Looking through the remains of a small island off the bay of Jump City. I saw a lone object, a book. A big book.

"Papa, over there!" I exclaimed as my dad saw the book too.

"Can I see it?"

For a small second, I saw my daddy crack a smile. He never did.

He nodded and we headed out to the dock and rode the speed boat he often took me on to the island.

The years was 2030 and there hasn't been crime in a long long time. My dad never told me about when he was a teenager back when. He's been here for a long time, and still never told me.

When we got to the island, I walked over to the object.

It was a book, a giant encyclopedia like book with a picture of tower shaped like a 'T'.

I looked off and saw my dad grinning wolfishly. Then, I opened the book.