A howling wind shook Kagome's entire body, awaking her almost instantly. She curled up with a groan. When she opened her eyes she realized it was still dark out. "Jeez, it's cold..." she mumbled sleepily, turning and pulling herself up into a sitting position. She groggily took in her surroundings. The fire had died out and it was pitch black. She was glad she fell asleep with her belongings right next to her or else she might have been a little nervous. She fumbled for the heavy backpack by her side and quickly found it. Opening it, she quickly found the flashlight she kept inside and turned it on.

First she shone it to where the fire once was, now just a pile of burnt wood. Then she flashed it all around the campsite until she was able to make out Kouga's motionless figure propped up against a thick tree trunk. His arms were crossed over his chest. What was he doing? Kagome pulled herself out of her sleeping back, shivering once again as another cold breeze swept by. She stumbled over to where Kouga was and kneeled down beside him.

'He's... sleeping.' she realized as she stared at his face. He looked so calm and relaxed. 'So much for keeping watch...' Kagome thought with a small grin. 'The poor guy must be pretty tired though.' She moved the flashlight closer to his face so that she could get a better view of him but that apparently was all it took to rouse the sleeping demon. Kagome didn't even have the chance to scold herself for sneaking up on a sleeping demon so carelessly before she pushed onto her back hard, her wrists held captive over her head. The flashlight had been knocked to the ground and rolled towards where Kagome now lay in shock with Kouga hovering over her, pinning her down. The light shone over his features and Kagome stared up at the intensity in his piercing blue eyes as he looked down at her.

She watched the threat his gaze held die down as realization dawned on him. He stared at Kagome now with something else entirely. Kagome felt overcome with heat at the way he was looking at her now and she instantly began to struggle against him. "K-Kouga, get off of me!"

The wolf demon came to his senses once more and swiftly pulled himself and Kagome back up. Kagome grabbed her flashlight quickly and got to her feet, embarrassed at the strange encounter.

"Kagome, I'm sorry." she heard him say behind her, his voice raspy. She wasn't sure if it was from still being groggy or... something else entirely. She shuddered as she recalled the heated look he had given her. "Look, you shouldn't have snuck up on me like that. I could have hurt you."

"I wasn't sneaking!" Kagome hissed as she retreated back to her sleeping bag. She shut off her flashlight. "I was just making sure you were still alive over there! It was a little creepy waking up to the pitch dark and not knowing what happened to you, you know!" She wasn't about to admit that she had been watching him sleep like a total creep although she immediately felt bad for the harsh tone she was giving Kouga, but she was still very embarrassed from their position on the ground and the way he had looked at her.

"Sorry..." she heard him mumble. "I must have fallen asleep."

A few minutes later she hood swift footsteps, then she heard the sound of wood being thrown before the fire was suddenly renewed along with her sight. She thoughtlessly drew closer to the fire in her sleeping bag, still shivering from the cold night. She watched Kouga stand there for a few moments, just staring into the fire with a strange look on his face. She couldn't tell exactly what she was thinking but she still felt guilty for some reason.

"Kouga-kun." she said sweetly. He turned to look at her with questioning eyes. She sighed. "I'm sorry I was so snappy before. I was just... startled."

He flashed her that signature lopsided grin of his. "Yeah, no problem." he said deeply. "I was... uh... 'startled' too."

Kagome was glad it was too dark for him to make out the blush she knew was rising on her face. Had he known just what she felt in that moment? How would he? How could he? His tone let on that there was some unspoken message in his words but she decided she was too tired to think about it anymore and shut her eyes. She really should have thought twice about going anywhere with Kouga. With these new, confusing feelings swirling around within her, she could barely get back to sleep.

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