that is connected to a power supply and a water tank that almost occupied at least a third of the compartment. Luffy closed the compartment after checking it then turn around to open the compartment under the throne-like chair and saw a small portable stove in it. There were also a few cans of gas for the stove.

"No. That will be all," Luffy replied. "I will be leaving this place under your care until I return."

"As you wish Luffy-sama. Bon voyage," The obedient butler said and bowed along with the gathered workers in the dock.

Luffy nodded and sat down at the throne-like chair. One of the workers untied the raft from the dock and a few of the workers pushed it away from it. Luffy pulled a sting down and the sail unfurled taking him out to the sea. He took out the pouch from his pocket and pulled out, surprisingly, a compass and a rolled map from it. He opened the compass and set it down on the armrest of his chair. He unrolled the map and opened it wide so he can check where the closest island was.

Luffy had been travelling for most of the day when he saw a cruise ship anchored close by. He held the armrest of his chair with his right arm and raised his other arm up, palm facing the other ship. Both of his hands turned into a black smoke hand-shaped and his raft quickly approached the cruise ship. His hands returned to normal as he was close enough to the ship. Luffy was noticed by the crew in the crow's nest, but didn't say anything until after Luffy stopped using his abilities.

The man in the crow's nest shouted that there was someone in the port side of the ship. The crew in the deck hurried over in the side and saw Luffy and his raft. The crew thought his raft was a bit strange, but held their tongue because of the appearance of the one in it. They just knew the man was quite wealthy and the cane he was holding was evidence that he was.

"Can we help you, Sir?" The head-crew inquired.

"Yes. Do you have a spot available for a guest? I only need stay for the night and I'll pay," Luffy said as he stood up and looked at the man who addressed him.

"Yes Sir, we have a few actually. You can tie your raft to the ship as long as you put a floater between your raft and the ship. That way your raft won't be destroyed," The head-crew told Luffy.

"I'll just tie my raft in your ship, but there's no need for floaters. The edge of my raft is rubber," Luffy replied.

The crew nodded and threw him a rope to pull his raft closer to the ship. He tied it in his mast and furled the sail. The crew pulled him close to the ship. Luffy tied his raft securely to the side of the ship and released the rope they used to pull him closer. They threw him a ladder and he climbed up. He asked how much he needed to pay, but the head-crew told him that he can pay before he leaves. He nodded and they escorted him to his room. They told him that there will be a dinner party or a ball in an hour and he can attend if he wanted to.

Luffy removed his blazer and laid down on the bed for a nap. He woke up half-an-hour later and showered in the room's small bathroom. He took out a black suit, a red dress clothes to wear under the suit, a pair of dress socks, underwear, and a pair of dress shoes that were all wrapped into separate bags from his pouch and changed into them. He clasped his hair when it was dry. He checked the clock on the wall and he had a little over 5 minutes left. He grabbed his staff and went to the ball room of the ship.

When he entered the Ball Room, he saw that there were already a lot of people present and mingling around. Everybody was dressed in their best. Quite a few people were looking at him in admiration and awe from some of the ladies, jealousy and anger from the men, and respect from the few older people because of his posture. He took an empty table and ate quietly, while he ignored the people around him. Quite a few women wanted to approach him, but were unable to.

After he finished his meal, he sipped the offered wine. 'Not bad. They actually have a half-decent wine.' Luffy thought as he tasted it. He still preferred the wine and liquor of the highest quality, but he didn't care at the moment. He noticed someone approaching from behind him and sat at the chair beside him. He looked at the person who sat beside her and saw that it was a woman. The woman had a neck-length orange hair. She was wearing a blue dress that showed a bit of cleavage.

"Nice cane," The orange-haired woman said, while she eyed it.

"Yes," Luffy answered and noticed that the attention of the girl was at the diamond imbedded in his staff.

She was about to say something else, but was interrupted by a man asking if he wanted to dance with him. She looked at the stuff for a bit more, before reluctantly walking away with the man for a dance.

