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Chapter 1: Of Different Lives

Harry let out a small scream as the belt whipped down on his flesh. He had slept in over an hour late this morning and his Uncle Vernon had come down to find an empty kitchen and no breakfast waiting for him.

Harry had been up until 3:30 the previous night finishing his homework by the stub of a candle, cramped in his small cupboard. After being made to work in the garden for 12 hours straight and then finding out he missed dinner, it was a wonder that his four year old body was able to think, let alone get up early the next morning.

10 minutes later, the vicious lashes of the belt finally subsided, and Harry struggled to get back on his feet without crying. Only freaks cried, and being a freak earned extra beatings. " I hope thats taught you a thing or two about sleeping in you ungrateful freak" Vernon practically screamed. "Now boy, breakfast better be ready in 15 minutes, OR ELSE" he finished, giving Harry a cuff around the head for good measure.

Harry limped off to the kitchen, as fast as his bleeding body could manage, and put a pot on the stove to start boiling water. He quickly set the table, with coffee for his Aunt and Uncle and Dudley's usual chocolate milk with marshmallows.

He had five minutes before the water finished boiling and used them to quickly bandage and clean his wounds as best he could. It wouldn't do to let a neighbour see them. He had been having an amazing dream, he had just been sitting, but he was surrounded by people smiling at him and radiating love. They were comforting him, telling him he wasn't a freak, but special. It had been pure bliss, until the angry roar of his uncle had jolted him back to reality. He was the useless freak who deserved nothing, and that was how it would always be.

At the Weasley's

"Hurry up everyone, we are going to be LATE! Bill, you said you would have Ron ready to go by 7:30" Mrs Weasley was in overdrive, trying to get 7 kids all between the ages of 3 and 13 ready to go.

It was the day she dreaded most every year, getting the kids dressed like muggles and taking them downtown for their annual check up at St Mungos. Trying to stuff the last of the snacks in her bag, while also finishing breakfast, she gave Arthur a quick kiss goodbye. Finally she saw Bill and Ron come down the stairs, and she decided to just shrink the food and just make sure no muggles saw it. Mrs Weasley ushered the kids over to the fire place and the family was finally ready to floo off, if 10 minutes later then they should have.

"O.K., Bill you go first with Fred and Charlie you can take George with you. I think it would be quickest if we went to a small town called Little Whinging and then walked up from there. Now when you get there you are not to move, just get out of the fire place and wait for me." Mrs Weasley was answered with a chorus of " yes mum"s and the four siblings were quickly whisked away by the fireplace.

Mrs Weasley picked up Ginny and held Ron's hand before stepping into the fire place and calling out their destination. They arrived in a small white room and joined up with the rest of the family. It was a new invention recently added called Floo Pits and there was one in every town in Great Britain. They certainly made travelling a lot easier for large families.

After doing a quick head count the family started on the long trek to St Mungos. Bill giving Ginny a piggy back and Percy telling Ron about the different types of trees they were passing. To Mrs Weasley this was the perfect kind of family, full of laughing and friends, and hopefully that was how it would always be.

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