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Warnings: Implied Qwark/Nefarious slash maybe? Depends on how you look at it, I guess.

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Things had become a little quiet at Nefarious' newest space station ever since his return from his bizarre adventure with Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark. It was fairly clear that the incident disturbed him on some level, though exactly what was going through the doctor's mind was a mystery to everyone but himself. He simply kept to himself and became less talkative, which was weird for him. If anyone loved to make it all about himself, it was Dr. Nefarious. Perhaps he just needed time to get over the surreal situation.

For the time being, Dr. Nefarious kept himself locked up in his office/room playing video games by himself. What was a little worrisome was that they were mostly multiplayer games like Blargian Party where it was pretty awkward to be playing by one's self. The thing that bothered him the most was that the adventure he'd gone on left him realizing something that never really came to his attention or bothered him much before: Nefarious didn't really have any real friends.

It alarmed Nefarious and brought him back into reality when a knock came at his door. "Sir?" the muffled voice of his butler Lawrence said from the other side. "You have a visitor."

"I'm busy," the doctor lied in an irritated tone of voice as he unpaused his game and went back to playing.

"Should I tell him to leave?" Lawrence asked.

Dr. Nefarious sighed dramatically and paused his video game once again. "Who is it?"

"Captain Qwark, sir," the butler replied as if such an unexpected visitor was no big deal. "Your arch-nemesis, I do believe."

There was a long, astonished and contemplative silence on Nefarious' end. He couldn't help but wonder if Lawrence was merely pulling his leg. "Well, what does he want?" he snapped, pretending not to care.

"Why don't you ask him, sir?" Lawrence suggested. He had better things to do than be the middle man between the two enemies.

"Why don't you ask him, sir?" Nefarious parroted in a mocking manner. "First of all, is he armed?"

Lawrence glanced over at Qwark, who in return grinned nervously and held up his large empty hands as a sign of surrender. Looking back towards the door, the butler answered, "He has two of them. Arms, that is. So, should I just send him in?"

Dr. Nefarious groaned and slung his controller across the room. So much for isolating himself and playing video games all night. "Fine, whatever. If he tries anything funny, he's dead!"

"Duly noted!" Qwark called out so that Nefarious could hear before Lawrence opened the door for him. When that happened, he strolled right in with a look as if he owned the place.

"I'll leave you two to talk in private," Lawrence murmured, and then shut the doors behind Qwark. The butler didn't want to stick around in the event that things went badly, which inevitably they would. It was rarely enjoyable for him to have to rescue his employer from a difficult situation.

"Nice place you got here!" Qwark said to the doctor as he took a look around. "Not as nice as my presidential office, but it's still pretty nice!"

The doctor clenched his fists tightly, glaring sharply at the hero. "You've got a lot of nerve waltzing in here and acting as if you and I have no negative history whatsoever!"

Qwark sighed with his shoulders slumped and decided that since Nefarious had so easily seen through it, he might as well drop the act. "Look, Nefarious, I know there's always been some bad blood between us-"

"Which was your fault!" the doctor was quick to point out. Nefarious folded his arms, getting more fussy by the minute.

"Well you were a nerdy kid in school, and I was popular," Qwark explained in a lame excuse for why he'd begun to bully Nefarious in the first place. "It was nothing personal. It was all just part of the natural social food chain! Besides, Nefarious, kids will be kids! It's all in the past now."

"I was a kid, YOU WERE A GROWN MAN!" the doctor shrieked, stomping his foot. The gears in his head whirred louder as his anger increased.

Realizing that he was only making things worse, Qwark winced a little and tapped his fingertips together nervously. "Well yeah, but I was a child at heart!" he blurted out.

"No, you're a child at MIND!" Nefarious retorted. "Get to the point, Qwark! Why are you here!? Be quick about it, because I'm THIS close to annihilating you right here and now!"

