"Would you like some more ramen, Kouga?" Kagome asked in a soft voice, avoiding eye contact with the handsome wolf who watched her from across the cackling fire of their campsite.

"No thanks, Kagome," came his gentle response. "You are too kind to me."

She blushed prettily and tended to the left overs, sealing the ramen away in a container. She felt kind of awkward being alone with Kouga like this. She had been reluctant to leave with him and she admittedly only agreed to in the end to anger Inuyasha.

This was after all the guy who was always openly expressing his love for her and calling her 'his woman'. While flattered, Kagome didn't want to lead the charming demon on nor did she know how to respond to these bold declarations without hurting his feelings. She loved Inuyasha and that was that. It could not be changed.

Kouga could do nothing but watch the beautiful miko as she pretended to be particularly focused on her current task. She was deep in thought again and he didn't really mind just watching her and enjoying the silence. She had been distracted all day, only speaking when spoken to. The wolf prince nearly scoffed when he realized that it was probably that stubborn mutt on her mind but he gave her the space she needed to think things through.

He gritted his teeth remembering how harshly Inu-baka had spoken to her earlier that day. No one talks to his woman that way! Still, he had to secretly thank the moron too for driving Kagome into such a fit of rage that she actually agreed to let him escort her back home.

"You ain't going back to your time and that's final!" the hanyou had shouted merely inches from Kagome's face. She shook with rage and balled her fists at her sides before shouting back.

"Inuyasha, it's not up for discussion! I am running low on food and supplies and I am going back home whether you want me to or not!"

"Don't you think you've held us up enough already?" the ingrate had taunted. "It's bad enough we're always saving your ass all the time, now you gotta take another little detour so you can go waste more of our time?!"

The two were so engaged in their argument that neither had noticed Kouga's sudden arrival, even as the whirlwind sent dirt and debris flying about the small clearing as he came to a sliding halt. He watched with distaste as Inuyasha continued to berate Kagome to no end.

"I SAID I'M GOING HOME AND THAT'S FINAL!" she screeched so loud that both Inuyasha and Kouga had to block their sensitive ears from the offensive sound.

"Yeah, well I ain't takin' ya!" Inuyasha snapped back. "And you can guess again if you're thinking about taking Kirara! It'll take about three days just to get back to Kaede's village and we need her here to carry Sango and Miroku so I guess you're shit out of luck."

Kagome fumed and Kouga saw this as the perfect opportunity to cut in. Shoving Inuyasha aside rather abruptly, he stood in the hanyou's place and took Kagome's small hands into his larger ones. "Hey, Kagome," he greeted with a confident grin, "If Inu-baka doesn't want to take you home, then I would be more than happy to escort you."

Kagome stared up at Kouga dumbfounded. "Uh, Kouga?" she repied nervously, "Where did you come from?"

"If you weren't so busy bickering with Inuyasha, you would have noticed he showed up about five minutes ago." Shippo answered her from the sidelines with obvious annoyance in his tone. Kagome blinked and turned a brilliant pink realizing what Kouga must have witnessed before smiling politely. "Oh, Kouga, I'm so sorry! I was just… Inuyasha was-"

As if on cue, Inuyasha's fist slammed down on Kouga's head and he pushed the wolf demon out of his spot in front of Kagome. "Move it, you mangy wolf!" he growled angrily. "I said Kagome ain't leaving! Not with you or anyone else so you can butt the fuck out!"

Kouga growled back at the offensive hanyou but Kagome drew both of their attention by clearing her throat. "Inuyasha, sit boy." She said nonchalantly causing him to slam violently to the ground. Kouga smirked when the loud-mouthed whelp ate dirt and turned his attention back to Kagome as she spoke. "Kouga, I really do appreciate your offer…"

Inuyasha lifted his head from the dirt with a rage burning in his eyes. "Go ahead and leave with him for all I care!" Inuyasha cut her off right as she was about to decline. "Everyone knows you're easy anyway! Don't hold back on my account! We all know you want some alone time with your wolf-boy!"

Kouga's jaw nearly dropped at the stupidity Inuyasha was spewing. He practically handed Kagome over to him just then on a silver platter! Kagome turned beet red and glared daggers at the moron sputtering in the dirt. A deadly silence hung over the small group.

"SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT!" she screamed. Everyone cringed at the loud 'THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD' that followed. When the ground stopped shaking she sent a rather chilling smile Kouga's way. "Hey, Kouga-kun…" she said shakily barely keeping her previous rage at bay.

"Uh.. uh huh?" Kouga replied nervously hoping he wasn't her next victim. While her temper turned him on a great deal, he still did not ever want to be on the receiving end of her wrath. "I would love to go with you. Thank you so much for offering. I really can rely on you for anything." She said the last part with emphasis and glared once again at the crippled hanyou embedded in the dirt before stepping over him and allowing Kouga to sweep her up bridal style in his arms and take off before anyone could stop them.

It wasn't long before Kagome asked to be put down and allowed to walk on her own. He watched her anger subside into obvious hurt as she stared off into space for most of the day. He remained silent. He didn't want to say anything that might upset the overly-sensitive human. It bothered him seeing her so sad over the likes of Inuyasha. She could do so much better… what did she see in that fool?

He had finally suggested that they make camp and vowed to watch over her as she slept. He could see her energy slowly ebbing away and she did not put up a fight. He insisted she sit and relax while he did all the work setting up which she also reluctantly agreed to.

"Hey, Kouga," Kagome's sweet voice pulled the wolf from his thoughts.

"Yeah, Kagome?"

"I'm going to go to bed now. Thanks for everything today."

Kouga grinned at the little miko who held his heart. "Any time, Kagome." He replied, "You go ahead and get some sleep and we'll set out early tomorrow. If we move fast, I'll have you back home by sundown."

Kagome smiled gratefully and nodded before she retrieved her sleeping bag and rolled it out over the grassy surface. He watched her fondly as she crawled into the strange futon. She fell asleep almost immediately and he felt proud and confident knowing she was comfortable enough with him to do so. He was glad to have this time with her, even if her mind was elsewhere for the most part. He wouldn't pressure her or say anything to make her feel uncomfortable. He would just enjoy and cherished this chance he was given to look over and protect his woman.

"Goodnight, Kagome." Kouga said just above a whisper to the girl who slept soundly nearby.

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