A few minutes later, Luffy heard a few cannons being fired and the ship was rocked when the cannon balls hit the water around the ship. Not even a moment later, a crew of the ship ran towards the captain and shouted that the ship was being attacked by pirates. The occupants of the ship panicked and ran out of the Ball Room. Luffy went to his room in a steady pace and looked out the window. He saw that the ship was in the starboard side of the ship, so he knew his raft was safe for now.

A few minutes later, a rotund short boy with waved pink hair and round glasses opened the door of his room after knocking softly. He saw Luffy standing at the side of his bed and grew pale.

"Hey Coby, what are you doing? Slacking off again?!" A gruff voice barked. Coby turned towards the voice and saw three pirates coming towards him. Coby panicked and waved his hands dismissively.

"N-No it was nothing like that. There's n-," before Coby could finish, the trio had already reached him and saw Luffy.

"Oi, look at this," one of the pirates said, pointing at Luffy. "That's a rich kid right there. He must have tons of Beli lying around here somewhere."

The gruff sounding pirate saw his staff and began walking towards Luffy, thinking that the rich kid was frozen in fear. "I call that thing he's holding!" He exclaimed. The other two pirates cursed for not noticing it right away. Coby was still frozen stiff at what was happening.

When he was close enough, he bent his head and reached the staff. But before he can reach for it, his head was sent backwards forcefully. His body dropped like a rag doll backwards. Coby and the other two pirates were stunned at what happened. They were focused in the body at the floor and didn't notice the staff being lowered down by Luffy after hitting the pirate's jaw with it.

"Wh-What did you do?" The two pirates exclaimed in shock and fear. Luffy shrugged. "Bastard!" With that the two remaining pirates drew their swords and charged Luffy. Coby covered his eyes with his hands for fear.

Luffy moved to the side and broke the swords with his staff. He also glared at the two pirates in annoyance.

"Swinging a sword is dangerous, you know," Luffy said. The two pirates then, backed of in fear and grabbed their fallen nakama and ran away. Coby slowly removed his hands from his face and saw Luffy alone the others were gone. Luffy began walking towards the deck, and Coby hurried towards him to stop him from going.

"Stop! Don't go that way!" Coby cried in terror. Coby was about to pull him back when Luffy's cane deflected Coby's arm away.

"Don't touch me," Luffy said aloofly and Coby nodded vigorously while rubbing his throbbing hand.

"But don't go that way. Alvida-sama is on the deck. She'll kill you when she sees you!" Coby said fearfully.

"Is that so? Well, I would like to see her try," Luffy said as he continued walking. Coby sighed in defeat and just quietly followed the mysterious man.

When Luffy reached the deck, he was quickly surrounded by the pirates and an obese, ugly woman, with freckles on her face, carrying a huge spiked metal mace. She was wearing white cowgirl hat with a large red plume, a red neckerchief, a pink plaid shirt, and a blue captain's coat over it with the arms in the sleeves unlike many other pirates. She wore rings on her fingers and her long sharp fingernails had red polish. She had a purple sash with a flintlock pistol tucked in it and some jewels. She also wore greying pants and red shoes with gold buckles.

Coby began shaking in fear when he saw the woman. Luffy noted that she must be the Alvida the pink-haired boy was referring to.

When the woman noticed Coby, she grinned. "Coby!" She exclaimed. "Who is the most beautiful woman in the seas?" The woman asked while grinning madly.

"Of- Of course, it's yo-," Coby didn't even stop stuttering when a loud laughter cut him off.

Everyone looked at the well-groomed young man laughing his head off. This of course made the woman very angry as tick marks appeared all over her face.

"Why are you laughing?" Alvida roared in anger.

After Luffy sobered up and got his breathing back, he looked at Coby.

"I can't believe you said that this ugly hag is the most beautiful woman. You're funny. Maybe she's the only woman you've met," Luffy said, dropping everyone's jaws at what he said.