Captain Qwark reached in his utility belt to retrieve a pair of tickets. Dr. Nefarious eyed them curiously as if perplexed. "Despite how life-threatening it all was, admittedly I think you and I had some good times together. I might have been wrong about you in the past, Nefarious." He himself began to stare at the tickets if only because he was never really good with coming up with the right words when it came to making peace with someone. "So... I decided that maybe we should hang out sometime. Just you and me, you know? Anyway, I bought a ticket for a cruise ship to get a little R and R, and for some reason they accidentally gave me two for the price of one. I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to get to know eachother as friends. Want my extra ticket?"

It was hard for Nefarious to hide his shock. Judging from the way that his metal jaw was just hanging open, he was clearly taken aback by this. Upon realizing how stupid he looked, he closed his mouth and regained his composure quickly. "We're not friends, Qwark," he snapped sharply.

"We could be," Qwark responded, smiling with hope as he waved the tickets in front of the doctor as if he were attempting to amuse an infant with a set of shiny keys.

"No." The doctor's short and stern response surprised Qwark. The spoiled captain, after all, was not used to rejection.

"Wha...What do you mean 'No'?" Qwark asked, dumbfounded.

"I mean no," Nefarious said in a way that made it seem like he was dumbing things down for the hero. Turning his back to Qwark, he added, "We're not friends, Qwark, and we never will be. So get lost."

The captain glanced at Nefarious, then back at the tickets, then back at Nefarious. "But...But you were supposed to say yes! We were supposed to go on a high seas adventure and develop an epic bromance that would be sung in rock ballads for years to come! Besides, what am I gonna do with this extra ticket?"

"Sell it. Give it away. Shove it up your ass. I don't care. It's not my problem!" the doctor said while waving a claw dismissively. He returned to his couch to sit back down, then tuned his television to a broadcasted station so he could have an excuse to ignore the green-clad hero and have something to drown out his whining with as well.

"Why won't you at least give me a chance?" Qwark asked as he purposely stood right in front of the small TV with his massive body.

Nefarious defiantly tried to look over the hulking figure and ignore it, but it proved difficult. "Just like you, it's simple! It's because I hate you!" he said in a sarcastically chipper way. "NOW MOVE!" he demanded as he tried to flip the channels and turn up the volume.

"So the time we spent together working as a team meant nothing at all to you? Not even a little?" the captain persistently questioned. "Surely it meant something to you! You saved my life, after all!"

"Because I would rather kill you myself! And don't call me Shirley!" Nefarious glowered even more harshly and continued to try and drown out Qwark's existence with television noise.

Qwark clasped his hands together and got on his knees, scooting closer to the doctor. "Just give me one chance to set things right. I don't like admitting I was wrong! I'm never wrong!"

Nefarious stared down the captain as if he had hoped that his bright crimson glare would burn a hole through his big stupid face. After a moment of thought, he snatched one of the tickets out of Qwark's hands. "Fine."

The hero's expression brightened considerably. "So you'll go?"

"I'll give you ONE chance! So help me, if you mess this up, I'll make your demise even MORE painful than I had originally intended!" the doctor threatened as he stood up from the couch and turned off the television set with his remote. "You have one chance, Qwark! ONE CHANCE!"

Captain Qwark got up from his knees and embraced the doctor so tightly that it caused the incredibly thin robot to yelp out of both pain and surprise. "You won't regret it!"

"I probably will!" the doctor disagreed with his voice sounding strained as he attempted to push the hero's massive arms off of him. "Unhand me, you big stupid oaf!"

"Oh... Sorry about that," Qwark apologized, immediately letting go of the more fragile framed doctor. "The ship leaves tomorrow, so pack your things! I'll be waiting at the dock! The address and the name of the ship is on the ticket, as well as the departure time. Be there, or be square." With that, the captain made finger guns at his new traveling companion before excitedly hurrying off to go pack his things.

Now left to his own devices, Nefarious stood there quietly while staring down at the ticket in his claws. "I can tell already that this was a mistake." With a drawn out sigh, he plopped back down into his couch and rubbed his forehead exasperatedly.