Mission 2
With our new member Oracle, we went off to see if we could get a hold of Red X. He broke into Wayne Tech laboratories and got a hold of the new Radar technology that could determine the amount of people aboard a vessel, the size and shape. We caught him in the midst of dismantling it until he turned to me.
The way he stood, the way he moved the way he came at the team. It was like I was watching myself as Robin again. Tim Drake, if Jason is or were alive. He'd think Bruce was trying to replace him. He wasn't, he was almost near death with the way he was working with his crime fighting.

As Red X, looked right at me he smirked. "Hey there wonder boy welcome to my game!"

"This is over X!"

"Gnarly..." He exclaimed. That threw me off to realize Jason said that all the time.

Those paragraphs were lined with tears. It was hard to see it, Nightwing was the big brother for Jason. Why wouldn't he say I'm sorry and pull him in a hug like Evan, my big brother, does me.

Over the coms I heard oracle about to cry. As Jason came at me, I let him hit me. Each blow and each hit I took. When I was on the ground with a busted Rib I could hear tears.


He kicked my stomach in more and more until he grabbed his stuff and left.

My teammates are angry that I didn't fight back. But I couldn't, I couldn't fight him. I couldn't ever fight Jason. Seeing him brings back memories of little Jason needing help talking to girls at school. I couldn't hurt him.

He's my brother, it's impossible to hurt him.

Personal Log: That Night

Babs and I talked that night. There's a hospital in Brazil that may be able to seam her spine back together. She's decided to call Bats and ask him to pay for it. Most likely he will say yes. Babs was always like a daughter to him. I may want to tell him about Jason.

I'm still unsure on how he got into my vault, how he got a hold of the Red X suit or even came back from the dead for that matter. But all I know, he'll want to talk to Batman, and I have to stop him from doing anything to brash, or bold.

I have to stop my brother from killing my father.

Through the pages of the diary I saw pictures of training, beastboy and Raven sparring with Beast Boy getting a fist to the jaw. Ouch! I smiled seeing birthdays and holidays on pages in between entries. I saw the girl with red hair and blue eyes kissing Nightwing's cheek. The girl looks like my sister.

"C'mon Maria, you can take the book with you lets go home..." Dad told me picking me up. "Coming Mr. West?"

He smiled wolfishly as my father did and we all head back to our apartment in the city together. Once my dad had put me down I walked straight to my room, not even bothering to say hi to my Brothers or sisters and closing the door.

My mother sighed looking at me. "How'd the boat trip go?"

"She's better, she found the book..." My father replied taking a beer.

My parents were in their thirties, they looked like teenagers, they love each other like teenagers. It made me smile a bit.

"TT?" My mother asked as a weird cackle escaped my father's lips.

"I'll take that as a yes..." She smiled, her arms around my father as he hummed.

"So...did she talk?" She asked.

"Maria only asked questions about the others, but other then that, she didn't tell me much..."

I looked through the lock tears in my eyes, they've been worried about me, I know it. I sighed looking at my parents, I put on earbuds and turned it up blocking out the noise and reading an entry.

I'm at the hospital in Brazil, Babs is still in surgery. The doctors have been giving me updates saying she is responding well. But still, I'm scared it won't work for her. I hope for it to work, I prayed every day this week. She's been through so much, I'm in love with her still.

I can still see her when the Joker shot her spine, seeing her laying there, in the hospital bed, I was so fucking angry at him! At Batman! At everything, if I never left her this wouldn't have happened if I had convinced her to come with me. This wouldn't have happened, and she wouldn't be in surgery.

Batman is with me right now, saying that this wasn't my fault. God damn it I COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING! I COULD HAVE CAME IN AT THE LAST SECOND! Done something, I looked over at the Doctor, she helped me up from my crying position and walked to the hallway were they were operating on Babs.
She was laying on her stomach with her back open, her red hair was messy, I had tears running down my eyes as I whispered to myself. "I miss you, I know I haven't been there since this had started, but I love you...Please walk again, if anyone deserves it, it's you!"

My fingers were pressed against the glass, yeah I'm an emotional guy but I was emotional about this, I always was. I look up and picture her looking at me with a hand on the other side, she was standing, walking! I clenched my hand into a fist and sighed. I needed Babs back. Badly.