"How dare you! I'm "Iron Mace" Alvida. I have a bounty of five million Beli!" she yelled and ordered her crew to kill Luffy.

The pirates drew their swords and charged at him. Luffy avoided all their attacks and smacked the pirates' heads with his staff, rendering them all unconscious. Alvida was slacked jawed that his crew was dispatched rather easily. She shook her head and attacked Luffy. She raised her massive mace and brought it down. It was blocked, however, by the tip of Luffy's staff. Alvida was exerting as much pressure as she can, but Luffy wouldn't budge.

"Five million Beli you say? I didn't know the World Government just gave away money just like that. Well, I don't want you to go to waste," Luffy said as he immediately pulled back his cane.

Alvida's mace broke the deck where it hit and before she can even recover, Luffy smacked her neck and broke it. She fell in the floor, limp and lifeless.

Coby had watched the whole thing and was amazed but afraid of the man that disposed of the Alvida pirates by himself. He wasn't the only one; the orange haired girl also saw most of what happened while she was stealing the treasure of the pirates. 'I wish I can bring him with me. Disposing pirates will be rather easy with him at my side. His staff looks splendid too.' She thought. She shrugged and lowered herself in the raft she borrowed from the pirates.

Luffy dragged Alvida's body and jumped with it in his raft. The raft barely budged from the pressure, showing that it was very sturdy and very well-made. Coby saw Luffy jumped with his former boss' corpse and quickly leaned over the port side of the cruise ship. He saw a strange looking raft where the two had landed.

"E-Excuse me. Do you think I could get a ride with you until the next island? It's only a couple of hours away," Coby asked, scared that the man might turn on him too.

Luffy shrugged. Coby quickly went down the ladder and into Luffy's boat. He untied the rope that was tied into the ship as Luffy untied the other one on his raft. He pulled the sails down and Coby quickly took control of the tiller, so he can be of some use.

Luffy let Coby control the tiller and he opened the compartment and drank some cold water from the tank. He also put some ice into a glass and pulled some liquor out of the compartment. He closed it and went back to his chair. He poured some of liquor in his glass and set the liquor in the armrest. He swirled the liquor to cool it a bit and took a sip. He enjoyed the delicious flavour of the liquor and the burning of the throat after. 'I really have the best stuff.'

"There's some drinks and food in the compartment. Take some if you want," Luffy said without looking at his living companion.

"Thank you. I'm Coby by the way," Coby introduced.

"I heard. I'm Monkey D. Luffy," Luffy replied as he slowly savoured his liquor. Coby was quite unnerved by his companion, not to mention the dead body of Alvida.

"What do you plan with Alvida's body, if you don't mind me asking, Luffy-san?" Coby asked, trying to make light conversation.

"Going to turn her body in; why waste a perfectly good bounty lying around when all I have to do is pick it up," With that the rest of the voyage to the next island was spent in silence.

Luffy got a lot of fearful looks from the villagers as he dragged the dead pirate's body across the village and towards the Marine base effortlessly. Coby decided separate from him once they reached the island and thanked him. He knocked the gate of the Marine base situated in the island with his staff. A few minutes later a few Marines came out. He told them that he was there to claim a bounty for "Iron Mace" Alvida. He was escorted into the building where he can sign the proper forms and where he can leave the bounty's body.

As they were entering the building, a skinny and lanky-looking young man with light blond hair shaped like an oval on top of his head came out of the building. He was wearing snappy violet coloured uniforms with white shoes and a rubber band ring on his left hand. The blond immediately paled when he saw the huge body was being pulled effortlessly by Luffy. He moved to the side to avoid the body that was obviously dead based from its appearance. He shuddered and quickly went to the town to get rid of the disturbing sight.

After the body was recognized and confirmed by the Marines, the Marines let him sign a log that proves he was the one to claim of Alvida's bounty. He was given the bounty reward and stored in a brief case. He checked the amount if it was right, not that he cared, and left. He put the case in his pouch, which not so surprisingly fit. His pouch was one of the most expensive things he had bought. It can contain any number of materials. To retrieve anything from the pouch, he just have to think of what he wanted to get from it and it will instantly deposited into his hand as long as his hand was inside the pouch. It worked the same as his powers, but differently too. It was confusing, so he didn't think much of it.

