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Chapter 19: A Little Bit of Trouble

The weeks flew by for Harry, life in his new home seeming perfect. Every member of his new family amazed Harry, and when it came time for Bill and Charlie to return to Hogwarts, Harry wasn't sure he was ready to see them go. His two older brothers that had patiently read to him, and showed him how to use a child broom, were now going to leave him for 3 months. They were going to a school called Hogwarts, which they had told Harry many stories about. Though Harry knew he had been in the castle before, the hospital wing and office he had seen, sounded nothing like the fantastical tales told to him. He knew when he was much older he would get a chance to see them for himself, but for now he was happy to just stay at the Burrow and enjoy the love that everyone was showing him.

As September turned into October Harry, Ron, and Jasmine became close friends, seeing each other almost every day. The three of them would spend their days playing by the lake or building a fort in the woods, sometimes joined by Fred and George. On one of those occasions the five of them hiked farther then they ever had before, all of them so engrossed in their adventure game that the lunch hour came and passed without them turning back.

"Hey George, why is it so dark out? I can't see that squirrel anymore!" called out Harry, looking up and noticing the change in lighting. George paused and looked around, realizing that night time had arrived.

"You're right, it looks like we missed lunch. Now it's dark and spooky..." he called out, a grin spreading on his face. "Yah" Chimed in Fred, "You better hope there's no ghosts in this forest."

Harry paled slightly and grasped Jasmine's hand. They had never gone to the woods at night before. "Maybe we should head back, Mum's pwobably wondering where we are..."

Ron was quick to nod his agreement. Fred and george had told him all about the ghouls that lived in the forest.

"We can't head back now, the fun's just starting." said George.

"Yah, hide and seeks ten times more fun in the dark." continued Fred. "I'll be It." and closing his eyes Fred loudly started counting down from 50. Jasmine, who could never decline a good game of hide and seek ran off into the trees, pulling Harry along with her. George dashed in the opposite direction, and Ron was left standing alone on the path. Giving a quick glance in the direction of the house, he bolted off after Jasmine and his younger brother.

Running as fast as his short legs could carry him, with only Jasmine's sweaty hand for direction Harry crashed into tree branches, and tripped over roots in their mad dash for a hiding spot. After almost three minutes of solid running, Jasmine found a hiding spot that she deemed appropriate, quickly pulling Harry into the bush with her. They sat together in a nervous silence, neither of them talking until CRACK! They froze. Pictures of ghosts zipped through Harry's mind, and he was just about to scream when he heard a voice calling out.


Harry breathed a deep sigh of relief as a terrified looking Ron came into view. Jasmine did not seem so happy, and jumped out of the bush whispering angrily at Ron about giving away their spot. Though in the end, she led him back into the bush and the three of them sat holding their breath, waiting to see if Fred had heard them. Ten minutes passed and nothing happened. After another ten Ron said, "It's cold and I have to pee, let's find Fwed and George and go back." Harry agreed but Jasmine wanted to wait some more. "Come on Ron, don't be a baby, we're winning!" Ron reluctantly consented, but after another ten minutes, even Jasmine was ready to leave. The three of them climbed out of the bush, hitting at mosquitoes and headed back towards the path. When they reached it, they found George pacing around calling for Fred.

"What's wrong George, where's Fred?" asked Harry. Ron looked behind the trees, it was strange to see one twin without the other. The five year old looked up, and tears were streaming down his face. "I don't know, I've looked everywhere." Ron was taken aback to see his brother so sad, and he burst into tears as well. "I want mummy!" Stepping forward George wrapped his little brother in a hug and said "You three should go back then, I just need to find Fred. He'll be here soon, I'm sure. Tell mum we'll be back in time for bed." Mustering up a smile Geroge pushed Ron in the direction of home, and with Jasmine and Harry following behind they set off down the path.

The walk back took 15 minutes, the three kids running when the light of the house came into view. Pulling open the back door they called out for Molly, but there was no answer. They looked in all the rooms, checking all five floors and even looking in washrooms, but there was no sign of their mother (or friends' mother), or any of their siblings. The house was completely deserted.

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