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Maryse Clark

I had never felt so much like a failure in my life. I kept telling myself that I had tried my best in the photoshoot, but deep down I knew that I could have done much better. From the start I had made myself believe that I wasn't going to be able to do it, and that I would look awkward and weird.

And that was probably why I ended up being awkward and weird after all.

"I did so bad!" groaned Sadie, flopping down on her bed. I just sat on my bed and kept quiet. There was no use in complaining and whining after the damage was done.

"I know! It was SO awkward to like pose in front of them," said Bonnie, agreeing with her instantly. In only these past two days, they had paired up and become close.

I hadn't tried to make close friends with anyone, because I knew that once this was over, we would probably never even get to see eachother again.

I did like Dahlia and Celine a little bit though. Even though Celine didn't speak much, like me, I felt comfortable being around her.

Glimmer and Caroline absolutely disgusted me. They were so shallow, and ever since I was little my parents had taught me to be the exact opposite of what they were.

Dahlia came and sat down next to me. "Did you do okay?" she asked softly. I shook my head. "I didn't do all that I could've done," I said looking down.

"You tried your best, that's what matters," said Dahlia. "But that's just the thing. I didn't do my best. I gave up," I said sighing.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. You'll see, you probably did great," said Dahlia patting my back.

I hoped she was right.

I walked into the elimination hall the next day trying desperately to keep my hopes up. I literally plastered a huge fake smile on my face; that earned me a couple of weird looks from Glimmer and Caroline.

I sat down on a chair next to Celine.

"Hello girls!" said Caesar Flickerman smiling widely. "So today the elimination process is going to be a little different. In the sense that it was a photoshoot, we're going to blow up one of each of your photos on the screen, and then evaluate it."


No. No. No.

The rest of the girls were going to get see my most probably terrible pictures? It was bad enough that the judges had seen my poor performance, the others didn't have to see it as well.

"We've chosen your best pictures, so none of the in between shots will be shown don't worry," said Peeta cheerfully.

That didn't help much either.

"Alright so...Glimmer," said Effie, and Glimmer's picture popped up on the screen.

It was actually pretty good. She was smiling radiantly right at the camera, and her luscious blonde hair was curled around her shoulders. She was holding a beach ball by her hip, and she looked every inch of a swim-wear model. "Hey, I like this picture!" said Finnick grinning.

"Yes, you look quite cheerful and happy, and that's what being on a beach is about so it all comes off pretty well," said Portia. "Good job!" Glimmer broke out into a relieved smiled and Caroline smiled at her, but looked somewhat jealous.

Clove's was next. "Awww, you look so cute, Clove!" said Caesar. And she did. She was sort of glowing in her picture, with a faint blush on her cheeks. She was standing on her tiptoes, in what seemed like a stretch, with her mouth slightly open, and was looking at something above her, off camera. "It's a very different picture, I love it!"

I clutched the bottom of my seat tightly. With a plop, my photo appeared on the screen. My heart sank. It was no where as good as Clove's, or Glimmer's. I was standing with my hand on my hip, smiling, but anyone could see that the smile didn't reach my eyes, didn't light them up. The picture sort of fell flat.

"Er, I don't think you look exactly happy in this picture Maryse," said Peeta uncertainly. "Mm, you seem sort of nervous to me," said Effie nodding. "You could have done better."

I swallowed, nodding. They hadn't liked my picture. I hadn't done enough. It was all wrong.

I didn't want to sit there through the rest of the evaluations. I wanted to go somewhere and cry. But I had to and I was forced to look at the rest of the girls pictures.

I actually quite liked Annie's picture. She was crouched down on the sand, her wavy brown hair tipped onto one side, covering half her face. She looked as if she was looking for something, shells maybe.

Finnick smiled extra wide at her picture, and she blushed when she saw him looking at her.

In Bonnie's picture, she was mid-jump, her hair flying out around her, her arms in the air. She looked amazing. "This is definitely my favourite picture so far Bonnie! I love the energy, fabulous job!" said Caesar.

Johanna's picture was different. She was in the middle of kicking the beach ball, not even throwing it, but in actual fact kicking it. Several of the others started laughing. Effie looked at it uncertainly. "I don't know what to quite make of this one. It isn't a football tournament, sweetheart. It's a swimsuit modeling shoot. But still, you look okay, I guess."

Johanna just shrugged, but she looked disappointed.

The only way to describe Celine's picture was mystical. Her swimsuit was a one-piece, and it was a mix of different shades of green and blue. She was staring off into the distance, a dazed look on face, her white blonde hair lifting in the breeze (okay fake breeze but you get it).

The judges seemed to like it a lot. I was happy for her, but I couldn't help but feel envious too.

When Caroline's picture came up on the screen, my mouth almost dropped open. I heard someone gasp, and I couldn't blame them.

She was bending forward, shooting a stare at the camera. Her lips were parted slightly, her eyes big and shining. The part that made it outrageous was the way her bikini top slung low, so that her chest was very visible.

But even with that factor, the picture was flawless. It was actually perfect. "Wow," said Finnick. "That's honestly all I can say. This is…amazing."

Caroline flushed and looked as if she was actually going to jump out of her chair and start doing a happy dance.

"I agree with Finnick, this is brilliant. Congratulations Caroline. I think you might just be the winning picture of the night," said Peeta smiling.

Sadie's was next, and hers was fantastic. She was laughing, her head turned upwards, hair falling around her shoulders. "I love it, Sadie! It's very different!" said Peeta.

Dahlia's was very pretty. She was lying on the sand, propped up by her elbows, her head turned towards the camera, with a sweet smile on her face.

And last was Katniss'.

She was standing leaning against the blue background of the shoot, her brown hair framing her face. She was staring straight at the camera, so that her stormy gray eyes pierced the screen. It was a beautiful picture.

"I think this one is my favourite," said Effie smiling. "It's very striking, and your eyes are really standing out. Well done, Katniss."

I think I was the only one who noticed that Peeta had gone red looking at Katniss' picture. Hmm. Maybe something was going on there.

"And now, give us a few minutes to decide the results," said Portia, and the gray screen shot up blocking them from our view.

I looked down at floor, already preparing myself for what was sure to happen.

I was going be eliminated.

It was pretty obvious.

The only other person who could be eliminated was Johanna, whose picture the judges had been confused about. But Effie had said that she looked okay.

Suddenly, the screen shot back down.

"The first name we are going to call is….." said Finnick.

"Katniss. Your picture was fabulous."

Katniss smiled and went over to the side to wait.


Caroline looked enraged. "But you said my picture was the winning picture! Shouldn't I be called first?"

The judges chose to ignore her, and she moved to stand next to Katniss, who looked just a little smug.








And then it was just me and Johanna. I looked over to her and saw her staring straight ahead.

"Maryse, your picture just didn't do it for us. I mean, there wasn't anything different about it, or anything that stood out," said Portia.

"Johanna, your picture was sort of quirky. You tried something none of the other girls did. And that's why…"

"We've decided to let you stay."

Johanna walked over to the others.

I hung my head. For the first time in my life, I had failed. "We're sorry Maryse. But it was lovely to have you on the show," said Effie. I nodded. "I had a good time here," I said. It wasn't a complete lie.

To my surprise, the other girls came over and engulfed me in a group hug. "We'll miss you," said Dahlia softly. "I'll miss you to," I whispered.

And then I broke away and walked out of the room slowly, the doors closing behind me.

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