He walked around town and noticed that almost everyone was looking at him wearily. That suited him just fine as he didn't want to be bothered. He saw the eatery he passed when he was making his way towards the base and entered it. He, unsurprisingly, saw Coby in there. He grabbed an empty table in the back of the room and ordered a meal.

A few minutes later, his food arrived and ate it slowly. The food was pretty decent, so he let it slide. He was about to leave when the lanky-looking blond from the marine base showed up with a couple of Marine guards.

"Oi! Bring me some food!" The blond kid shouted as he laughed.

"Yes, Helmeppo-sama!" The chef answered nervously.

"I'm going to let Ronoroa Zoro be executed tomorrow. I wonder if he's dying of hunger at the execution field right now," Helmeppo paused and laughed hard. "Of course he is. He's been there for nine days. He would serve as an example to anyone who disrespects me, the son of Lieutenant Morgan." He said pompously. The people around him were going out of their way to not get noticed. He kept rambling on and on about how important his dad was. Luffy heard that some people referring Ronoroa Zoro to a demon because how strong he was.

'I wonder who's that Zoro the blond is talking about?' Luffy wondered. Luffy stood up, startling quite a few people. He started walking out of the Eatery. He noticed that even the pompous blond looked away from him. 'Probably because of what happened earlier.'

When Luffy reached the Marine base, he jumped at the top of the wall to find the execution platform. He saw a man tied up in the middle of the field. Luffy looked around and saw that nobody was looking, so he jumped down and headed towards the tied man.

"So you must be Ronoroa Zoro," Luffy stated. The green-haired man looked up at him, questioningly.

"Who are you?" Zoro asked in a raspy voice.

"Monkey D. Luffy."

"What are you doing here?" Zoro asked the well-dressed young man before him.

"I've heard that you're strong. How do you like to accompany me?" Luffy asked ignoring Zoro's question. Zoro laughed.

"I can't. I've made a bet with the idiot son of the Lieutenant here. I have to stay alive for at least a month. I've already been here to 9 days, so I might as well finish it," Zoro said impressively, but his face flushed when his stomach growled loudly. This time, it was Luffy's turn to laugh.

"You won't last for another week based from your reaction," Luffy said as he laughed some more. He sobered up after a minute and looked at Zoro. "Beside, you won't live past tomorrow. The blond said he's going to execute you tomorrow."

Zoro sneered, with a look of hatred in his face.

"That sonofabitch!" Zoro spat.

"So, what's it going to be?" Luffy asked aloofly.

"What are you planning in the first place? At least if I am going to agree in accompanying you, I should know what I'm getting in at," Zoro replied while containing his anger, still pissed at the Helmeppo.

"I plan to stand at the top of this Pirate Age, as the Pirate King. I will need to have strong allies if I want to do that." Luffy answered with seriousness. Zoro looked at him oddly before laughing.

"It looks like I'm not the only person with a ridiculous goal; Alright then, I'll join you. But don't get in my way of being the world's best swordsman," Zoro stated.

"You can swing all the sword you want. I don't plan on using a sword anytime soon," Luffy said as he untied Zoro.

Luffy and Zoro was inside the main building of the Marines looking where Helmeppo's room was because it was more likely that Zoro's swords will be there. It was unnaturally quiet inside the base as they hadn't seen anyone else.

'Strange. I wonder where everybody is?' Luffy thought as he walked alongside Zoro. Zoro was looking around trying to figure out where his captor's room was located. When they reached the third level of the building, they saw what they were looking for. It was quite obvious because the door had a big tag of "HELMEPPO" on it. The two snickered as they saw the tag at the door.

