Hello everyone! So this is a new story I've thought of, and it's completely for laughing and entertainment purposes. Don't take it seriously at all :) There's going to be loads of drama and cat-fights and the general hilarity sooo sit back and enjoy!

President Snow and his Brilliant Idea

President Snow was seated in the large dining hall in his presidential mansion. He was holding a conference there, to discuss a very interesting idea. Of course, President Snow himself had thought of it. He was a genius after all.

"Paul!" he barked. A meek looking servant scuttled over. "You mean Peter, sir." "I'll call you whatever I want to," said President Snow. "I assume all the preparations are done? Our guests will be here any minute. "

"Ye-yes sir. Except…" Paul (or Peter, who cares really?) broke off. President Snow narrowed his eyes. "Spit it out. Except for WHAT?"

Paul looked as if he wanted to throw up. "The-the special champagne you had ordered isn't here yet." He covered his face with his arms, as if he was afraid President Snow was going to hit him. "Ah. Is that all Paul? No need to get so worked up about it! We can just use our other special champagne. You know the one?" said President Snow very calmly. Paul looked visibly surprised. "You-you aren't mad sir?"

President Snow was starting to get a little mad at pathetic Paul but all he said was, "No, why would I be mad? These things happen. Now hurry long Paul, chop-chop." Paul nodded very fast and rushed out of the room.

President Snow leaned back into his plush chair. Oh, how he loved being President. He got to make all the rules, and he LOVED how everyone was intimidated by him.

Suddenly, a very loud chime sounded through the entire mansion. President Snow smiled. The guests had arrived.

Finally, after a half hour of introductions, drinks and loads of snarky comments, the meeting commenced.

"So you all must know why you are here," began President Snow. "Er, actually I don't know. I'd rather be shopping right now," said a woman with skin the colour of someone's vomit.

Everyone shushed her.

"Well, I am pleased to announce that my terrific mind has come up with another brilliant idea, that is going to blow all of you off your colourful feet!" said President Snow excitedly. "Behold!" he yelled, as the giant screen in front of them switched on. On the screen were four very sparkly words: Panem's Next Top Model.

Everyone began to whoop and cheer, even though half of them didn't have a clue of what was going on. (Oh, those dim-witted Capitol citizens.)

"I am aware of the fact," continued President Snow, "that the Capitol citizens get very bored during the rest of the year, once the Hunger Games have concluded. So this new reality show is sure to keep you entertained!"

A man with bright blue and green hair raised his hand. "Yes?" asked President Snow. "But what is the reality show about?" asked the man.

"Great question Timothy!" said President Snow. "Anthony," corrected the man. "Whatever," said President Snow. "This show will consist of a series of challenges, which 12 girls, each from one district, will participate in. Every other day, we will eliminate one girl, and the last one remaining will be crowned Panem's Top Model!"

Everyone whooped and cheered again.

"What kind of challenges?" questioned a lady with yellow skin and red hair. "Challenges that involve the girls modelling of course! Photoshoots, talent contests, even stunts!" said President Snow.

"How do we choose the girls though?" asked Anthony. "Do we reap them?"

"Don't be stupid Timothy. If we reaped them, then even average looking girls would get picked. We need to choose them ourselves, and we have to choose only the BEST looking ones," said President Snow.

Everyone nodded in agreement. "So let's begin shall we?" said President Snow.

For the next two hours, President Snow and his guests pondered and thought over the girls they were going to choose by looking at their pictures. Finding pictures was easy, because the Capitol had a record of every citizen of Panem, in every district, and each one had a picture.

Finally, they had finalized and made an official list:

Glimmer Starr, District 1

Clove Woods, District 2

Maryse Clark, District 3

Annie Cresta, District 4

Bonnie White, District 5

Lucy Johnson, District 6

Johanna Mason, District 7

Celine Robinson, District 8

Caroline Cook, District 9

Sadie Shaw, District 10

Dahlia Walters, District 11

Katniss Everdeen, District 12

"I think this has turned out pretty good don't you?" said President Snow looking at the list with a pleased expression on his face. Everyone nodded. "I shall notify the mayors in each of the districts to blow up the list on a large screen and put it in the district squares. That way, the chosen contestant will be broadcasted live across Panem! And then, we'll bring them straight here to the Capitol."

"What about the judges?" asked the woman with yellow skin and red hair.

I've already chosen them!" cried out Anthony. "Effie Trinket, Caeser Flickerman, Finnick Odair, Portia Wheaten, and Peeta Mellark."

"Who are Finnick Odair and Peeta Mellark?" asked President Snow. "Oh Finnick is from District 4 and Peeta is from District 12," said Anthony excitedly. "I think they would make great judges sir, I found out everything about them in their files and they seem perfect!"

"But wouldn't that make them partial to the girl from their districts?" asked President Snow. "Oh no, no, no! Judges are have to be strictly neutral and just. Oh and the winner's prize will be a year's supply of food and clothing, plus a tour of all the districts!"

"Yes, that seems like reasonable prize. I'm so excited, this is going to be fantastic!" said the lady with yellow skin.

"Of course it's going to be, I was the one who thought of it," said President Snow smugly, fluffing out his white hair. "Cheers to Panem's Next Top Model!" he cried.

"Cheers!" cried everyone in the room.

"Cheers to a non-boring year!" cried President Snow.

"Cheers!" cried everyone.

"And cheers to me, the mastermind of this absolutely, mind-bogglingly brilliant idea!" cried President Snow.

"CHEERS!" cried everyone.

And with that came the end of a very successful meeting.

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