Zoro opened the draw and his eyes widened a bit when he saw how flamboyant the room was. He tried to ignore his it and looked for his swords instead. He saw it in the corner of the room and took it. Zoro came out of the room and saw his companion looking at the end of hall.

"Hey. What's wrong?" Zoro asked Luffy.

"There's a lot of noise coming from the roof. Let's go check it out," said Luffy as he started walking towards it. Zoro followed after him. They reached the end of the hall and went up the stairs.

When Luffy reached the rooftop, he saw the Marines pulling a humongous stone statue. He saw a tall Marine with a steel jaw and an Axe for his right hand ordering the marines to be careful of pulling the statue up. He also said that his statue represents him, so any damage done to it would be disrespectful against him.

'He's full of it. He's a nobody and he act as if he's a god.' Luffy thought to himself.

"That's Lieutenant "Axe-Hand" Morgan," Zoro said as he saw Luffy looking at the man.

Luffy nodded, but not really paying attention to it. He picked up a piece of stone at the floor and threw it directly in the rope that was tied in the statue. The rope snapped and they statue crumbled down. Luffy snickered as Zoro had a sweat-drop at the back of his head.

'What the hell?' Zoro thought. All of the Marines including the damaged Lieutenant who was slack-jawed at the sight.

Lieutenant Morgan recovered first and shouted in rage. "Who did this?! Who do I need to punish for this unforgivable crime?!"

No one dared to answer the enraged man.

Morgan was going to throw another fit when he heard someone snickering from the doorway. He saw the prisoner that was supposed to be tied up in the execution field with a young man with long black hair, wearing a black pinstripe suit, who was snickering quite loudly. Morgan was quite enraged so he ordered his subordinates to apprehend the two unknown people.

The Marines got to it right away to avoid their superior's ire. They pulled out their swords and guns and charged towards the pair.

Luffy continued snickering, but Zoro stepped in front of Luffy and pulled out three of his swords and putting them in their right positions.

Zoro assumed his Santoryu stance and engaged in the fight. Zoro flashed across every Marine dropped to the floor with a cut ranging from their shoulder to stomach. None of them were dead, but also not in any condition to fight.

Morgan was enraged that his subordinates were rather easily beaten. He roared and charged Zoro. But before he can even swing his axe-hand down, Zoro's swords were already on his throat.

"What now?" Zoro asked the enraged Lieutenant, smirking.

"R-Ronoroa Zoro! Drop your swords or this man dies!" Someone shouted from behind him.

Zoro looked over his shoulder and saw that it was Helmeppo. He was holding a pistol and pointed at the head of Luffy point-blank. What Zoro noticed, however, that Luffy was grinning. 'Why the hell is this guy grinning? Even I would be dead when shot that close at my head.' Zoro rumbled internally. He noticed Luffy shook his head, barely noticeable, and letting him know that he shouldn't drop his sword. Zoro smirked and turned his head back to Lieutenant Morgan, who was smirking triumphantly.

"No," said Zoro. The father and son was both gobsmacked that he wouldn't drop his sword to save his friend.

"I-I-I'll do it. I'll shoot him if you don't drop your swords! Damn it!" Helmeppo shouted. He was nervous because he had never shot anyone before.

"Do it!" Zoro taunted.

"Do it! Shoot the bastard!" Morgan ordered his son.

Luffy shouted and startled Helmeppo that he pulled the trigger, much to the blond's own horror. Those who were conscious at the time looked at Luffy expecting him to drop dead, but they were shocked when Luffy started laughing loudly.

Unknown to the people around him, Luffy concentrated his Yami Yami no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit) ability in the point where the gun was pointed at. When the gun was shot, the bullet was absorbed into the black smoke-like spot where the bullet hit. It absorbed the bullet, thus Luffy wasn't affected.

Before anyone can recover, Luffy bashed Helmeppo with his staff in the head, knocking him out. Luffy looked at the enraged Lieutenant Morgan and grinned sinisterly.

"It's your turn now," Luffy swung his staff and walked towards Morgan.

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